South Texas Race Ranch Fires Off 2024 ASCS Nationa...
ASCS Frontier releases 15-race slate for '24
2024 ASCS National and Regional Point Funds Announ...
South Texas Race Ranch Fires Off 2024 ASCS Nationa...

South Texas Race Ranch Fires Off 2024 ASCS Nationa...

2/12/2024 -
DRUMRIGHT, Okla. (February 12, 2024) - For the first time since 1998, the American Sprint Car Series returns to South Texas Race Ranch in Corpus Chris
ASCS Frontier releases 15-race slate for '24

ASCS Frontier releases 15-race slate for '24

1/30/2024 -
ASCS Frontier releases 15-race slate for '24 Andrew Kunas, Stagg Motor Sports PR Image credit: Lisa Dietz COUER d'ALENE, Idaho - Stagg Motor Sports an
2024 ASCS National and Regional Point Funds Announ...

2024 ASCS National and Regional Point Funds Announ...

1/22/2024 -
DRUMRIGHT, Okla. (January 22, 2024) - As the 2024 season for the American Sprint Car Series presented by nears, officials have announced

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South Texas Race Ranch Fires Off 2024 ASCS National Championship...

DRUMRIGHT, Okla. (February 12, 2024) - For the first time since 1998, the American Sprint Car Series returns to South Texas Race Ranch in Corpus Christi, Texas on March 1-2 to begin the 2024...more

ASCS Frontier releases 15-race slate for '24

ASCS Frontier releases 15-race slate for '24 Andrew Kunas, Stagg Motor Sports PR Image credit: Lisa Dietz COUER d'ALENE, Idaho - Stagg Motor Sports and the Frontier Region of the American Sprint Car...more

Sam Hafertepe, Jr. Mixing ASCS National With Strong 410 Schedule...

Bryan Hulbert – SUNNYVALE, Texas (January 26, 2024) Already underway with a victory on Night 1 of the Germfree Southern Sprint Car Shootout at Volusia Speedway Park, Thursday’s win was just the...more

Zach Blurton Going Full Time With The American Sprint Car Series...

Bryan Hulbert – QUINTER, Kan. (January 22, 2024) A long time dream will be fulfilled in 2024 as Zach Blurton takes his talent on the road full-time with the American Sprint Car Series presented by...more

2024 ASCS National and Regional Point Funds Announced!

DRUMRIGHT, Okla. (January 22, 2024) - As the 2024 season for the American Sprint Car Series presented by nears, officials have announced both National and Regional point funds. After...more

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ASCS Mission Statement

Created in 1992, Emmett Hahn founded the American Sprint Car Series with the simple idea of promoting and growing the sport of Sprint Car racing through honesty, fairness, and integrity. Purchased by Terry Mattox in 2021, that idea remains the founding principles of the ASCS to this day, that a person’s word is their bond. That the sport of Sprint Car racing would be built on a solid foundation that will inspire growth for generations of fans and racers. It is the mission of the American Sprint Car Series to bring Sprint Cars to the masses. That our passion for the sport will show in every event and that Sprint Cars will be alive and well for years to come.

Greetings from the American Sprint Car Series,

The American Sprint Car Series is the largest sprint car sanctioning body in the world. With the Lucas Oil National Series backed by numerous regional series, one can catch all the excitement of an ASCS Sprint Car race at racetracks across the United States. The top winged sprint car drivers across the country compete in ASCS competition, with the best of the best gunning for that precious and prestigious Lucas Oil ASCS National Championship!

Founded by Emmett Hahn, the first official season of competition for the American Sprint Car Series was a combination of Regional races in 1992 with Dodge City, Kansas shoe, Garry Lee Maier, named the first National Champion.

The first National Tour took place in 1993 with Little Rock's I-30 Speedway hosting the first event, won by Mike Ward of Memphis, Tenn. That year, it was Tulsa's John Hunt who would go on to be the first National Tour Champion.

Arkansas's Tim Crawley earned the crown in 1994, with Tennessee racing legend, Terry Gray, dominating the series for the next four years. Tim Crawley earned his second title in 1999 with the ASCS National Tour crown returning to Oklahoma the following year in the hands of Oklahoma City's Wayne Johnson.

The youngest driver to ever top the National Tour, Zach Chappell topped the charts in 2001. The following year saw Tim Crawley earning his third ASCS National Title.

A series regular since 1994, Gary Wright didn't score his first Lucas Oil ASCS National Title until 2004, and didn't relinquish the crown until 2007. In that time, "The Texan" racked up 38 wins, on top of the 81 he'd already earned. Upon his retirement in 2012, Wright had earned a series leading 127 wins.

Second to Gary Wright in wins, Jason Johnson is the leading champion in ASCS competition, taking his No. 41 to the top for his first of five championships in 2008. "The Rajin Cajun" traded the championship the next three years with Bixby's Shane Stewart and has been the only name on the champion's trophy since 2012.

Since the National Tour began in 1993, the Lucas Oil ASCS has seen over 1,300 drivers take a green flag in A-Feature competition with over 160 different winners across 169 tracks. The National Tour has seen action in over half of the United States.

National Tour Point Fund, Champions, etc.

ASCS National Tour Stats

Past National Champions:

2023 - Jason Martin (Liberal, Kansas)
2022 - Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, Oklahoma)
2021 - Blake Hahn (Sapulpa, Oklahoma)
2020 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Sunnyvale, Texas)
2019 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Sunnyvale, Texas)
2018 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Sunnyvale, Texas)
2017 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Sunnyvale, Texas)
2016 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Sunnyvale, Texas)
2015 - Aaron Reutzel (Clute, Texas)
2014-Jason Johnson (Eunice, Louisiana)
2013-Jason Johnson (Eunice, Louisiana)
2012-Jason Johnson (Eunice, Louisiana)
2011-Shane Stewart (Bixby, Oklahoma)
2010-Jason Johnson (Eunice, Louisiana)
2009-Shane Stewart (Bixby, Oklahoma)
2008-Jason Johnson (Eunice, Louisiana)
2007-Gary Wright (Hooks, Texas)
2006-Gary Wright (Hooks, Texas)
2005-Gary Wright (Hooks, Texas)
2004-Gary Wright (Hooks, Texas)
2003-Travis Rilat (Foney, Texas)
2002-Tim Crawley (Benton, Arkansas)
2001-Zach Chappell (Talala, Oklahoma)
2000-Wayne Johnson (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
1999-Tim Crawley (Benton, Arkansas)
1998-Terry Gray (Memphis, Tennessee)
1997-Terry Gray (Memphis, Tennessee)
1996-Terry Gray (Memphis, Tennessee)
1995-Terry Gray (Memphis, Tennessee)
1994-Tim Crawley (Benton, Arkansas)
1993-John Hunt (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
1992-Garry Lee Maier (Dodge City, Kansas)

Brodix Rookie of the Year (Some of this information was incomplete, we are working to rebuild these stats.):

2023 - Howard Moore
2022 - Jason Martin
2021 - J.J. Hickle
2020 - Dylan Westbrook
2019 - John Carney II
2018 - Scott Bogucki
2017 - Skylar Gee
2016 - N/A
2015 - Kyle Bellm
2014-Blake Hahn
2013-Cole Wood
2012-Brad Loyet
2011-Aaron Reutzel
2010-Kyle Hirst
2009-Paul McMahan
2008-Eric Baldacinni
2007-Foster Landon
2006-Nick Smith
2005-Tony Bruce, Jr.
2004-A.G. Rains
2003-Darren Stewart
2002-Cody Branchcomb
2001-Robert Sellers
2000-Dale Howard
1999- Jan Howard
1998-Travis Rilat
1996-Jason Sides

ASCS Speedweek Champions:

1993- Terry Gray
1994 -Gary Wright
1995 -Terry Gray
1996 -Terry Gray
1997- Gary Wright
1998 -Terry Gray
1999 -Gary Wright
2000 -Gary Wright
2001- Kevin Ramey
2002 -Gary Wright
2003 -Shane Stewart
2004 -Tim Crawley
2005 -Darren Stewart
2006 -Jason Johnson
2007 -Gary Wright
2008 -Jason Johnson
2009 -Tim Crawley
2010 -N/A
2011 -N/A
2012 -Wayne Johnson
2013 -Jeff Swindell
2014- Brad Loyet
2015 - Wayne Johnson
2016 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
2017 - Aaron Reutzel
2018 - Sammy Swindell
2019 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
2020 - N/A
2021 - Ryan Timms
2022 - Tim Crawley

Year-by-Year Top Ten Driver Standings


Jason Martin 3,562
Matt Covington 3,516
Jordon Mallett 3,269
Howard Moore 3,267
Brandon Anderson 3,203
Kyler Johnson 2,976
Landon Britt 2,837
Christopher Townsend 2,827
Michael Day 2,505
Chris Morgan 1,505


Blake Hahn 4,110
Wayne Johnson 3,953
Matt Covington 3,833
Jason Martin 3,821
Tim Crawley 3,762
Brandon Anderson 3,491
Landon Britt 3,293
Landon Crawley 3,288
Kyler Johnson 3,262
Dylan Postier 3,069


Blake Hahn 5,060
J.J. Hickle 4,988
Matt Covington 4,840
Dylan Westbrook 4,782
Ryan Bickett 3,912
Travis Reber 3,385
Scott Bogucki 3,285
Colby Thornhill 2,954
Alex Hill 2,582
Ryan Timms 2,398


Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 2,442
Roger Crockett 2,136
Scott Bogucki 2,080
Blake Hahn 2,011
Harli White 1,998
Jordon Mallett 1,986
Dylan Westbrook 1,973
Matt Covington 1,885
Garet Williamson 1,752
Danny Sams III 1,614


Sam Hafertepe Jr 4,470
Blake Hahn 4,381
Roger Crockett 4,163
Matt Covington 4,077
Scott Bogucki 4,031
John Carney II 3,962
Harli White 3,732
Robbie Price 3,679
Jordon Mallett 3,602
Tucker Doughty 3,289


Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 4,164
Seth Bergman 4,025
Wayne Johnson 3,993
Blake Hahn 3,846
Johnny Herrera 3,807
Matt Covington 3,787
Skylar Gee 3,600
Scott Bogucki 3,502
Travis Rilat 3,312
Jamie Ball 3,197


Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 5,355
Aaron Reutzel 4,979
Wayne Johnson 4,846
Matt Covington 4,789
Seth Bergman 4,743
Johnny Herrera 4,720
Blake Hahn 4,511
Skylar Gee 4,157
Harli White 3,783
Josh Baughman 1,855


Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 5,105
Johnny Herrera 4,848
Wayne Johnson 4,611
Blake Hahn 4,452
Matt Covington 4,332
Logan Forler 4,235
Aaron Reutzel 4,041
Seth Bergman 4,015
Kyle Bellm 3,135
Josh Baughman 2,968


Aaron Reutzel 4,047
Wayne Johnson 3,998
Johnny Herrera 3,963
Seth Bergman 3,744
Matt Covington 3,604
Blake Hahn 3,430
Kyle Bellm 3,251
Jordan Weaver 3,035
Kris Miller 2,501
Jeff Swindell 1,855


Jason Johnson 4,198
Jeff Swindell 4,183
Brad Loyet 4,173
Johnny Herrera 4,102
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 4,088
Seth Bergman 3,885
Tony Bruce, Jr. 3,824
Matt Covington 3,791
Aaron Reutzel 3,742
Blake Hahn 3,528


Jason Johnson 5,363
Johnny Herrera 5,251
Jeff Swindell 5,061
Brad Loyet 5,006
Tony Bruce, Jr. 4,964
Logan Forler 4,868
Seth Bergman 4,700
Dustin Morgan 4,410
Cole Wood 4,137
Brandon Hahn 3,484


Jason Johnson 6,792
Wayne Johnson 6,715
Brady Bacon 6,528
Johnny Herrera 6,209
Tony Bruce, Jr. 6,145
Brad Loyet 6,025
Logan Forler 5,655
Seth Bergman 5,636
Gary Wright 5,397
Dustin Morgan 5,384


Shane Stewart 3,219
Johnny Herrera 3,218
Brady Bacon 3,055
Jeff Swindell 3,026
Gary Wright 2,929
Tim Crawley 2,909
Jason Johnson 2,879
Tony Bruce Jr. 2,683
Seth Bergman 2,624
Aaron Reutzel 2,600


Jason Johnson 3,698
Brady Bacon 3,569
Shane Stewart 3,564
Jack Dover 3,533
Tim Crawley 3,318
Tony Bruce, Jr. 3,118
Zach Chappell 3,078
Kyle Hirst 3,004
Ricky Logan 2.958
Danny Wood 2,939


Shane Stewart 2,573
Jason Johnson 2,548
Gary Wright 2,517
Travis Rilat 2,398
Paul McMahan 2,353
Tim Crawley 2,307
Danny Wood 2,292
Tony Bruce, Jr. 2,261
Jack Dover 2,247
Jesse Hockett 2,232


Jason Johnson 3,943
Gary Wright 3,876
Wayne Johnson 3,765
Zach Chappell 3,656
Garry Lee Maier 3,431
Eric Baldaccini 3,285
Nick Smith 3,165
Kenneth Walker 2,958
Travis Rilat 2,897
Gary Taylor 2,715


Gary Wright 4,420
Jason Johnson 4,318
Wayne Johnson 4,312
Travis Rilat 4,104
Foster Landon 3,477
Darren Stewart 2,819
Nick Smith 2,402
Eric Baldaccini 1,951
Kenneth Walker 1,823
Johnny Miller 1,744


Gary Wright 3,152
Jason Johnson 3,122
Jesse Hockett 3,057
Nick Smith 3,025
Travis Rilat 3,006
Sean McClelland 2,844
Darren Stewart 2,684
Trey Robb 2,633
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 2,516
Tony Bruce, Jr. 2,388


Gary Wright 4,706
Darren Stewart 4,400
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 4,065
Tony Bruce, Jr. 4,033
Toby Brown 3,553
Jake Martens 3,553
Jimmy Taylor 2,768
Jan Howard 2,712
Zach Chappell 2,541
Lee Sowell 2,441


Gary Wright 4,754
Travis Rilat 4,588
Zach Chappell 4,528
Toby Brown 4,003
Darren Stewart 3,760
A.G. Rains 3,692
Jimmy Taylor 3,277
Garry Lee Maier 3,275
Cody Branchcomb 3,155
Sam Hafertepe Jr. 3,109


Travis Rilat 5,704
Gary Wright 5,692
Zach Chappell 5,622
Darren Stewart 5,364
Cody Branchcomb 5,173
Toby Brown 4,996
Shane Stewart 3,232
Jimmy Taylor 2,876
Tim Crawley 2,851
Rick Behr 2,475


Tim Crawley 6,296
Michael Dupuy 6,202
Zach Chappell 6,088
Garry Lee Maier 5,913
Toby Brown 5,775
Wayne Pennington 4,721
Cody Branchcomb 4,333
Gary Wright 3,990
Travis Rilat 3,363
Darren Stewart 2,891


Zach Chappell 4,175
Larry Neighbors 4,055
Michael Dupuy 3,934
Robert Sellers 3,806
Toby Brown 3,764
Tim Crawley 3,661
B.J. Baze 3,423
Kevin Ramey 3,419
Stephanie Chappell 3,152
Wayne Johnson 3,078


Wayne Johnson 5,210
Terry Gray 5,076
Jason Johnson 4,986
Dale Howard 4,796
Zach Chappell 4,694
Toby Brown 4,481
Jason Sides 4,431
Tim Crawley 3,791
Jan Howard 3,609
Michael Dupuy 3,300


Tim Crawley 4,964
Danny Wood 4,647
Ronald Laney 4,589
Travis Rilat 4,473
Terry Gray 3,913
Jan Howard 3,756
Jason Sides 3,651
Michael Dupuy 3,430
Gary Wright 2,870
Garry Lee Maier 2,706


Terry Gray 5,466
Danny Wood 5,162
Danny Jennings 4,523
Daryn Pittman 4,205
Jason Sides 4,071
Travis Rilat 4,064
Garry Lee Maier 3,547
Gary Wright 3,103
Paul White 3,018
Tim Crawley 2,520


Terry Gray 5.260
Garry Lee Maier 5,193
Jason Sides 4,594
Danny Jennings 4,088
Daryn Pittman 3,997
Tim Crawley 2,871
Wayne Johnson 2,054
Pete Butler 2,018
Mike Ward 1,951
Wally Henson 1,949


Terry Gray 5,445
Garry Lee Maier 5,405
Tommie Estes Jr. 3,128
Daryn Pittman 2,925
Wayne Johnson 2,654
Gary Wright 2,557
Jason Sides 2,230
Danny Wood 2,209
Wally Henson 2,195
Glen Passmore 2,183


Terry Gray 6,265
Garry Lee Maier 4,757
Mike Ward 4,545
Gary Wright 4,056
Larry Long 3,735
Danny Wood 3,610
Glen Passmore 2,889
Jerry Stone 2,838
Alan Payne 2,650
Tony Wilson 2,486


Tim Crawley 6,940
Terry Gray 6,460
Mike Ward 5,940
Aaron Lemmons 5,770
Garry Lee Maier 5,695
Wayne Johnson 5,535
Kenneth Walker 5,180
John Hunt 5,005
Rick Barksdale 4,870
Rickey Hood 4,830


John Hunt 5,900
Danny Wood 5,160
Mike Ward 5,066
Wayne Johnson 4,680
Rick Barksdale 4,580
Tim Crawley 4,560
Glen Passmore 4,470
Donnie Crawford 4,395
Arley Wheetley 4,210
Sammy Phillips 4,200


Garry Lee Maier
Mike Ward
John Hunt
Randy Combs
Glen Passmore
Ken Whitehouse
Rick Barksdale
Wally Henson
Mark Harrison
Eric Sandage

ASCS National Wins By State (1992)

Pre National Tour Wins with a National Champion determined by a series of Regional races.

Arkansas (24 events) (3 Tracks)

Fayetteville Speedway - 1 event

  1. 7/4/92 - Sammy Phillips

I-30 Speedway - 22 events

  1. 3/28/92-Wally Henson
  2. 4/4/92-Eric Sandange
  3. 4/11/92-Terry Gray
  4. 4/25/92-Mike Ward
  5. 5/9/92-Mike Ward
  6. 5/16/92-Tim Crawley
  7. 5/25/92-Mike Ward
  8. 6/13/92-Mike Ward
  9. 7/4/92-Terry Gray
  10. 7/11/92-Mike Ward
  11. 7/18/92-Mike Ward
  12. 7/25/92-Mike Ward
  13. 7/31/92-Mike Ward
  14. 8/1/92-John Hunt
  15. 8/8/92-Mike Ward
  16. 8/15/92-Mike Ward
  17. 8/22/92-Arley Wheatley
  18. 9/5/92-Mike Ward
  19. 9/12/92-Garry Lee Maier
  20. 9/26/92-Mike Ward
  21. 10/10/92-Mike Ward
  22. 10/24/92-Mike Ward

Lake Ouachita Speedway - 1 event

6/6/92 - John Hunt

Missouri (23 events) (2 Tracks)

Capital Speedway - 4 events

  1. 5/7/92-Randy Martin
  2. 6/13/92-Mike Trent
  3. 6/27/92-Randy Combs
  4. 7/25/92-Ed Grimes

Missouri State Fair Speedway - 19 events

  1. 4/10/92-Garry Lee Maier
  2. 4/24/92-John Gerloff
  3. 5/8/92-John Gerloff
  4. 5/8/92-Randy Martin
  5. 5/15/92-Bryan Grimes
  6. 5/22/92-George Austin III
  7. 5/24/92-Garry Lee Maier
  8. 6/5/92-Danny Young
  9. 6/12/92-Randy Martin
  10. 6/19/92-Kevin Whitworth
  11. 6/26/92-Bryan Grimes
  12. 7/3/92-Randy Martin
  13. 7/17/92-Kevin Whitworth
  14. 7/19/92-Randy Combs
  15. 7/24/92-Garry Lee Maier
  16. 7/31/92-Kevin Whitworth
  17. 8/7/92-Bill Utz
  18. 8/14/92-Mike Trent
  19. 10/17/92-Billy Bell

Oklahoma (20 events) (1 Track)

Creek County Speedway - 20 events

  1. 4/3/92-Garry Lee Maier
  2. 4/24/92-Garry Lee Maier
  3. 5/1/92-Garry Lee Maier
  4. 5/15/92-Garry Lee Maier
  5. 5/22/92-Sammy Phillips
  6. 5/29/92-Garry Lee Maier
  7. 6/5/92-Garry Lee Maier
  8. 6/12/92-John Hunt
  9. 6/26/92-Tommie Estes, Jr.
  10. 6/27/92-John Hunt
  11. 7/3/92-Garry Lee Maier
  12. 7/10/92-Aaron Lemmons
  13. 8/7/92-Garry Lee Maier
  14. 8/14/92-John Hunt
  15. 8/21/92-Garry Lee Maier
  16. 8/28/92-Tim Crawley
  17. 9/5/92-Garry Lee Maier
  18. 9/11/92-Garry Lee Maier
  19. 10/30/92-Garry Lee Maier
  20. 10/31/92-Garry Lee Maier

ASCS National Quick Qualifying Times

The ASCS National Tour began qualifying in 2022, but did have some shows where an official quick time was recorded prior to that. The ASCS Track Record is denoted with a TR next to the time.


8/24/2013-Lexington 104 Speedway (Lexington, TN)-Jeff Swindell-11.871-TR


3/1/2014-Cocopah Speedway (Somerton, AZ)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-14.803-TR


5/29/2021-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Dylan Westbrook-12.073
5/30/2021-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Dylan Westbrook-12.257


3/18/2022-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-14.634-TR
3/19/2022-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-16.268
3/25/2022-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Seth Bergman-12.002
3/26/2022-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Dylan Westbrook-12.175

5/28/2022-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-12.430
5/29/2022-Thunderbird Speedway (Muskogee, OK)-Wayne Johnson-18.091-TR

6/17/2022-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Eric Baldaccini-13.929-TR
6/18/2022-Boothill Speedway (Shreveport, LA)-Matt Covington-12.743-TR
6/25/2022-I-70 Motorsports Park (Odessa, MO)-Wayne Johnson-14.449-TR

7/1/2022-Boone County Raceway (Albion, NE)-Jason Martin-14.556
7/2/2022-WaKeeney Speedway (WaKeeney, KS)-Blake Hahn-14.700
7/3/2022-WaKeeney Speedway (WaKeeney, KS)-Zach Blurton-15.507
7/15/2022-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Gunner Ramey-11.474-TR
7/22/2022-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Dale Howard-13.464-TR
7/23/2022-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Blake Hahn-12.539
7/26/2022-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Tim Crawley-14.172-TR
7/27/2022-Caney Valley Speedway (Caney, KS)-Wayne Johnson-11.808
7/28/2022-81-Speedway (Park City, KS)-Dylan Westbrook-13.959

8/2/2022-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Blake Hahn-15.023
8/4/2022-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Shane Golobic-16.299
8/5/2022-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Kelby Watt-16.422

9/3/2022-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Chase Randall-12.027-TR
9/4/2022-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Chase Randall-12.104
9/8/2022-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Jake Bubak-14.56-TR
9/10/2022-Caney Valley Speedway (Caney, KS)-Seth Bergman-12.027
9/13/2022-Clay County Fair Speedway (Spencer, IA)-Blake Hahn-14.087-TR
9/15/2022-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)-Dylan Westbrook-14.005-TR
9/16/2022-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)-Dylan Westbrook-14.010
9/30/2022-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Aaron Reutzel -11.812-TR

10/14/2022-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Tim Crawley-15.390
10/15/2022-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Matt Covington-15.386
10/28/2022-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson-11.057-TR
10/29/2022-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Fred Mattox-13.525


4/20/2023 - Jackson Motor Speedway (Byram, MS)-Koty Adams-14.154-TR
4/22/2023 - Boothill Speedway (Greenwood, MS)-Landon Britt-12.644-TR

5/20/2023 - Longdale Speedway (Longdale, OK)-Jake Bubak-14.565-TR
5/21/2023 - Longdale Speedway (Longdale, OK)-Whit Gastineau-14.942
5/26/2023 - Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Jace Park-15.446
5/27/2023 - Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon MO)-Blake Hahn-12.389
5/28/2023 - Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Joe B. Miller-12.428

6/2/2023 - Outlaw Motor Speedway (Oktaha, OK)-Seth Bergman 16.460-TR
6/15/2023 - Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Matt Covington-11.990
6/16/2023 - Humboldt Speedway (Humboldt, KS)-Matt Covington-12.076-TR
6/17/2023 - 81 Speedway (Park City, KS)-Matt Covington-14.354
6/22/2023 - Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Matt Covington-13.281-TR
6/24/2023 - Caney Valley Speedway (Caney, KS)-JacePark-11.743-TR
6/30/2023 - Boone County Raceway (Albion, NE)-Jake Bubak-13.575-TR

7/1/2023 - WaKeeney Speedway (WaKeeney, KS)-Blake Hahn-14.673-TR
7/7/2023 - Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Jason Martin-14.341-TR

ASCS National Wins By State (1993 - Present)

Full listing of Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series National Tour wins. To date, the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series has competed at over 150 tracks across 30 states.

Arizona (35 events) (3 Tracks)

Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria) - 7 events

  1. 3/2/12—Tony Bruce Jr.
  2. 3/3/12—Jason Johnson
  3. 11/15-12—Brady Bacon
  4. 11/16/12—Jason Johnson
  5. 11/17/12—Wayne Johnson
  6. 2/28/20 -- Matt Covington
  7. 2/29/20 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Cocopah Speedway (Yuma) - 15 events

  1. 3/9/12—Dustin Morgan
  2. 3/10/12—Danny Wood
  3. 3/1/13—Jason Johnson
  4. 3/2/13—Jason Johnson ($10,000 win)
  5. 11/8/13—Jason Johnson
  6. 11/9/13—Jason Johnson ($25,000 win)
  7. 2/28/14—Rico Abreu
  8. 3/1/14—Rico Abreu ($10,000 win)
  9. 11/14/14—Jason Johnson
  10. 11/15/14—Shane Stewart ($10,000 win)
  11. 11/11/16 -- Seth Bergman
  12. 11/12/16 -- Aaron Reutzel
  13. 11/9/17 - Travis Rilat
  14. 11/10/17 - Joey Saldana
  15. 11/11/17 - Seth Bergman

Tucson Int. Raceway (Tucson) - 13 events

  1. 11/19/09—Sammy Swindell
  2. 11/20/09—Tim Kaeding
  3. 11/21/09—Sammy Swindell
  4. 11/18/10—Donny Schatz
  5. 11/19/10—Johnny Herrera
  6. 11/20/10—Donny Schatz
  7. 2/18/11—Johnny Herrera
  8. 2/19/11—Shane Stewart
  9. 11/17/11—Sammy Swindell
  10. 11/18/11—Brad Sweet
  11. 11/19/11—Donny Schatz
  12. 2/22/13—Brian Brown
  13. 2/23/13—Roger Crockett

Arkansas (170 events) (11 tracks)

Arkansas Raceway Park (Mt. Ida) - 1 event

  1. 5/21/95—Gary Wright

Batesville Speedway (Batesville) - 11 events

  1. 5/17/96—Mike Ward
  2. 7/13/96—Mike Ward
  3. 7/23/99—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  4. 7/14/00—Billy Wilburn (Speedweek)
  5. 7/13/01—Larry Neighbors (Speedweek)
  6. 5/31/02—Terry Gray (Speedweek)
  7. 5/30/03—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  8. 9/5/03—Shane Stewart
  9. 7/9/04—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  10. 7/23/21 -- Dale Howard (Speedweek)
  11. 7/22/22 -- Tim Crawley (Speedweek)

Beebe Speedway (Beebe) - 3 events

  1. 6/18/93—Terry Gray
  2. 7/16/93—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 6/24/94—Gary Wright (Speedweek)

Crowley’s Ridge Raceway (Paragould) - 1 event

  1. 4/15/00—Wayne Johnson

Diamond Park Speedway / SW AR Speedway (Murfreesboro) - 5 events

  1. 4/21/01—Gary Wright
  2. 4/20/02—Zach Chappell
  3. 4/12/03—Zach Chappell
  4. 8/23/03—Gary Wright
  5. 6/19/12—Brady Bacon (Speedweek)

I-30 Speedway (Little Rock) - 88 events

  1. 5/15/93—Mike Ward
  2. 6/24/93—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  3. 7/17/93—Terry Gray
  4. 6/18/94—Garry Lee Maier (Speedweek)
  5. 8/13/94—Garry Lee Maier
  6. 5/20/95—Terry Gray
  7. 6/24/95—Ricky Logan
  8. 7/15/95—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  9. 5/18/96—Mike Ward
  10. 6/15/96—Garry Lee Maier (Speedweek)
  11. 8/3/96—Garry Lee Maier
  12. 5/17/97—Mike Ward
  13. 6/14/97—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  14. 9/26/97—Wayne Johnson
  15. 9/27/97—Wayne Johnson
  16. 5/16/98—Gary Wright
  17. 6/13/98—Terry Gray (Speedweek)
  18. 8/25/01—Eric Sandage
  19. 6/22/02—Pete Butler
  20. 7/13/02—Gary Wright
  21. 9/21/02—Gary Wright
  22. 6/21/03—Gary Wright
  23. 7/12/03—Tim Crawley
  24. 9/6/03—Shane Stewart
  25. 6/5/04—Gary Wright
  26. 7/10/04—Travis Rilat (Speedweek)
  27. 8/28/04—Gary Wright
  28. 6/11/05—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  29. 7/9/05—Gary Wright
  30. 10/1/05—Travis Rilat
  31. 7/29/06—Jason Johnson
  32. 4/28/07—Jason Johnson
  33. 7/14/07—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  34. 10/25/07—Shane Stewart
  35. 10/26/07—Tim Shaffer
  36. 10/27/07—Jason Meyers
  37. 4/26/08—Nick Smith
  38. 7/12/08—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  39. 10/23/08—Gary Wright
  40. 10/24/08—Tim Crawley
  41. 10/25/08—Tony Bruce, Jr.
  42. 6/6/09—Tony Bruce, Jr. (No Points)
  43. 11/5/09—Wayne Johnson
  44. 11/6/09—Jason Johnson
  45. 11/7/09—Tony Bruce, Jr.
  46. 4/10/10—Zach Chappell
  47. 6/5/10—Brady Bacon
  48. 8/28/10—Tony Bruce, Jr.
  49. 10/28/10—Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  50. 10/29/10—Brad Sweet
  51. 10/30/10—Brad Sweet
  52. 4/15/11—Jeff Swindell
  53. 4/16/11—Gary Wright
  54. 6/4/11—Jason Johnson
  55. 10/28/11—Brady Bacon
  56. 10/28/11—Danny Lasoski
  57. 10/29/11—Sammy Swindell
  58. 6/29/12—Tony Bruce, Jr. (rain make up)
  59. 6/30/12—Jason Johnson (rain make up)
  60. 8/25/12—Jason Johnson
  61. 10/25/12—Jason Johnson (Feature run on 10/26 due to rain)
  62. 10/26/12—Jack Dover
  63. 10/27/12—Paul McMahan
  64. 4/6/13—Jason Johnson
  65. 8/22/13—Tim Crawley
  66. 10/23/13—Danny Lasoski (STN Open)
  67. 10/24/13—Sammy Swindell (STN)
  68. 10/25/13—Anthony Nicholson (STN)
  69. 10/26/13—Sammy Swindell (STN)
  70. 4/12/14—Aaron Reutzel
  71. 10/22/14—Aaron Reutzel (STN Open)
  72. 10/23/14—Brian Brown (STN)
  73. 10/24/14—Christopher Bell (STN)
  74. 10/25/14—Christopher Bell (STN)
  75. 5/12/18 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  76. 6/27/20 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  77. 10/2/20 -- Derek Hagar (STN)
  78. 10/3/20 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr, (STN)
  79. 7/24/21 -- Matt Covington (Speedweek)
  80. 10/22/21 -- Jordon Mallett (STN, Prelim A1)
  81. 10/22/21 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (STN, Prelim A2)
  82. 10/23/21 -- Blake Hahn (STN)
  83. 3/25/22 -- Derek Hagar
  84. 3/26/22 -- Aaron Reutzel
  85. 7/23/22 -- Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  86. 9/30/22 -- Aaron Reutzel (STN, Prelim A1)
  87. 9/30/22 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (STN, Prelim A2)
  88. 10/1/22 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (STN)

North Central AR Speedway (Yellville) - 8 events

  1. 9/8/00—Pete Butler
  2. 6/29/01—Tim Crawley
  3. 8/24/01—Terry Gray
  4. 6/21/02—Tim Crawley
  5. 7/26/02—Michael Dupuy
  6. 6/20/03—Zach Chappell
  7. 7/25/03—Travis Rilat
  8. 6/4/04—Gary Wright

Riverside Int. Speedway (West Memphis) - 35 events

  1. 7/8/95—Terry Gray
  2. 7/20/96—Eddie Gallagher
  3. 9/14/96—Pete Braswell
  4. 6/21/97—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  5. 9/13/97—Brooke Tatnell
  6. 6/20/98—Mike Ward (Speedweek)
  7. 9/19/98—Terry Gray
  8. 6/19/99—Chad Jones
  9. 7/24/99—Pete Butler (Speedweek)
  10. 9/18/99—Terry Gray
  11. 6/24/00—Kenny Coke
  12. 7/15/00—Travis Rilat (Speedweek)
  13. 9/16/00—Gary Wright
  14. 6/9/01—Eddie Gallagher
  15. 7/14/01—A.G. Rains (Speedweek)
  16. 9/15/01—Tim Crawley
  17. 6/1/02—Eddie Gallagher (Speedweek)
  18. 9/14/02—Eddie Gallagher
  19. 5/31/03—Eddie Gallagher (Speedweek)
  20. 7/19/03—Gary Wright
  21. 7/17/04—Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. (Speedweek)
  22. 9/11/04—Eddie Gallagher
  23. 6/4/05—Darren Stewart (Speedweek)
  24. 9/10/05—A.G. Rains (Speedweek)
  25. 7/3/09—Tim Crawley (RR50—Prelim)
  26. 7/4/09—Tim Crawley (RR50—Finale)
  27. 10/1/10—Tony Bruce, Jr. (RR50—Prelim)
  28. 10/2/10—Tim Crawley (RR50—Finale)
  29. 4/28/12—Seth Bergman (RR50)
  30. 5/3/14—Derek Hagar (RR50)
  31. 8/21/14—Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Mid-South Showdown)
  32. 5/2/15 - Seth Bergman (RR50)
  33. 8/24/17 - Tim Crawley
  34. 7/11/20 - Harli White
  35. 7/25/21 -- Ryan Timms (Speedweek)

Texarkana 67 Speedway (Texarkana) - 11 events

  1. 6/17/98—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  2. 7/22/00—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  3. 5/19/01—Gary Wright
  4. 4/12/02—Gary Wright
  5. 5/2/03—Shane Stewart
  6. 4/30/04—Travis Rilat
  7. 6/10/05—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  8. 4/27/07—Jason Johnson
  9. 7/11/08—Gary Taylor (Speedweek)
  10. 6/5/09 - Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  11. 6/17/22 -- Derek Hagar

State Line Speedway (Texarkana, AR) - 6 events

  1. 7/21/95—Rickey Hood (Speedweek)
  2. 6/22/96—Garry Lee Maier (Speedweek)
  3. 9/4/98—Danny Wood
  4. 9/5/98—Gary Wright
  5. 4/17/99—Gary Wright
  6. 7/31/99—Travis Rilat (Speedweek)

Thunder Valley Speedway (Fayetteville) - 1 event

  1. 5/20/00—Tim Crawley

California (9 events) (6 tracks)

Kings Speedway (Hanford) - 2 event

  1. 2/12/11—Kyle Larson
  2. 7/28/12—Brady Bacon

Merced Speedway - 1 event

  1. 3/6/20 -- Brad Sweet

Petaluma Speedway - 1 event

  1. 3/8/20 -- Andy Forsberg

Placerville Speedway - 3 events

  1. 7/29/11—Wayne Johnson
  2. 7/30/11—Wayne Johnson
  3. 7/25/12—Mason Moore

Santa Maria Speedway –1 event

  1. 7/29/12—Brad Loyet

Thunderbowl Raceway (Tulare) - 1 event

  1. 2/9/11—Tim Kaeding

Colorado (6 events) (2 tracks)

Rocky Mnt. National Speedway (Denver) - 5 events

  1. 5/10/96—Garry Lee Maier
  2. 5/11/96—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 7/25/97—Danny Jennings
  4. 7/26/97—Garry Lee Maier
  5. 8/29/98—Daryn Pittman

El Paso County Raceway (Calhan) - 1 event

  1. 10/7/17 - Sammy Swindell

Florida (23 events) (3 tracks)

Bubba Raceway Park (Ocala) -1 Event

  1. 2/27/15—Aaron Reutzel

East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa) - 16 events

  1. 2/11/96—David Steele
  2. 2/12/96—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 2/9/97—Larry Pinegar
  4. 2/10/97—Gary Wright
  5. 1/26/06—Travis Rilat
  6. 1/27/06—Terry McCarl
  7. 1/28/06—Terry McCarl
  8. 1/25/07—Gary Wright
  9. 1/26/07—Terry McCarl
  10. 1/27/07—Gary Wright
  11. 1/31/08—Kenny Adams
  12. 2/1/08—Terry McCarl
  13. 2/2/08—Jason Johnson
  14. 2/19/15—Aaron Reutzel
  15. 2/20/15—Jason Sides
  16. 2/21/15—Mark Smith

Jax Raceway (Jacksonville) - 4 events

  1. 2/9/96—Jason Sides
  2. 2/10/96—Terry Gray
  3. 1/31/97 -- Lee Scrape
  4. 2/1/97 -- Lee Scrape

St. Augustine Speedway - 2 events

  1. 2/13/96 -- Andy Hillenburg
  2. 2/14/96 -- Andy Hillenburg

Georgia (5 events) (4 tracks)

Dixie Speedway (Woodstock) - 1 event

  1. 10/12/96—Eddie Gallagher

North Georgia Speedway (Chatsworth) - 1 event

  1. 4/10/99—Terry Gray

Sugar Creek Speedway (Blue Ridge) - 1 event

  1. 8/9/95—Mike Ward

Thunderbolt Speedway (Valdosta) - 2 events

  1. 2/7/97—Garry Lee Maier
  2. 2/8/97—Garry Lee Maier

Illinois (5 events) (3 tracks)

Jacksonville Speedway - 1 event

  1. 7/23/96—Garry Lee Maier

Peoria Speedway - 2 events

  1. 7/24/96—Terry Gray
  2. 8/29/97—Terry Gray

Tri-City Speedway (Pontoon Beach) - 2 events

  1. 8/27/10—Jerrod Hull
  2. 5/21/21 - Scott Bogucki

Indiana (3 events) (2 tracks)

Kokomo Speedway - 1 event

  1. 8/19/98—Daryn Pittman

Terre Haute Action Track - 2 events

  1. 10/13/00—Wayne Johnson
  2. 10/14/00—Jason Johnson

Iowa (95 events) (8 tracks)

34 Raceway - 1 event

  1. 8/30/19 -- Blake Hahn

Clay County Fair Speedway - 3 events

  1. 9/14/21 - Matt Covington
  2. 9/13/22 - Tim Crawley
  3. 9/12/23 -- Terry McCarl

Crawford County Speedway - 1 event

  1. 6/16/07—Jason Johnson

Hamilton County Speedway - 1 event

  1. 8/18/18 -- Jamie Ball

Knoxville Raceway - 81 events

  1. 7/26/96—Doug Wolfgang
  2. 7/27/96—Terry McCarl
  3. 7/12/97—David Hesmer
  4. 7/30/98—David Hesmer
  5. 7/31/98—Gary Wright
  6. 8/1/98—Gary Wright
  7. 6/12/99—Dennis Moore, Jr.
  8. 6/15/00—Roger Rager
  9. 6/16/00—Matt Moro
  10. 6/17/00—Wayne Johnson
  11. 6/14/01—John Kearney
  12. 6/15/01—Wayne Johnson
  13. 6/16/01—Terry McCarl
  14. 6/13/02—Jake Peters
  15. 6/14/02—Wayne Johnson
  16. 6/15/02—Jeff Swindell
  17. 6/13/03—Josh Higday
  18. 6/13/03—Kenny Adams
  19. 6/14/03—Dennis Moore, Jr.
  20. 6/11/04—Jason Johnson
  21. 6/12/04—Billy Alley
  22. 8/6/04—Billy Alley
  23. 8/4/05—Dusty Zomer
  24. 8/4/05—Billy Alley
  25. 8/5/05—Billy Alley
  26. 8/3/06—Johnny Anderson
  27. 8/4/06—Billy Alley
  28. 8/5/06—Jesse Giannetto
  29. 8/2/07—Kaley Gharst
  30. 8/3/07—Shane Stewart
  31. 8/4/07—Shane Stewart
  32. 6/20/08—Jason Johnson
  33. 7/31/08—Jason Johnson
  34. 8/1/08—Wayne Johnson
  35. 8/2/08—Wayne Johnson
  36. 8/6/09—Wayne Johnson
  37. 8/7/09—Terry McCarl
  38. 8/8/09—Terry McCarl
  39. 8/5/10—Brian Brown
  40. 8/6/10—Shane Stewart
  41. 8/7/10—Shane Stewart
  42. 8/5/11—Lee Grosz
  43. 8/6/11—Sammy Swindell
  44. 8/7/11—Shane Stewart
  45. 8/2/12—Danny Lasoski
  46. 8/3/12—Brook Tatnell
  47. 8/4/12—Shane Stewart
  48. 8/1/13—Danny Lasoski
  49. 8/2/13—Justin Henderson
  50. 8/3/13—Shane Stewart
  51. 7/31/14—Davey Heskin
  52. 8/1/14—Sammy Swindell
  53. 8/2/14—Brian Brown
  54. 8/6/15 -- Danny Lasoski
  55. 8/7/15 -- Dusty Zomer
  56. 8/8/15 -- Terry McCarl
  57. 8/4/16 -- Jamie Ball
  58. 8/5/16 -- Jamie Veal
  59. 8/6/16 -- Sammy Swindell
  60. 7/29/17 - Terry McCarl
  61. 8/3/17 - Tim Shaffer
  62. 8/4/17 - Greg Hodnett
  63. 8/5/17 - Clint Garner
  64. 8/2/18 - Thomas Kennedy
  65. 8/3/18 - Carson Macedo
  66. 8/4/18 - Terry McCarl
  67. 8/1/19 - Ryan Grimes
  68. 8/2/19 - James McFadden
  69. 8/3/19 - James McFadden
  70. 8/6/20 - Austin McCarl
  71. 8/7/20 - Lynton Jeffrey
  72. 8/8/20 - Kerry Madsen
  73. 8/5/21 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  74. 8/6/21 -- Giovanni Scelzi
  75. 8/7/21 -- Giovanni Scelzi
  76. 8/4/22 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  77. 8/5/22 -- Brian Brown
  78. 8/6/22 -- Aaron Reutzel
  79. 8/3/23 -- Aaron Reutzel
  80. 8/4/23 -- Parker Price-Miller
  81. 8/5/2023 -- Brian Brown

Mason City Motor Speedway - 2 Events

  1. 7/30/17 - Gregg Bakker
  2. 7/29/18 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Southern Iowa Speedway— 5 Event

  1. 8/5/13—Brian Brown (FRC) (TBJ 5th)
  2. 8/4/14—Brian Brown (FRC) (Loyet 9th)
  3. 8/7/18 - Carson Macedo
  4. 8/6/19 -- Wayne Johnson
  5. 8/9/20 - Brian Brown

Rapid Speedway - 1 Event

  1. 7/6/12—Jason Johnson

Kansas (57 events) (11 tracks)

81 Speedway (Wichita) - 5 events

  1. 7/16/01—Kevin Ramey (Speedweek)
  2. 7/29/21--Ryan Timms (Speedweek)
  3. 7/28/22 -- Matt Covington (Speedweek)
  4. 6/17/23 -- Jason Martin
  5. 7/22/23 -- Jason Martin

Belleville High Banks (Belleville) - 1 event

  1. 5/31/15--Brian Brown

Caney Valley Speedway - 6 events

  1. 6/21/93—Terry Gray (Speedweek)
  2. 6/25/20 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  3. 7/28/21 -- Dylan Westbrook (Speedweek)
  4. 7/27/22 -- Dylan Westbrook (Speedweek)
  5. 9/10/22 -- Seth Bergman
  6. 6/24/23 -- Alex Sewell

Dodge City Raceway Park - 6 events

  1. 6/17/05—Gary Wright
  2. 6/18/05—Danny Jennings
  3. 9/1/12—Jeff Swindell (Wicked City Shootout)
  4. 9/2/12—Jeff Swindell (Wicked City Shootout)
  5. 7/7/23 -- Jason Martin (Steve King Memorial)
  6. 7/8/23 -- Matt Covington (Steve King Memorial)

Humboldt Speedway - 2 events

  1. 5/9/18 - Wayne Johnson
  2. 6/16/23 -- Matt Covington

Hutchinson Raceway Park - 1 event

  1. 8/1/97—Terry Gray

Jetmore Motorplex (GADT) - 9 events

  1. 5/25/02—Zach Chappell
  2. 5/26/02—Tim Crawley
  3. 5/23/09—Travis Rilat (Steve King Memorial)
  4. 5/24/09—Jack Dover (Steve King Memorial)
  5. 5/29/10—Brady Bacon (Steve King Memorial)
  6. 5/30/10—Brady Bacon (Steve King Memorial)
  7. 5/26/12—Jason Martin (Steve King Memorial)
  8. 5/27/12—Brady Bacon (Steve King Memorial)
  9. 5/25/13—Jack Dover (Steve King Memorial)

Lakeside Speedway - 10 events

  1. 7/7/07—Gary Wright
  2. 7/4/08—Wayne Johnson
  3. 5/6/16 -- Brian Brown
  4. 5/11/17 -- Aaron Reutzel
  5. 5/10/18 -- Seth Bergman
  6. 8/3/21 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  7. 8/2/22 -- Blake Hahn
  8. 9/8/22 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  9. 5/26/23 -- Austin McCarl
  10. 8/25/23 -- Matt Covington

Salina Speedway—6 events

  1. 8/16/12—Kevin Swindell
  2. 5/31/13—Seth Bergman
  3. 5/30/14—Jeff Swindell
  4. 6/19/15 -- Aaron Reutzel
  5. 06/16/18 - Sammy Swindell
  6. 06/08/19 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Thunder Hill Speedway (Mayetta) - 1 event

  1. 6/15/95—Garry Lee Maier

WaKeeney Speedway - 7 events

  1. 6/16/95—Garry Lee Maier
  2. 6/9/96—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 8/30/98—Garry Lee Maier
  4. 8/27/21 -- Jason Martin
  5. 7/2/22 -- Jake Bubak
  6. 7/3/22 - Zach Blurton
  7. 7/1/23 -- Jake Bubak

Kentucky (3 events) (2 tracks)

Paducah International Raceway (Paducah) - 1 event

  1. 4/27/18 -- Matt Covington

Thunder Ridge Speedway (Prestonsburg) - 2 events

  1. 5/29/98—Daryn Pittman
  2. 5/30/98—Garry Lee Maier

Louisiana (28 events) (9 tracks)

Ark-La-Tex Speedway—1 event

  1. 6/16/13—Logan Forler

Baton Rouge Raceway - 1 event

  1. 3/10/06—Jesse Hockett

Bayou Speedway (Minden) - 1 event

  1. 7/10/99—Tim Crawley

Boothill Speedway (Greenwood) - 5 events

  1. 8/26/95—Mike Ward
  2. 7/17/97—Tim Crawley
  3. 6/2/01—Gary Wright
  4. 6/18/22 -- Wayne Johnson
  5. 4/22/23 -- Jason Martin

Champion Park Speedway (Haughton) - 4 events

  1. 8/31/02—Tim Crawley
  2. 5/3/03—Travis Rilat
  3. 8/30/03—Gary Wright
  4. 5/7/05—Gary Wright

Jones Motor Speedway (Chatham) - 6 events

  1. 9/1/02—Kevin Ramey
  2. 8/31/03—Gary Wright
  3. 9/24/04—Gary Wright
  4. 9/25/04—Jason Johnson
  5. 5/6/05—Gary Wright
  6. 6/18/12—Jason Johnson

Forest Hill Speedway - 5 events

  1. 6/19/94—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  2. 5/13/95—Gary Wright
  3. 8/27/95—Mike Ward
  4. 6/21/96—Terry Gray (Speedweek)
  5. 7/18/97—Gary Wright

New Leesville 171 Speedway - 4 events

  1. 6/1/01—Gary Wright
  2. 9/28/01—Tim Crawley
  3. 5/3/02—Michael Dupuy
  4. 8/30/02—Michael Dupuy

Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill) - 1 event

  1. 5/22/99—Jan Howard

Michigan (4 event) (2 track)

Hartford Speedway (Hartford) - 1 event

  1. 6/3/16 - Johnny Herrera

I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa) - 3 events

  1. 5/17/19 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  2. 5/18/19 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  3. 5/8/21 - Matt Covington

Minnesota (9 events) (2 tracks)

Jackson Motorplex - 8 events

  1. 8/19/11—Johnny Herrera
  2. 8/20/11—Jason Johnson
  3. 8/30/13—Jeff Swindell
  4. 8/31/13—Brian Brown
  5. 8/9/14—Matt Covington
  6. 9/2/16 -- Ian Madsen
  7. 9/4/16 -- Aaron Reutzel
  8. 9/2/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

North Central Speedway (Brainerd) - 1 event

  1. 6/20/07—Wayne Johnson

Mississippi (10 events) (4 tracks)

Delta Bowl Speedway (Tunica) - 5 events

  1. 10/4/03—Shane Stewart
  2. 3/27/04—Gary Wright
  3. 6/18/04—Travis Rilat
  4. 6/19/04—Travis Rilat
  5. 7/15/04—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)

Jackson Motor Speedway - 3 events

  1. 8/12/95—Terry Gray
  2. 4/19/97—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 4/20/23 -- Jason Martin

Magnolia Motor Speedway - 1 event

  1. 4/21/07—Gary Wright

Pike County Speedway (Magnolia) - 1 event

  1. 5/4/02—Travis Rilat

Missouri (131 events) (18 tracks)

Bolivar Speedway - 2 events

  1. 5/23/03—Shane Stewart
  2. 7/7/06—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)

Double X Speedway (California) - 1 event

  1. 7/4/07—Jason Johnson (McMillin Memorial)

I-55 Raceway (Pevely) - 1 event

  1. 9/24/95—Garry Lee Maier

I-70 Motorsports Park - 1 event

  1. 6/25/22 -- Wayne Johnson

Joplin 66 Speedway - 11 events

  1. 9/9/94—Mike Peters
  2. 6/1/96—Terry Gray
  3. 5/7/99—Gary Wright
  4. 8/28/99—Danny Wood
  5. 4/22/00—Larry Neighbors
  6. 7/29/00—Wayne Johnson
  7. 9/9/00—Michael Dupuy
  8. 5/11/02—Garry Lee Maier
  9. 8/24/02—Gary Wright
  10. 8/2/03—Travis Rilat
  11. 7/31/04—Shane Stewart

LA Raceway (La Monte) - 1 event

  1. 7/30/10—Shane Stewart

Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon) - 22 events

  1. 9/4/04—Shane Stewart
  2. 9/5/04—Shane Stewart
  3. 9/3/05—Jesse Hockett
  4. 9/4/05—Jesse Hockett
  5. 5/3/08—Aaron Berryhill
  6. 7/5/08—Jason Johnson (McMillin Memorial)
  7. 6/27/09—Jason Johnson (McMillin Memorial)
  8. 6/26/10—Zach Chappell (Hockett/McMillin Memorial)
  9. 9/1/18 -- Sammy Swindell (360 Nationals)
  10. 9/2/18 -- Sammy Swindell (360 Nationals)
  11. 5/25/19 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  12. 5/26/19 -- John Carney II
  13. 8/31/19 -- Robbie Price (360 Nationals)
  14. 9/1/19 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr, (360 Nationals)
  15. 5/29/21 -- Scott Bogucki
  16. 5/30/21 -- Ryan Timms
  17. 9/5/21 -- Dylan Westbrook (360 Nationals)
  18. 5/28/22 -- Dylan Westbrook
  19. 9/3/22 -- Blake Hahn
  20. 9/4/22 -- Derek Hagar (360 Nationals)
  21. 5/27/23 -- Joe B. Miller
  22. 5/28/23 -- Jason Martin

Lebanon I-44 Speedway - 1 event

  1. 5/24/03—Gary Wright

Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland) - 44 events

  1. 9/30/06—Brian Brown
  2. 4/19/08—Jason Johnson
  3. 9/26/09—Shane Stewart
  4. 9/25/10—Tim Crawley
  5. 9/23/11—Tim Crawley (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  6. 9/24/11—Jason Johnson (Hockett/McMillin-Finale)
  7. 6/23/12—Cody Baker (Speedweek)
  8. 9/28/12—Brady Bacon (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  9. 9/29/12—Jason Johnson (Hockett/McMillin-Finale)
  10. 6/22/13—Jonathan Cornell (Speedweek)
  11. 9/27/13—Tony Bruce, Jr. (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  12. 9/29/13—Johnny Herrera (Hockett/McMillin-Finale)
  13. 6/21/14—Christopher Bell (Speedweek)
  14. 9/26/14—Tim Crawley (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  15. 9/27/14—Derek Hagar (Hockett/McMillin-Finale)
  16. 6/20/15 -- Tony Bruce, Jr. (Speedweek)
  17. 9/25/15 -- Brian Brown (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  18. 9/26/15 -- Brad Loyet (Hockett/McMillin-Finale)
  19. 6/18/16 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Speedweek)
  20. 9/22/16 - Johnny Herrera (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  21. 9/23/16 - Wayne Johnson (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  22. 9/24/16 - Wayne Johnson (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  23. 6/17/17 - Aaron Reutzel (Speedweek)
  24. 9/21/17 - Sammy Swindell (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  25. 9/22/17 - Sammy Swindell (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  26. 9/23/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  27. 9/20/18 - Wayne Johnson (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  28. 9/21/18 - Johnny Herrera (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  29. 9/22/18 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  30. 9/19/19 -- Blake Hahn (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  31. 9/20/19 -- Josh Baughman (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  32. 9/21/19 -- Blake Hahn (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  33. 9/17/20 - Mark Smith (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  34. 9/18/20 - Mark Smith (Hockett/McMillin Prelim)
  35. 9/19/20 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  36. 9/16/21 -- Derek Hagar (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  37. 9/17/21 -- Derek Hagar (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  38. 9/18/21 -- JJ Hickle (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  39. 9/15/22 -- Tim Crawley (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  40. 9/16/22 -- Ayrton Gennetten (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  41. 9/17/22 -- Wayne Johnson (Hockett/McMillin Finale)
  42. 9/14/23 -- Ryan Timms (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  43. 9/15/23 -- Jake Bubak (Hockett/McMillin-Prelim)
  44. 9/17/23 -- Ryan Timms (Hockett/McMillin Finale)

Missouri Intl Speedway (Benton) - 3 events

  1. 9/23/95—Gary Wright
  2. 6/14/96—Terry Gray (Speedweek)
  3. 7/4/96—Jerrod Hull

Missouri State Fair Speedway - 19 events

  1. 5/28/95—Tommie Estes, Jr.
  2. 5/24/98—Billy Vielhauer
  3. 8/23/98—Danny Jennings
  4. 5/28/99—Ricky Logan
  5. 8/22/99—Ricky Logan
  6. 5/27/00—Wayne Johnson
  7. 5/28/00—Jason Johnson
  8. 7/1/00—Larry Neighbors
  9. 7/2/00—Larry Neighbors
  10. 9/25/03—Shane Stewart
  11. 9/27/03—Jesse Hockett
  12. 9/27/03—Billy Alley
  13. 7/3/06—Brian Brown
  14. 7/3/07—Gary Wright
  15. 8/23/15 -- Aaron Reutzel ($13,000 High Roller Classic)
  16. 6/17/16 -- Brad Loyet (Speedweek)
  17. 8/21/16 -- Brian Brown ($15,000 High Roller Classic)
  18. 4/15/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  19. 8/20/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Monett Speedway - 8 events

  1. 8/6/95—Terry Gray
  2. 6/23/96—Danny Wood
  3. 6/15/97—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  4. 6/14/98—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  5. 4/30/99—Tim Crawley
  6. 5/1/99—Danny Wood
  7. 5/19/00—Gary Wright
  8. 7/16/00—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)

Poplar Bluff Speedway - 1 event

  1. 4/28/06—Nick Smith

Randolph County Raceway (Moberly) - 1 event

  1. 6/16/17 - Brian Brown (Speedweek)

St. Francois County Raceway (Farmington) - 1 event

  1. 8/20/16 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron) - 7 event

  1. 7/22/05—Gary Wright
  2. 7/3/12—Jason Johnson
  3. 5/17/13—Johnny Herrera
  4. 4/26/19 -- Thomas Kennedy
  5. 7/17/20 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  6. 7/16/21 -- Matt Covington
  7. 7/15/22 -- Gunner Ramey

West Plains Motor Speedway - 5 events

  1. 7/27/02—Tim Crawley
  2. 7/26/03—Tim Crawley
  3. 9/18/04—Tim Montgomery
  4. 9/17/05—Gary Wright
  5. 9/29/07—Gary Wright

Valley Speedway (Grain Valley) - 2

  1. 5/23/12—Tony Bruce Jr.
  2. 5/22/13—Johnny Herrera

Montana (18 events) (3 tracks)

Big Sky Speedway / BMP Speedway (Billings) - 5 events

  1. 7/9/13—Jason Johnson
  2. 7/12/14—Jeff Swindell
  3. 7/18/15 -- Johnny Herrera
  4. 7/19/19 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  5. 7/20/19 -- Blake Hahn

Electric City Speedway (Great Falls) - 4 event

  1. 7/11/12—Brock Lemley
  2. 7/10/13—Tony Bruce, Jr.
  3. 7/11/14—Brad Loyet
  4. 7/17/15 -- Aaron Reutzel

Gallatin Speedway (Belgrade) - 9 events

  1. 7/8/16 - Blake Hahn
  2. 7/9/16 - Blake Hahn
  3. 7/7/17 - Wayne Johnson
  4. 7/8/17 - Wayne Johnson
  5. 7/6/18 - Matt Covington
  6. 7/7/18 - Skylar Gee
  7. 7/12/19 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  8. 7/9/21 -- Blake Hahn
  9. 7/10/21 -- Scott Bogucki

Nebraska (29 events) (4 tracks)

Boone County Raceway (Albion) - 1 event

  1. 7/1/22 -- Matt Covington

Eagle Raceway - 8 events

  1. 6/11/10—Danny Wood
  2. 6/12/10—Jason Johnson
  3. 6/11/11—Jack Dover
  4. 6/8/12—Brady Bacon
  5. 6/9/12—Brady Bacon
  6. 5/31/14—Brad Loyet
  7. 5/30/15--Seth Bergman
  8. 4/25/19 -- Thomas Kennedy

Neb. Raceway / I-80 (Greenwood) - 19 events

  1. 7/28/96—Gary Wright
  2. 6/4/97—Bruce Divis
  3. 6/5/97—Mike Chadd
  4. 6/6/97—Doug Wolfgang
  5. 6/10/04—Zach Chappell
  6. 8/3/05—Brian Brown
  7. 5/24/12—Danny Lasoski
  8. 5/23/13—Danny Lasoski
  9. 8/19/14—Wayne Johnson (FB III)
  10. 8/20/14—Wayne Johnson (FB III—Combined winnings: $61,150)
  11. 7/30/15 -- Ian Madsen (Rd. to Knoxville)
  12. 7/31/15 -- Jack Dover (Rd. to Knoxville)
  13. 9/19/15 -- Justin Henderson (FB IV)**
  14. 9/19/15 -- Billy Alley (FB IV)**
  15. 10/1/16 -- Terry McCarl (FB V)
  16. 9/30/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (FB VI)
  17. 9/13/20 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (FB VIII)
  18. 9/10/21 - Scott Bogucki
  19. 9/11/21 - Blake Hahn

**Duel Features run due to Friday rainout.

Pawnee Speedway (North Platte) - 1 event

  1. 8/7/98—Terry Gray

Nevada (2 events) (1 track)

Las Vegas Motor Speedway - 2 events

  1. 11/26/10—Tony Stewart
  2. 11/27/10— Joey Saldana

New Mexico (19 events) (5 tracks)

Aztec Speedway - 1 event

  1. 7/3/03—Darren Stewart

Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque) - 3 events

  1. 10/9/94—Terry Gray
  2. 7/3/02—Rickey Hood
  3. 7/5/03—Gary Wright

Hollywood Hills (San Felipe Pueblo) - 4 events

  1. 7/5/02—Michael Dupuy
  2. 7/6/02—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 7/2/04—Darren Stewart
  4. 7/3/04—Darren Stewart

Sertoma Motorplex (Alamogordo) - 1 event

  1. 2/24/97—Rickey Hood

Southern NM Speedway (Las Cruces) - 10 events

  1. 9/4/94—Tim Crawley
  2. 10/7/94—Danny Young
  3. 2/23/97—Chris Ikard
  4. 11/12/10—Jack Dover (Battle at the Border)
  5. 11/13/10—Steve Kinser (Battle at the Border)
  6. 11/11/11—Johnny Herrera (Battle at the Border)
  7. 11/12/11—Matt Covington (Battle at the Border)
  8. 11/10/12—Travis Rilat (Battle at the Border)
  9. 11/2/13—David Gravel (Battle at the Border)
  10. 11/8/14—Aaron Reutzel (Battle at the Border)

New York (2 events) (1 track)

Black Rock Speedway (Dundee) - 2 events

  1. 5/18/07—Chuck Hebing
  2. 5/19/07—Travis Rilat

Oklahoma (119 events) (13 tracks)

Arrowhead Speedway - 1 event

  1. 9/1/23 -- Landon Britt

Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa) - 30 events

  1. 6/20/93—Mike Ward (Speedweek)
  2. 6/25/93—John Hunt (Speedweek)
  3. 6/25/94—Garry Lee Maier (Speedweek)
  4. 10/14/94—Gary Wright
  5. 7/16/95—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  6. 10/8/95—Danny Wood
  7. 6/16/96—Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  8. 7/31/97—Gary Wright
  9. 8/31/97—Pete Butler
  10. 6/16/98—Phil Gressman (Speedweek)
  11. 5/30/99—Tim Crawley
  12. 7/25/99—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  13. 7/18/00—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  14. 7/9/06—Jason Johnson (Speedweek
  15. 7/16/07—Darren Stewart (Speedweek)
  16. 7/14/08—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)
  17. 6/9/09—Zach Chappell (Speedweek)
  18. 8/17/12—Brady Bacon
  19. 6/20/13—Jeff Swindell (Speedweek)
  20. 6/19/14—Christopher Bell (Speedweek)
  21. 6/16/16 - Bryan Clauson (Speedweek)
  22. 11/4/16—Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Fall Fling Prelim)
  23. 11/5/16—John Carney II (Fall Fling Finale)
  24. 6/15/17 - Aaron Reutzel (Speedweek)
  25. 6/14/18 - Sammy Swindell (Speedweek)
  26. 10/27/18 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Fall Fling)
  27. 10/12/19 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Fall Fling)
  28. 7/27/21 -- Ryan Timms (Speedweek)
  29. 10/29/22 -- Jason Martin (Fall Fling)
  30. 6/15/23 -- Sean McClelland

Clinton Motorsports Park - 1 event

  1. 4/28/95—Gary Wright

Lawton Speedway - 19 events

  1. 9/12/98—Daryn Pittman
  2. 9/11/99—Paul White
  3. 8/5/00—Gary Wright
  4. 8/4/01—Danny Jennings
  5. 6/8/02—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  6. 6/7/03—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  7. 7/15/06—Kevin Ramey (Speedweek)
  8. 7/21/07—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  9. 7/19/08—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)
  10. 6/13/09—Nick Smith (Speedweek)
  11. 6/20/12—Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  12. 8/18/12—Wayne Johnson
  13. 6/19/13—Jeff Swindell (Speedweek)
  14. 6/18/14—Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Speedweek)
  15. 6/15/16 - Brad Loyet (Speedweek)
  16. 6/14/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Speedweek)
  17. 6/13/18 - Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  18. 6/5/19 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Speedweek)
  19. 6/22/23 -- Jeffrey Newell

Longdale Speedway - 3 events

  1. 5/20/23 -- Jason Martin
  2. 5/21/23 -- Seth Bergman
  3. 9/2/23 -- Jason Martin

Mid-America Speedway - 1 event

  1. 7/8/06—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)

Muskogee Motor Speedway / Thunderbird Speedway - 5 events

  1. 5/1/98—Gary Wright
  2. 9/11/98—Gary Wright
  3. 5/14/99—Gary Wright
  4. 6/9/00—Wayne Johnson
  5. 5/29/22 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada) - 1 event

  1. 5/2/98—Gary Wright

Outlaw Motor Speedway (Wainwright) - 5 event

  1. 6/3/03—Shane Stewart (Speedweek)
  2. 5/2/14—Aaron Reutzel
  3. 6/20/14—Tony Bruce, Jr. (Speedweek)
  4. 7/31/21 -- Ryan Timms (Speedweek)
  5. 6/2/23 -- Seth Bergman

Salina Highbanks - 13 events

  1. 5/9/98—Paul White
  2. 5/15/99—Tim Crawley
  3. 7/27/99—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  4. 7/19/00—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  5. 5/5/01—Wayne Johnson
  6. 7/17/01—Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  7. 4/27/12—Wayne Johnson
  8. 6/22/12—Jason Johnson
  9. 8/24/12—Jason Johnson
  10. 8/27/13—Jeff Swindell
  11. 8/16/14—Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  12. 6/6/15 -- Blake Hahn
  13. 8/26/23 -- Jason Martin

State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City) - 28 events

  1. 10/13/94—Gary Wright
  2. 5/26/96—Tommie Estes, Jr.
  3. 8/11/96—Gary Wright
  4. 7/21/01—Zach Chappell (Speedweek)
  5. 5/17/02—Wayne Pennington
  6. 6/28/02—Kevin Ramey
  7. 8/23/02—Gary Wright
  8. 5/9/03—Travis Rilat
  9. 6/1/03—Shane Stewart (Speedweek)
  10. 6/27/03—Gary Wright
  11. 8/1/03—Gary Wright
  12. 6/25/04—Danny Wood
  13. 7/30/04—Gary Wright
  14. 5/20/05—Kevin Ramey
  15. 6/24/05—Darren Stewart
  16. 7/29/05—Gary Wright
  17. 3/24/06—Jason Johnson
  18. 3/25/06—Jason Johnson
  19. 6/23/06—Gary Wright
  20. 7/14/06—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)
  21. 3/23/07—Gary Wright
  22. 3/24/07—Wayne Johnson
  23. 5/11/07—Gary Wright
  24. 7/20/07—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  25. 3/21/08—Danny Lasoski
  26. 3/22/08—Jason Johnson
  27. 5/9/08—Jack Dover
  28. 7/18/08—Gary Taylor (Speedweek)

Tri-State Speedway (Pocola) - 5 events

  1. 6/5/02—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  2. 6/4/03—Darren Stewart (Speedweek)
  3. 7/13/04—Darren Stewart (Speedweek)
  4. 6/6/05—Roger Crockett (Speedweek)
  5. 7/1/06—Jason Johnson

Tulsa Speedway (Hwy. 169) - 2 events

  1. 7/30/21 -- Blake Hahn (Speedweek)
  2. 7/26/22 -- Tim Crawley (Speedweek)

Tulsa Speedway (66th St.) - 5 events

  1. 6/3/95—Mike Peters
  2. 8/27/99—Ronald Laney
  3. 7/12/04—Tim Montgomery (Speedweek)
  4. 6/7/05—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)
  5. 7/30/05—Gary Wright

Oregon (13 events) (3 track)

Cottage Grove Speedway - 8 events

  1. 7/24/09—Shane Stewart
  2. 7/25/09—Jason Johnson
  3. 7/23/10—Jason Johnson
  4. 7/24/10—Brady Bacon
  5. 7/22/11—Jason Johnson
  6. 7/23/11—Jason Johnson
  7. 7/19/13—Roger Crockett
  8. 7/20/13—Roger Crockett

Sun Set Speedway—1 event

  1. 7/19/12—A-Feature called due to rain

Willamette Speedway (Lebanon) - 4 events

  1. 7/13/12– Wayne Johnson
  2. 7/14/12—Wayne Johnson
  3. 7/26/13—Jeff Swindell
  4. 7/27/13—Brad Loyet

Pennsylvania (4 events) (3 tracks)

Selinsgrove Speedway - 2 event

  1. 5/5/18 - Blane Heimbach
  2. 5/1/21 - Blane Heimbach

Susquehanna Speedway Park - 1 event

  1. 5/24/07—Jason Johnson

Williams Grove Speedway - 1 event

  1. 5/4/18 - Greg Hodnett

South Dakota (21 events) (6 tracks)

Badlands Motor Speedway (Brandon) - 1 event

  1. 7/31/16 - Bryan Clauson

Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City) - 8 event

  1. 8/8/98—Daryn Pittman
  2. 7/18/14—Brad Loyet
  3. 7/24/15 -- Johnny Herrera
  4. 7/22/16 -- Johnny Herrera (Rushmore Rumble)
  5. 7/23/16 -- Johnny Herrera (Rushmore Rumble)
  6. 7/14/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Rushmore Rumble)
  7. 7/15/17 -- Aaron Reutzel (Rushmore Rumble)
  8. 6/15/19 -- Scott Bogucki

Brown County Speedway (Aberdeen) - 2 events

  1. 7/16/18 - Matt Covington
  2. 6/14/19 - Scott Bogucki

Dakota State Fair Speedway (Huron) - 2 events

  1. 6/23/07—Jason Johnson
  2. 6/28/08—Jason Johnson

I-90 Speedway (Hartford) - 6 events

  1. 6/19/07—Jason Johnson
  2. 6/24/08—Tony Bruce, Jr.
  3. 7/11/09—Gary Wright
  4. 7/10/10—Shane Stewart
  5. 7/7/12—Jordan Boston
  6. 7/6/13—Logan Forler

Park Jefferson Int. Speedway (N. Sioux City) - 2 event

  1. 7/28/16 - Blake Hahn
  2. 4/17/21 - Blake Hahn

Tennessee (41 events) (7 tracks)

Atomic Speedway (Kingston) - 5 events

  1. 9/6/97—Garry Lee Maier
  2. 4/11/98—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 7/4/98—Phil Gressman
  4. 7/3/99—Terry Gray
  5. 7/8/00—Wayne Johnson

Crossville Speedway - 1 event

  1. 7/3/98—Tony Wilson

I-81 Speedway (Greenville) - 1 event

  1. 7/2/99—Scott Young

Lexington 104 Speedway—2 event

  1. 8/24/13—Jason Johnson (Racer’s Memorial)
  2. 8/22/14—Jeff Swindell (Racer’s Memorial)

Memphis Motorsports Park - 28 events

  1. 6/17/94—Terry Gray (Speedweek)
  2. 5/19/95—Bobby Davis, Jr.
  3. 6/13/97—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  4. 9/12/97—Garry Lee Maier
  5. 5/15/98—Pete Butler
  6. 6/12/98—Eric Sandage (Speedweek)
  7. 4/23/99—Terry Gray
  8. 6/18/99—Mike Ward
  9. 4/14/00—Gary Wright
  10. 6/23/00—Tim Crawley
  11. 9/15/00—Tim Crawley
  12. 4/27/01—Eddie Gallagher
  13. 4/28/01—Eddie Gallagher
  14. 6/8/01—Eddie Gallagher
  15. 9/14/01—Tim Crawley
  16. 4/26/02—Eddie Gallagher
  17. 4/27/02—Jan Howard
  18. 6/2/02—Jan Howard (Speedweek)
  19. 9/13/02—Darren Stewart
  20. 4/26/03—Travis Rilat
  21. 7/18/03—Gary Wright
  22. 9/12/03—Mike Ward
  23. 7/16/04—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  24. 9/10/04—Gary Wright
  25. 4/22/05—Darren Stewart
  26. 4/23/05—Gary Wright
  27. 6/3/05—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  28. 9/9/05—Gary Wright

Smoky Mountain Speedway (Maryville) - 2 event

  1. 7/7/00—Terry Gray
  2. 8/27/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr.

Tazewell Speedway - 1 event

  1. 9/5/97—Terry Gray

Volunteer Speedway - 1 event

  1. 5/15/21 -- Blake Hahn

Texas (206 events) (22 tracks)

Battleground Speedway (Highlands) - 1 event

  1. 4-15-12—Jason Johnson

Big H Motor Speedway (Houston) - 1 event

  1. 7/19/95—Terry Gray (Speedweek)

Bronco Raceway Park (Cleveland) - 1 event

  1. 3/26/16 -- Josh Baughman

Cotton Bowl Speedway (Paige) - 1 event

  1. 3/25/16 -- Brandon Hanks

Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale) - 3 events

  1. 6/25/05—Jason Martin
  2. 10/10/08—Gavin Punch
  3. 10/11/08—Brian Brown

Devil’s Bowl Speedway (Mesquite) - 107 events

  1. 6/21/94—Shane Carson (Speedweek)
  2. 5/12/95—Alan Payne
  3. 7/23/95—Mike Ward (Speedweek)
  4. 9/1/95—Mike Peters
  5. 9/2/95—Sammy Swindell
  6. 9/3/95—Sammy Swindell
  7. 6/18/96—Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  8. 7/6/96—Terry Gray
  9. 11/1/96—Terry Gray
  10. 11/2/96—Johnny Herrera
  11. 4/5/97—Shane Carson
  12. 6/18/97—Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  13. 10/31/97—Edd French
  14. 11/1/97—Mike Peters
  15. 6/19/98—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  16. 10/3/98—Gary Wright
  17. 10/4/98—Garry Lee Maier
  18. 7/8/99—Gary Wright
  19. 7/30/99—Garry Lee Maier (Speedweek)
  20. 10/1/99—Gary Wright
  21. 10/2/99—Gary Wright
  22. 7/21/00—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  23. 10/6/00—Gary Wright
  24. 4/20/01—Larry Neighbors
  25. 7/20/01—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  26. 10/6/01—Gary Wright
  27. 4/19/02—Travis Rilat
  28. 6/7/02—Jason Johnson (Speedweek)
  29. 10/4/02—Wayne Johnson
  30. 10/5/02—Gary Wright
  31. 4/18/03—Kevin Ramey
  32. 10/17/03—Tim Crawley
  33. 10/18/03—Gary Wright
  34. 10/23/04—Shane Stewart
  35. 3/18/05—Danny Jennings
  36. 3/19/05—Danny Jennings
  37. 6/9/05—Danny Jennings (Speedweek)
  38. 10/21/05—Gary Wright
  39. 10/22/05—Gary Wright
  40. 6/24/06—Kevin Ramey (Spring Nat. Makeup 3/17/06)
  41. 6/24/06—Kevin Ramey (Summer Nat.)
  42. 7/13/06—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  43. 10/13/06—Jason Johnson
  44. 10/14/06—Travis Rilat
  45. 3/16/07—Wayne Johnson
  46. 3/17/07—Jake Peters
  47. 5/12/07—Gary Wright
  48. 7/19/07—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  49. 10/12/07—Jason Johnson
  50. 10/13/07—Jason Johnson
  51. 3/14/08—Tony Bruce, Jr.
  52. 3/15/08—Gary Wright
  53. 5/10/08—Jason Johnson
  54. 7/17/08—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  55. 10/17/08—Jason Johnson
  56. 10/18/08—Gary Wright
  57. 3/20/09—Shane Stewart
  58. 3/21/09—Jason Johnson
  59. 10/17/09—Gary Wright
  60. 10/18/09—Kevin Ramey
  61. 3/19/10—Sammy Swindell
  62. 10/15/10—Jason Johnson
  63. 10/16/10—Jack Dover
  64. 3/25/11—Jason Johnson
  65. 3/26/11—Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  66. 10/21/11—Wayne Johnson
  67. 10/22/11—Danny Lasoski
  68. 3/24/12—Jason Johnson
  69. 6/15/12—Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  70. 6/16/12—Brian Brown (Speedweek)
  71. 10/19/12—Jeff Swindell (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  72. 10/20/12—Jeff Swindell (Winter Nat. Finale)
  73. 3/22/13—Kyle Bellm (Spring Nat.)
  74. 6/15/13—Johnny Herrera (Speedweek)
  75. 10/19/13—Brian Brown (Winter Nat.)
  76. 3/21/14—Tony Bruce, Jr. (Spring Nat. Prelim)
  77. 3/29/14—Patrick Stasa (3/22 Make up)
  78. 6/14/14—Seth Bergman (Speedweek)
  79. 10/17/14—Tony Bruce, Jr. (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  80. 10/18/14—Matt Covington (Winter Nat. Finale)
  81. 6/13/15 -- Wayne Johnson (Speedweek)
  82. 10/16/15 -- Wayne Johnson
  83. 10/17/15 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  84. 3/19/16 -- Wayne Johnson
  85. 10/14/16 -- Johnny Herrera (Winter Nat. Prelim.)
  86. 10/15/16 -- John Carney II (Winter Nat. Finale)
  87. 3/17/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Spring Nat. Prelim.)
  88. 3/18/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Spring Nat. Finale)
  89. 6/13/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Speedweek)
  90. 10/20/17- John Carney II (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  91. 10/21/17 - Aaron Reutzel (Winter Nat. Finale)
  92. 3/16/18 - Roger Crockett (Sprint Nat.)
  93. 6/12/18 - Scott Bogucki (Speedweek)
  94. 6/4/19 - Travis Rilat (Speedweek)
  95. 10/18/19 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  96. 10/19/19 - Roger Crockett (Winter Nat. Finale)
  97. 10/16/20 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  98. 10/17/20 -- Roger Crockett (Winter Nat. Finale)
  99. 3/19/21 -- JJ Hickle (Spring Nat. Prelim)
  100. 3/20/21 -- JJ Hickle (Spring Nat. Finale)
  101. 10/16/21 -- JJ Hickle (Winter Nat. Finale)
  102. 3/18/22 -- Wayne Johnson (Spring Nat. Prelim)
  103. 3/19/22 -- Seth Bergman (Spring Nat. Finale)
  104. 10/14/22 -- Blake Hahn (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  105. 10/15/22 -- Blake Hahn (Winter Nat. Finale)
  106. 10/13/2023 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Winter Nat. Prelim)
  107. 10/14/23 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Winter Nat. Finale)

El Paso Speedway Park - 4 event

  1. 10/8/94—Rickey Hood
  2. 11/9/12—Logan Forler
  3. 11/1/13—Christopher Bell
  4. 11/7/14—Logan Forler

GTRP / Speedway 90 (Beaumont) - 5 events

  1. 4/5/02—Zach Chappell
  2. 9/27/02—Tim Crawley
  3. 9/28/02—Michael Dupuy
  4. 4/13/12—Wayne Johnson
  5. 4/5/13—Brad Loyet

Houston Raceway Park - 3 events

  1. 6/2/00—Jason Johnson
  2. 6/3/00—Dale Howard
  3. 3/11/06—Sean McClelland

I-27 Speedway (Lubbock) - 1 event

  1. 6/30/02--Travis Rilat

Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco) -- 1 event

  1. 3/17/16 -- Johnny Herrera

Kennedale Speedway Park—1 event

  1. 6/14/13—Jason Johnson

Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore) - 20 events

  1. 6/5/93—Wayne Johnson
  2. 4/15/95—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 7/22/95—Alan Payne (Speedweek)
  4. 6/20/96—Danny Wood (Speedweek)
  5. 6/20/97—Mike Ward (Speedweek)
  6. 10/10/98—Gary Wright
  7. 4/16/99—Danny Wood
  8. 9/2/00—Gary Wright
  9. 9/3/00—Larry Neighbors
  10. 5/25/01—Tim Crawley
  11. 5/26/01—Wayne Johnson
  12. 9/29/01—Jason Johnson
  13. 4/13/02—Michael Dupuy
  14. 4/9/10—Matt Covington
  15. 10/13/11—Johnny Herrera (LSN)
  16. 10/14/11—Daryn Pittman (LSN)
  17. 10/15/11—Shane Stewart (LSN)
  18. 10/11/12 -- Justin Henderson (LSN)
  19. 10/12/12 -- Terry McCarl (LSN)
  20. 10/13/12 -- Wayne Johnson (LSN)

Lubbock Motor Speedway - 3 events

  1. 8/6/93—Garry Lee Maier
  2. 8/7/93—Bo Baker
  3. 5/21/94—Tim Crawley

Paris Motor Speedway - 11 events

  1. 7/29/99—Gary Wright (Speedweek)
  2. 4/21/00—Terry Gray
  3. 7/20/00—Michael Dupuy (Speedweek)
  4. 9/29/00—Travis Rilat
  5. 9/30/00—Tim Crawley
  6. 5/18/01—Jeff Day
  7. 7/19/01—Mike Ward (Speedweek)
  8. 6/6/02—Jason Johnson
  9. 8/27/04—Gary Wright
  10. 7/8/05—Gary Wright
  11. 4/25/08—Skip Wilson

Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo) - 16 events

  1. 10/11/94—Rickey Hood
  2. 4/29/95—Gary Wright
  3. 10/6/95—Terry Gray
  4. 10/7/95—Garry Lee Maier
  5. 8/28/98—Garry Lee Maier
  6. 5/8/99—Jan Howard
  7. 9/10/99—Garry Lee Maier
  8. 5/6/00—Gary Wright
  9. 8/4/00—Wayne Johnson
  10. 5/18/02—Garry Lee Maier
  11. 6/29/02—Gary Wright
  12. 5/17/03—Darren Stewart
  13. 6/28/03—Gary Wright
  14. 6/11/16 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Speedweek)
  15. 6/10/17 -- Kyle Bellm (Speedweek)
  16. 6/9/18 - Sammy Swindell (Speedweek)

South Texas Speedway (Corpus Christi) - 3 events

  1. 10/3/97—Garry Lee Maier
  2. 10/4/97—Garry Lee Maier
  3. 4/25/98—Garry Lee Maier

Texas Dirt Speedway (San Antonio) - 1 event

  1. 4/26/98—Gary Wright

Texas Motor Speedway - 13 Event

  1. 9/15/12—Jason Johnson
  2. 9/21/13—Jason Johnson
  3. 9/12/14—Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  4. 9/13/14—Seth Bergman
  5. 9/12/15 -- Seth Bergman
  6. 5/13/16 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  7. 5/14/16 -- Aaron Reutzel
  8. 4/7/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  9. 4/8/17 -- Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
  10. 4/6/18 -- Seth Bergman
  11. 4/7/18 -- Brady Bacon
  12. 10/31/19 -- Terry McCarl
  13. 11/1/19 -- Scott Bogucki

Texhoma / Thunder Hill (Wichita Falls) - 3 events

  1. 6/23/93—Tim Crawley (Speedweek)
  2. 9/5/93—Mike Ward
  3. 6/22/94—Gary Wright (Speedweek)

Thunder Mountain Speedway (Rusk) - 1 event

  1. 7/18/98—Jason Johnson

West Texas Raceway (Lubbock) - 7 events

  1. 6/3/02—Travis Rilat
  2. 5/16/03—Gary Wright
  3. 5/21/04—Travis Rilat
  4. 5/22/04—Travis Rilat

Virginia (3 events) (2 tracks)

Virginia Motor Speedway (Saluda) - 2 events

  1. 5/27/06—Nick Smith
  2. 5/25/07—Travis Rilat

Wythe Raceway (Wytheville) - 1 event

  1. 5/26/06—Dave Ely

Washington (37 events) (2 tracks)

Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma) - 20 events

  1. 7/17/09—Roger Crockett
  2. 7/18/09—Travis Rilat
  3. 7/16/10—Jason Johnson
  4. 7/17/10—Jason Johnson
  5. 7/21/12—Shane Stewart (Rain delayed from 7-20)
  6. 7/21/12—Wayne Johnson
  7. 7/12/13—Travis Rilat
  8. 7/13/13—Jason Johnson
  9. 7/3/15 -- Jason Solwold (Brownfield Classic Prelim)
  10. 7/4/15 - Johnny Herrera (Brownfield Classic)
  11. 7/1/16 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Brownfield Classic Prelim)
  12. 7/2/16 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Brownfield Classic)
  13. 6/30/17 - Matt Covington (Brownfield Classic Prelim)
  14. 7/1/17 - Roger Crockett (Brownfield Classic)
  15. 6/29/18 - Jason Solwold (Brownfield Classic Prelim)
  16. 6/30/18 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Brownfield Classic)
  17. 6/28/19 -- Devon Borden (Brownfield Classic Prelim)
  18. 6/29/19 -- Matt Covington (Brownfield Classic)
  19. 6/19/21 -- Cam Smith (Brownfield Classic Prelim)
  20. 6/20/21 -- J.J. Hickle (Brownfield Classic)

Skagit Speedway (Alger) - 17 events

  1. 6/25/15 - Jason Solwold (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  2. 6/26/15 - Seth Bergman (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  3. 6/27/15 - Jason Solwold (Dirt Cup Finale)
  4. 6/24/16 - Marc Duperron (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  5. 6/25/16 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Dirt Cup Finale)
  6. 6/22/17 - Aaron Reutzel (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  7. 6/23/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  8. 6/24/17 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Dirt Cup Finale)
  9. 6/21/18 - Sam Hafertepe, Jr. (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  10. 6/22/18 - Seth Bergman (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  11. 6/23/18 - Seth Bergman (Dirt Cup Finale)
  12. 6/20/19 -- Blake Hahn (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  13. 6/21/19 -- Roger Crockett (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  14. 6/22/19 - Robbie Price (Dirt Cup Finale)
  15. 6/24/21 -- Blake Hahn (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  16. 6/25/21 -- Dominic Scelzi (Dirt Cup Prelim)
  17. 6/26/21 -- Dominic Scelzi (Dirt Cup Finale)

Wyoming (2 events) (1 track)

Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette) - 2 events

  1. 7/22/15—Aaron Reutzel
  2. 7/11/18 - Chris Martin

Overall Regional Win Totals

Canyon Region (Non-Wing)

Jeremy Sherman - 35
Charles Davis, Jr. - 32
R.J. Johnson - 13
Jesse Hockett - 5
Josh Pelkey - 4
Rickey Hood - 4
Brady Bacon - 3
Stevie Sussex - 3
Casey Shuman - 3
Jerry Coons, Jr. - 3
Dalten Gabbard - 2
Rick Ziehl - 2
Tracy Hines - 2
Ronnie Clark - 2
Colby Copeland - 2
Shon Deskins - 2
Bryan Clauson - 2
Robert Ballou - 1
Chad Boat - 1
Dave Darland - 1
Cory Kruseman - 1
Mike Martin - 1
Bob Ream, Jr. - 1
Andrew Reinbold - 1
Michael Bonneau - 1

CAS (Non-Wing)

R.J. Johnson - 19
Charles Davis, Jr. - 2
Chris Bonneau - 1
Sterling Cling - 1
Cameron La Rose - 1
Chase Johnson - 1
Kevin Thomas, Jr. - 1


Michael Dupuy - 6
Jason Johnson - 4
Kenny Adams - 2
Brad Bowden - 1
Derek Hagar - 1
Shane Morgan - 1
Travis Rilat - 1
Marshall Skinner - 1
Channin Tankersley - 1
Lane Whittington - 1
Gary Wright - 1
Don Young - 1

Desert (Non-Wing)

Zachary Madrid-12
Kyle Shipley-8
R.J. Johnson-8
Joshua Shipley-7
Stevie Sussex - 7
Matt Lundy-5
Shon Deskins-4
Dennis Gile - 4
Sterling Cling - 4
Tye Mihocko - 3
Bruce St. James - 3
Jake Helsel-2
Cody Cambensy-1
Ricky Thorton, Jr.-1
Charles Davis, Jr.-1
Colton Hardy - 1
Dustin Cormany - 1
Josh Pelkey - 1
Troy DeGaton - 1

Elite (Non-Wing)

Justin Zimmerman-20
Paul White-11
Keith Martin -9
Steven Shebester - 7
Richard Miller-6
Kyle Jones-6
Cody Gardner - 6
Jeff Day-5
John Ricketts-4
Jason Howell - 4
Dalton Stevens-3
John Carney II-3
Dustin Gates-2
Patrick Stasa-2
Justin Fifield-2
Justin Melton-2
Wyatt Burks - 2
Zach Pringle - 2
Chase Randall - 2
Caden McCreary - 2
Shane Cockrum - 2
Raven Culp-1
Michael Day-1
Weston Gorham-1
Johnny Miller-1
Tyler Russell-1
Robert Vetter-1
Chad Wilson-1
Bryan Debrick-1
Jarrod Jennings - 1
Kevin Ramey - 1
Shon Deskins - 1
Cody Price - 1
Logan Scherb - 1
Chase Brewer - 1
Anthony Nicholson - 1
Tim Crawley - 1
Derek Hagar - 1
Brady Bacon - 1

ASCS Elite Great Plains

Coby Pearce - 4
Terry Richards, Jr. - 1

ASCS Elite Non-Wing North

Coby Pearce – 10
Michael Fanelli - 4
Brett Ream – 2
Zac Taylor – 2
Jeff Seesholtz - 2
Ryan Oerter - 2
Mark Chisholm – 1
Mike Hathaway – 1
Zack Merritt – 1
Todd Plemons - 1
Gary Land - 1
Ryan Riggs - 1

ASCS Elite Outlaw

Marcus Thomas - 3
John Carney II - 2
Steven Shebester - 1
Cody Gardner - 1
Austin Mundie - 1
Blake Hahn - 1


Joe Ramaker - 17
Logan Forler - 17
Kelly Miller - 13
Phil Dietz - 11
J.J. Hickle - 9
David Hoiness - 8
Trever Kirkland - 8
Skylar Gee - 6
Ned Powers - 4
Blake Hahn - 4
Travis Rilat - 3
Johnny Herrera - 3
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 3
Garen Linder - 3
Colby Thornhill - 3
Tyler Driever - 2
D.J. Brink - 2
Randi Miller - 2
Brad Loyet - 2
Eric Lutz - 2
Wayne Johnson - 2
Aaron Reutzel - 2
Jeremy McCune - 2
Seth Bergman - 2
Ryan Bickett - 2
Zac Taylor - 2
Scott Bogucki - 2
Kory Wermling - 2
Joe Perry - 2
Nick Haygood - 2
Jerry Brey - 1
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 1
Jason Johnson - 1
Billy Boyce - 1
T.J. Hartman - 1
Dennis MacEachern - 1
Jeff Swindell - 1
Chance Crum - 1
Matt Covington - 1
Jordon Mallett - 1
Chauncey Filler - 1
James Setters - 1
Devon Borden - 1
Channin Tankersley - 1
Jake Bubak - 1
Tyler Thompson - 1

Gulf South

Jason Johnson - 36
Ray Allen Kulhanek - 28
Channin Tankersley - 28
Gary Wright - 23
Travis Rilat - 20
Kevin Ramey - 18
Aaron Reutzel - 16
Tommy Bryant - 13
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 12
Brandon Berryman - 11
Kelly Angelette - 8
Michael Dupuy - 8
Blake Hahn - 5
Wayne Johnson - 5
Scottie McDonald - 4
Seth Bergman - 4
Greg Rilat - 3
Marshall Skinner - 3
Chris Sweeney - 3
Kolt Walker - 3
Johnny Herrera - 3
Michael McNeil - 3
Josh Baughman - 3
Brian Bell - 3
Caleb Martin - 3
George White - 2
Brad Best - 2
Buddy Bodden - 2
Tim Crawley - 2
Gary Watson - 2
Lane Whittington - 2
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 2
Eric Baldaccini - 2
Charlie Brown - 1
Brian Brown - 1
Zach Chappell - 1
Stephen Chevallier - 1
Matt Covington - 1
Jack Dover - 1
Claud Estes - 1
Bryn Gohn - 1
Terry Gray - 1
Ryan Hall - 1
Kent Lewis, Jr. - 1
Johnny Miller - 1
Chris Morgan - 1
Larry Neighbors - 1
Eric Payne - 1
Trey Robb - 1
Andy Shouse - 1
Shane Stewart - 1
Skip Wilson - 1
Christopher Bell - 1
Logan Forler - 1
Brad Loyet - 1
Travis Elliot - 1
Jon Agan - 1
John Carney II - 1
Brandon Hanks -1
Andy McElhannon - 1
Michael Miller - 1
Michael Lang - 1
Brandon Anderson - 1
Koty Adams – 1
Martin Edwards - 1
Derek Hagar - 1

Lone Star

Matt Covington - 12
Kevin Ramey - 8
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 6
Wayne Johnson - 6
Seth Bergman - 6
Jason Johnson - 5
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 5
Eric Baldaccini - 4
Gary Wright - 4
Kolt Walker - 4
Danny Wood - 4
Jake Martens - 4
Travis Rilat - 3
Brian McClelland - 3
Tommy Bryant - 3
Tim Crawley - 3
JJ Hickle - 3
Gary Taylor - 2
Brian Brown - 2
Kyle Bellm - 2
Patrick Stasa - 2
Josh Baughman - 2
Johnny Herrera - 2
John Carney II - 2
Roger Crockett - 2
Jeb Sessums - 2
Blake Hahn - 2
Koby Barksdale - 1
Jerry Bell - 1
Claud Estes - 1
Ray Allen Kulhanek - 1
Michael Lang - 1
Sean McClelland - 1
Justin Melton - 1
Nick Smith - 1
Kenneth Walker - 1
Koty Adams - 1
Andy Shouse - 1
Skip Wilson - 1
Joe Wood, Jr. - 1
Mike Goodman - 1
Terry Gray - 1
Jeff Swindell - 1
Harli White - 1
Terry McCarl - 1
Scott Bogucki - 1
Justin Sanders - 1
Channin Tankersley - 1
Ryan Timms - 1
Derek Hagar - 1


Chuck Hebing - 2
Travis Rilat - 2
Kenny Adams - 1
Justin Barger - 1
Pat Cannon - 1
Jason Johnson - 1
Lucas Wolfe - 1
Jared Zimbardi - 1


2017-Present Winners:

Derek Hagar - 19
Tim Crawley - 8
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 8
Howard Moore - 5
Blake Hahn - 5
Sammy Swindell - 4
Aaron Reutzel - 3
Matt Covington - 3
Harli White - 2
Brian Bell - 2
Dale Howard - 2
Jordon Mallett - 2
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 1
Mark Smith - 1
Miles Paulus - 1
Ayrton Gennetten - 1
Mark Smith - 1
Dustin Gates - 1
Channin Tankersley - 1
Marshall Skinner - 1
Brad Bowden - 1
Jeremy Campbell - 1
Ryan Timms - 1
Dale Howard - 1
Roger Crockett - 1
Wayne Johnson - 1
Brandon Anderson - 1
Jason Martin - 1

2006 Winners:

Tim Crawley - 1
Dale Howard - 1
Jason Johnson - 1
Travis Rilat - 1
Darren Stewart - 1
Gary Wright - 1


Brian Brown - 26
Jack Dover - 23
Jason Johnson - 13
Danny Lasoski - 6
Chad Humston - 5
Kaley Gharst - 5
Wayne Johnson - 5
Shane Stewart - 4
Ryan Roberts - 3
Billy Alley - 3
Jake Peters - 3
Robby Wolfgang - 3
Tony Stewart - 2
Mike Boston - 2
Jesse Hockett - 2
Eric Lutz - 2
Garry Lee Maier - 2
Bronson Maeschen - 2
Wade Nygaard - 2
Gary Wright - 2
Gregg Bakker - 2
Terry McCarl - 2
Brad Loyet - 2
Jeff Swindell - 2
Johnny Anderson - 1
Ryan Anderson - 1
Seth Bergman - 1
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 1
Toby Chapman - 1
Jonathan Cornell - 1
Jason Danley - 1
Johnny Herrera - 1
J.D. Johnson - 1
Chris Morgan - 1
Dustin Morgan - 1
Chuck Swenson - 1
Danny Wood - 1
Dusty Zomer - 1
T. Grossenbacher - 1
Jordan Boston - 1
Dustin Selvage - 1
Logan Forler - 1
Jason Martin - 1
Isaac Schreurs - 1
Matt Covington - 1
Davey Heskin - 1

Northern Plains


D.J. Brink - 5
Adam Speckman - 4
Travis Reber - 3
Austyn Gossel - 2
Jeremy Huish - 2
Ryan Timms - 1
Kelly Miller - 1
Nick Haygood - 1
Phil Dietz - 1
Blayne Brink - 1


Chuck Swenson - 9
Brian Brown - 4
Jason Johnson - 4
Wade Nygaard - 4
Jack Dover - 3
Eric Lutz - 2
Bryan Dobesh - 2
Lee Grosz - 2
Curt Lund - 2
Jake Peters - 2
Billy Alley - 1
Gregg Bakker - 1
Billy Balog - 1
Mike Boston - 1
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 1
Jonathan Cornell - 1
Chad Humston - 1
Joseph Kouba - 1
Dustin Lindquist - 1
Bronson Maeschen - 1
Jerry Richert, Jr. - 1
Jody Rosenboom - 1
Shane Stewart - 1
Scott Winters - 1
Gary Wright - 1
Dusty Zomer - 1


Roger Crockett - 35
Jason Solwold - 8
Jason Johnson - 7
Shane Stewart - 6
Travis Rilat - 5
Kyle Hirst - 5
Henry Van Dam - 5
Jayme Barnes - 4
Logan Forler - 4
Jesse Hockett - 3
Seth Bergman - 3
Brock Lemley - 2
Jonathan Allard - 1
Stephen Allard - 1
Brady Bacon - 1
Wayne Johnson - 1
Kyle Larson - 1
Danny Lasoski - 1
Dan Menne - 1
Shawn Rice - 1
Jared Ridge - 1
Gary Taylor - 1
Jered Peterson - 1
Brad Loyet - 1
Jeff Swindell - 1
Colin Baker - 1
J.J. Hickle - 1
Jared Peterson - 1
Andy Forsberg - 1
Rico Abreu - 1
Steve Vague - 1


Chuck Hebing - 32
Bryan Howland - 18
Rick Wilson - 14
George Suprick - 12
Trevor Lewis - 8
Jared Zimbardi - 6
Bobby Breen - 5
Justin Barger - 4
Blake Breen - 4
Bubba Broderick - 4
Steve Poirier - 4
Jason Barney - 3
Dustin Daggett - 3
Chris Muhleisen - 3
Alain Bergeron - 2
Scott Bonnell - 2
Gordy Button - 2
Kyle Drum - 2
Shane Stewart - 2
Rich Swarthout - 2
Tom Barnard - 1
Jamie Collard - 1
Dan Dreming, Jr. - 1
Dave Ely - 1
Shayne Ely - 1
Stewart Friesen - 1
Tom Huppunen - 1
Kenny Jacobs - 1
Wayne Johnson - 1
Dan Kaszubinski - 1
Tim Kelly - 1
Scott Kreutter - 1
Billy Krull - 1
Mike Lutz - 1
Jamie Martin - 1
Curt Michael - 1
Travis Rilat - 1
Donny Schatz - 1
John Schuyler - 1
Chris Shuttleworth - 1
Glenn Styres - 1
Tom Taber - 1
Jeff Van Dusen - 1
Kyle Wilson - 1
Lance Yonge - 1
Jessica Zemken - 1


Kenny Adams - 10
Danny Martin, Jr. - 3
Matt Tiffany - 3
Tyler Godwin - 2
Terry Gray - 2
Matt Linder - 2
Danny Martin, Jr. - 2
Tim Shaffer - 2
Sport Allen - 1
Brad Bowden - 1
Gary Edwards - 1
Bryn Gohn - 1
Jesse Hockett - 1
Jason Johnson - 1
Wayne Johnson - 1
Matt Kurtz - 1
Michael Miller - 1
Wade Oliver - 1
Marshall Skinner - 1
Lee Sowell - 1
Don Young - 1

Red River

Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 16
Seth Bergman - 8
Johnny Herrera - 6
John Carney II - 6
Wayne Johnson - 6
Aaron Reutzel - 4
Jonathan Cornell - 4
Blake Hahn - 3
Brandon Hanks - 2
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 2
Alex Sewell - 2
Tim Crawley - 2
Derek Hagar - 2
Kevin Ramey - 1
Kyle Bellm - 1
Fred Mattox - 1
Ray Allen Kulhanek - 1
Brad Loyet - 1
Brian Bell - 1
Chance Morton - 1
Dustin Morgan - 1
Howard Moore - 1
Brady Bacon - 1
Logan Seavey - 1
Danny Jennings - 1
Sammy Swindell – 1
Mike Goodman - 1

Rocky Mountain

Randi Miller - 39
Johnny Herrera - 12
Nick Haygood - 7
Keith Rauch - 7
Mike Dreiling - 6
Rickey Hood - 6
Garry Lee Maier - 6
Jason Martin - 6
Joe Ramaker - 6
Patrick Bourke - 5
C.J. Johnson - 5
Gary Taylor - 5
Eric Miller - 4
Derrik Ortega - 3
Ned Powers - 3
Darren Stewart - 3
Brady Bacon - 2
Corey Brink - 2
Tony Bruce, Jr. - 2
Joshua Hodges - 2
Bud Kaeding - 2
Brent Kronfuss - 2
Gary Wright - 2
Darrell Brink - 1
John Carney II - 1
Zach Chappell - 1
Justyn Cox - 1
Lonnie Cox - 1
Tim Crawley - 1
Roger Crockett - 1
Jack Dover - 1
Don Droud, Jr. - 1


Sean McClelland-22
Kevin Ramey-20
Seth Bergman-18
Nick Smith-14
Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-13
Jason Johnson-12
Danny Jennings-11
Blake Hahn -11
Gary Wright-9
Danny Wood-9
Travis Rilat-8
Matt Covington-8
Brian McClelland-7
Jason Martin-7
Brandon Anderson - 5
Garry Lee Maier-5
Joe Wood, Jr.-5
Wayne Johnson-5
Zach Chappell-5
Gary Taylor-4
Tony Bruce, Jr.-4
Tim Crawley-4
Ryan Timms - 4
Jeremy Campbell - 3
Jeff Swindell-3
Larry Neighbors-3
Robert Sellers-3
Mike Goodman-3
Andy Shouse-3
Brady Bacon-2
Brian Brown-2
Derek Hagar - 2
Jake Bubak - 2
Roger Crockett - 2
Dylan Westbrook - 2
J.P. Bailey-1
Dustin Barks-1
Brandon Berryman-1
Brandon Corn-1
Jack Dover-1
Derek Drown-1
Claud Estes-1
Foster Landon-1
Justin Melton-1
Randi Miller-1
Jamie Passmore-1
Wayne Pennington-1
Gavin Punch-1
Travis Scott-1
Justin Spoerl-1
Darren Stewart-1
Shane Stewart-1
Kenneth Walker-1
Brad Welborn-1
Kolt Walker-1
Jonathan Cornell-1
Mickey Walker-1
Jake Martens-1
Dustin Morgan-1
Christopher Bell-1
C.J. Johnson-1
Harli White - 1
Brandon Hanks - 1
John Carney II - 1
Dominic Scelzi - 1
Ayrton Gennetten - 1
Tyler Thomas - 1
Danny Smith - 1
JJ Hickle - 1
Noah Harris - 1
Kade Morton - 1
Andrew Deal - 1
Chance Morton - 1
Jace Park - 1
Landon Britt - 1
Hank Davis - 1


Kenny Adams-5
Johnny Bridges-4
Brian Smith-4
Coby Adams-2
Ron Blair-1
Brooke Bowman-1
Mike Brecht-1
Jimmy Burns-1
Dave Ely-1
Bryn Gohn-1
Steven Graham-1
Matt Linder-1
Danny Martin, Jr.-1
Scott McClaren-1
Travis Rilat-1
Jeremy Scott-1
Nick Smith-1
Matt Tiffany-1
Josh Weller-1
Scott Young-1

Southern California

Tommy Tarlton-5
Cory Eliason-1
Bud Kaeding-1
Tim Kaeding-1


Rick Ziehl-33
Johnny Herrera-19
Colton Hardy - 13
Lorne Wofford-10
Ben Gregg-9
John Carney II - 9
Bob Ream, Jr.-8
J.T. Imperial - 8
Logan Forler-7
Jason Johnson -5
Billy Chester III- 4
Jesse Baker - 4
Lance Norick-4
Nick Parker - 4
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 4
D.J. Netto - 4
Donny Schatz-3
Sammy Swindell-3
Joshua Hodges-3
Joshua Williams-3
Eric Wilkins - 3
Seth Bergman - 3
John Gaston-2
Derrik Ortega-2
Rickey Hood-2
Rico Abreu-2
Shane Stewart-2
Casey Buckman-2
Dusty Zomer - 2
Aaron Reutzel-2
Kyle McCutcheon - 2
Matt Covington-2
Kyle Larson-2
Justin Sanders - 2
Gary Taylor - 2
Chris Bonneau - 2
Dominic Scelzi - 2
Jack Dover-1
Dalten Gabbard-1
Don Grable-1
R.J. Johnson-1
Tim Kaeding-1
Steve Kinser-1
Calvin Landis-1
Shawn Sander-1
Brad Sweet-1
Christopher Bell-1
Brian Brown-1
Roger Crockett-1
David Gravel-1
Mike Rux, Jr.-1
Alex Pettas-1
Joey Chester - 1
Stevie Sussex - 1
Kevin Thomas, Jr. - 1
Josh Shipley - 1
Travis Rilat - 1
Joey Saldana - 1
Geoff Ensign - 1
Colby Copeland - 1
Brock Zearfoss - 1
Caleb Saiz - 1
Vance Wofford - 1
Jake Helsel - 1
Terry McCarl - 1

Southern Outlaw Sprints

Shane Morgan-12
Michael Miller-11
Brian Bell - 6
Terry Gray-5
Tim Crawley-3
Derek Hagar-2
Mark Smith - 2
Andy McElhannon - 2
Kyle Amerson - 2
Todd Fayard-1
Jerod Roller-1
Scottie McDonald-1
Howard Moore-1
Seth Bergman - 1
Aaron Reutzel - 1
Morgan Turpen - 1
Terry McCarl - 1
Timmy Thrash - 1
Johnny Bridges - 1
Channin Tankersley - 1
Ray Allen Kulhanek - 1
Blake Hahn - 1
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 1

Sprints on Dirt

Dustin Daggett-89
Hank Lower-71
Gary Fedewa-68
Bill Tyler-38
Brett Mann-30
Tim Norman-28
Mike Shaw-24
Brian Tyler-22
Randy Varney-14
John Naida-12
Kyle Sauder-12
Ron Semelka-12
Steve Irwin-12
Darren Long-12
Donnie Adams-9
Jeff Bloom-9
Steve Kline-9
Mark Mead-9
Ben Rutan-8
Gregg Dalman-8
Tim Allison-7
Mark Keegan-7
Ken Mackey-7
Tim Shepherd-7
Mark Stemen-7
Ryan Grubaugh-7
Dain Naida-7
Jerry Carmen-6
Denny Donaldson -6
Chuck Wilson-6
Van Gurley-5
Eric Slade-5
Other Active SOD winners
Mike Daggett-4
J.R. Stewart-4
Randy Hannagan-4
Davey Brown-3
Aaron Call-3
Jared Horstman-3
Mike Brecht-2
Mark Broughman-2
Troy Chehowski-2
Mike Dussel-2
Gary Fast-2
Bryan Howland-2
Robert Huisken-2
Steve Poirier-2
Butch Schroeder-2
Shane Stewart-2
Glenn Styres-2
Joe Bares-1
Jamie Collard-1
Keith Dempster-1
Sam Hafertepe, Jr.-1
Luke Hall-1
Wayne Johnson-1
Kyle Patrick-1
Ryan Ruhl-1
Bryan Sebetto-1
Greg Wilson-1
Tony Stewart-1
Tim Shaffer-1


Randy Martin-48
Brian Brown-46
Jonathan Cornell-42
Jack Dover-12
Sam Hafertepe, Jr. - 11
Josh Fisher-10
Bobby Hawks-10
Jesse Hockett-9
Danny Lasoski-8
Wayne Johnson-8
Mike D. Trent-7
Jason Johnson-7
Derek Hagar-7
Austin Alumbaugh-6
Brad Loyet-6
Bryan Grimes-6
Kyle Bellm-6
Seth Bergman-6
Tim Crawley-6
Matt Covington - 6
Miles Paulus - 5
Gary Wright-5
Johnny Herrera-5
Blake Hahn - 5
Eric Schrock-4
Sammy Swindell - 4
Brandon Hanks - 3
Jon Corbin-3
Steve Gennetten-3
Jerrod Hull-3
Tony Stewart-3
Cody Baker-3
Aaron Reutzel-3
Zach Chappell-3
Ryan Timms - 3
Dylan Westbrook - 3
Ayrton Gennetten - 3
Sean McClelland-3
Evan Martin-2
Jay Russell-2
Aaron Berryhill-2
Toby Brown-2
Randy Combs-2
Don Cooper-2
Jesse Giannetto-2
Tracy Nichols-2
Christi Passmore -2
Rusty Potter-2
Mark Shirshekan -2
Jeff Stanley-2
Shane Stewart-2
Tony Bruce, Jr.-2
Terry McCarl - 2
John Carney II - 2
Robbie Price - 2
Mark Smith - 2
Scott Bogucki - 2
Jeremy Campbell - 2
Joe B. Miller - 2
Jason Martin-2
Larry Ball, Jr.-1
Dustin Barks-1
Steve Dean-1
Tim Doogs-1
Don Droud, Jr.-1
Kaley Gharst-1
Adam Jones-1
Foster Landon-1
Bronson Maeschen-1
Gabe Maycock-1
Brian McClelland-1
Joey Montgomery-1
Tim Montgomery -1
Nick Smith-1
Stu Snyder-1
Robbie Standridge-1
Jake Martens-1
Randy Hibbs-1
Christopher Bell-1
Toby Chapman-1
Jordan Boston - 1
Alex Sewell - 1
Logan Seavey - 1
Paul Nienhiser - 1
Taylor Walton - 1
Mason Daniel - 1
Mike Goodman - 1
Thomas Kennedy - 1
Mitchell Moore - 1
Josh Baughman - 1
Dominic Scelzi - 1
Marshall Skinner - 1
JJ Hickle - 1
Gunner Ramey - 1
Austin McCarl - 1

West Texas 305cid (since '07)

Lorne Wofford-46
John Carney II-40
Kyle McCutcheon-17
Kyle Sager-13
Wes Wofford-8
Royal Jones-7
Mike Archuleta-6
J.R Patton-6
Cesar Fuentes-5
Don Grable-4
Billy Roy Harris-3
Curt Barnett-3
Robert Herrera-3
Brandon Schure-2
Joe Alvarado-2
Dylan Harris-2
Derek Drown-2
Shawn Sander-2
Rick Ziehl-2
Jimmy Harris-1
Richard Wilbee-1
Rob Madrid-1
Ted Lee-1
Aaron Quijano-1
Josh Baughman-1
Rickey Hood-1
Christopher Bell-1
Aaron Reutzel-1
Johnny Herrera-1
Jason Johnson-1
Brady Bacon-1

Race Winners by Season

Work in progress. This section will eventually include all ASCS Tracks and Winners in chronological order. To date, races from 1992 through 2010 have been posted. Updated 6/3/2021.


3/28/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Wally Henson

4/3/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
4/4/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Eric Sandange
4/10/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
4/11/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
4/24/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-John Gerloff
4/24/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
4/25/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward

5/1/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
5/7/1992-Capital Speedway (Holt Summit, MO)-Randy Martin
5/8/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-John Gerloff
5/8/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Martin
5/9/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/15/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
5/15/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Bryan Grimes
5/16/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
5/22/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-George Austin III
5/22/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Sammy Phillips
5/24/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
5/25/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/29/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier

6/5/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Danny Young
6/5/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
6/6/1992-Lake Ouachita Speedway (Mount Ida, AR)-John Hunt
6/12/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
6/12/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Martin
6/13/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
6/13/1992-Capital Speedway (Holt Summit, MO)-Mike Trent
6/19/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Kevin Whitworth
6/26/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tommie Estes, Jr.
6/26/992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Bryan Grimes
6/27/1992-Capital Speedway (Holt Summit, MO)-Randy Combs
6/27/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt

7/3/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Martin
7/3/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
7/4/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
7/4/1992-Fayetteville Speedway (Fayetteville, AR)-Sammy Phillips
7/10/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Aaron Lemmons
7/11/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
7/17/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Kevin Whitworth
7/18/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
7/19/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Combs
7/24/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
7/25/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
7/25/1992-Capital Speedway (Holt Summit, MO)-Ed Grimes
7/31/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Kevin Whitworth
7/31/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward

8/1/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-John Hunt
8/7/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Bill Utz
8/7/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
8/8/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
8/14/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Mike Trent
8/14/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
8/15/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
8/21/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
8/22/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Arley Wheatley
8/28/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tim Crawley

9/5/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
9/5/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
9/11/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
9/12/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
9/26/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward

10/10/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
10/17/1992-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Billy Bell
10/24/1992-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
10/30/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
10/31/1992-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier


3/27/1993-County Line Speedway (Meeker, OK)-John Hunt
3/27/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Arley Wheatley

4/10/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
4/11/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tommie Estes, Jr.
4/18/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Rick Barksdale
4/24/1993-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Dion Hindi
4/24/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
4/25/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Wood

5/1/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Dion Hindi
5/8/1993-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Dion Hindi
5/8/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/15/1993-Fairgrounds Speedway (Cortez, CO)-Bo Baker
5/15/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/16/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
5/21/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-Sammy Phillips
5/22/1993-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Dion Hindi
5/22/1993-County Line Speedway (Meeker, OK)-Gerald Smith
5/22/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/23/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Donnie Crawford
5/28/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
5/29/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Tommy Thompson
5/29/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
5/30/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Donnie Crawford

6/4/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
6/5/1993-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Bo Baker
6/5/1993-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Wayne Johnson
6/6/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tommie Estes, Jr.
6/11/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
6/12/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Dion Hindi
6/12/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Danny Wood
6/13/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
6/18/1993-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Terry Gray
6/20/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Mike Ward
6/21/1993-Caney Valley Speedway (Caney, KS)-Terry Gray
6/23/1993-Texoma Speedway (Wichita Falls, TX)-Tim Crawley
6/24/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/25/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
6/26/1993-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Scott Edwards
6/26/1993-Capital Speedway (Holt Summit, MO)-Bill Utz
6/27/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Brad Strayer

7/2/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
7/3/1993-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Dion Hindi
7/3/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
7/5/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
7/9/1993-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
7/10/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Bo Baker
7/10/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Mike Peters
7/10/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Lewis Jenkins, Jr.
7/11/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jerry Stone
7/16/1993-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
7/17/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
7/18/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Terry Gray
7/24/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Bo Baker
7/24/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
7/24/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
7/30/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
7/30/1993-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Tim Crawley
7/31/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Glen Passmore
7/31/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley

8/1/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Donnie Crawford
8/6/1993-Hub City Raceway (Lubbock, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
8/6/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-Sammy Phillips
8/7/1993-Hub City Raceway (Lubbock, TX)-Bo Baker
8/7/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Sammy Phillips
8/8/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
8/14/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
8/15/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Bo Baker
8/15/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Wood
8/20/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
8/21/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Bo Baker
8/21/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Glen Passmore
8/22/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
8/27/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
8/27/1993-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Arley Wheatley
8/28/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
8/28/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
8/29/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Wood

9/3/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-Sammy Phillips
9/4/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
9/5/1993-Texoma Speedway (Wichita Falls, TX)-Mike Ward
9/10/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
9/10/1993-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Mike Ward
9/11/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Wally Henson
9/12/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Shane Stewart
9/17/1993-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
9/18/1993-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Bo Baker
9/18/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
9/26/1993-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson

10/1/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
10/3/1993-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-John Gerloff
10/23/1993-Enid Speedway (Enid, OK)-Danny Jennings

11/6/1993-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Jerry Stone
11/7/1993-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-John Hunt


4/2/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
4/2/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
4/8/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
4/8/1994-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-John Hunt
4/9/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
4/10/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
4/15/1994-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-Glen Passmore
4/15/1994-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Wally Henson
4/16/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
4/16/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
4/16/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Lee Dunn
4/22/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
4/23/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Chuck Schlosser
4/23/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
4/24/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
4/30/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Chris Ikard
4/30/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward

5/6/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-A.G. Rains
5/6/1994-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Terry Gray
5/7/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Chris Ikard
5/7/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-John Hunt
5/7/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Butch Nutaut
5/13/1994-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Terry Gray
5/14/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Chris Ikard
5/14/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
5/20/1994-Stateline Speedway (Coffeyville, KS)-Tim Crawley
5/21/1994-Hub City Raceway (Lubbock, TX)-Tim Crawley
5/21/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Kenneth Walker
5/21/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Gary Bradley
5/21/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
5/27/1994-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
5/28/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
5/28/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Rick Barksdale
5/28/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Eric Sandange
5/28/1994-Capital Speedway (Holt Summit, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
5/28/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
5/29/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
5/29/1994-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Danny Lasoski

6/3/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-A.G. Rains
6/4/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
6/4/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Aaron Lemmons
6/10/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
6/11/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Jeff Galas
6/11/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
6/11/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Wood
6/11/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-John Carney, Sr.
6/17/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Terry Gray
6/18/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Mikels
6/18/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
6/18/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Bob Bentley, Jr.
6/19/1994-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Gary Wright
6/21/1994-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Shane Carson
6/22/1994-Thunder Hill Speedway (Wichita Falls, TX)-Gary Wright
6/24/1994-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Gary Wright
6/24/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
6/25/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Mike Mikels

7/1/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
7/2/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
7/2/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Glen Passmore
7/2/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
7/2/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
7/3/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
7/4/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
7/8/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
7/9/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Aaron Lemmons
7/9/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
7/16/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-John Carney, Sr.
7/22/1994-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Tim Crawley
7/23/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rusty Bradham
7/23/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Lance Blevins
7/23/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
7/30/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Patrick Carney
7/30/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tim Crawley

8/5/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
8/6/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Alan Walker
8/6/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rick Ziehl
8/6/1994-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Bo Baker
8/6/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
8/7/1994-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Tim Crawley
8/12/1994-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Eric Sandange
8/13/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
3/13/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Dion Hindi
8/19/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
8/20/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Ricky Logan
8/26/1994-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Eric Sandange
8/27/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Aaron Lemmons
8/27/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
8/27/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott

9/2/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
9/2/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
9/3/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Brad Strayer
9/3/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
9/3/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
9/4/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Tim Crawley
9/9/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
9/9/1994-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Mike Peters
9/10/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
9/10/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
9/16/1994-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
9/16/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike McEyla
9/17/1994-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Mike Grady
9/17/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Chris Ikard
9/17/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
9/18/1994-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Mike Grady
9/24/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Rick Ziehl
9/24/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
9/24/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Eric Sandange
9/30/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Paul Sides

10/1/1994-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
10/7/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Jason Sides
10/7/1994-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Danny Young
10/8/1994-El Paso Speedway Park (El Paso, TX)-Rickey Hood
10/9/1994-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Terry Gray
10/11/1994-Rt. 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Rickey Hood
10/13/1994-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
10/14/1994-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Gary Wright
10/14/1994-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Marty Meredith


4/15/1995-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
4/28/1995-Clinton Motorsports Park (Clinton, OK)-Gary Wright
4/29/1995-Rt. 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Gary Wright

5/12/1995-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Alan Payne
5/13/1995-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Gary Wright
5/19/1995-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Bobby Davis, Jr.
5/20/1995-Tri-State Raceway (Pocola, OK)-Kenneth Walker
5/20/1995-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
5/21/1995-Lake Ouachita Speedway (Mount Ida, AR)-Gary Wright
5/28/1995-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Tommie Estes, Jr.

6/3/1995-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Mike Peters
6/15/1995-Thunder Hill Speedway (Mayetta, KS)-Garry Lee Maier
6/16/1995-WaKeeney Speedway (WaKeeney, KS)-Garry Lee Maier
6/17/1995-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Pete Butler
6/25/1995-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Ricky Logan
6/24/1995-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Ricky Logan
6/24/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Chris Ikard

7/8/1995-Riverside International Speedway (W. Memphis, AR)-Terry Gray
7/8/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-John Carney, Sr.
7/15/1995-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
7/16/1995-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Gary Wright
7/19/1995-Big H (Houston, TX)-Terry Gray
7/21/1995-Stateline Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Rickey Hood
7/22/1995-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Alan Payne
7/23/1995-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Mike Ward

8/6/1995-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Terry Gray
8/9/1995-Sugar Creek Speedway (Blue Ridge, GA)-Mike Ward
8/12/1995-Jackson Motor Speedway (Jackson, MS)-Terry Gray
8/26/1995-Boot Hill Speedway (Shreveport, LA)-Mike Ward
8/27/1995-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Mike Ward

9/2/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Chris Ikard
9/2/1995-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Sammy Swindell
9/3/1995-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Sammy Swindell
9/3/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Chris Ikard
9/16/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Ted Lee
9/23/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-John Carney, Sr.
9/23/1995-Missouri International Speedway (Benton, MO)-Gary Wright
9/24/1995-I-55 Speedway (Pevely, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
9/29/1995-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Bobby Davis, Jr.
9/30/1995-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
9/30/1995-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Ted Lee

10/6/1995-Rt. 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Terry Gray
10/7/1995-Rt. 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
10/8/1995-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Wood
10/27/1995-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Terry Gray
10/28/1995-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Terry Gray


2/9/1996-Jax Motor Speedway (Jacksonville, FL)-Jason Sides
2/10/1996-Jax Motor Speedway (Jacksonville, FL)-Terry Gray
2/11/1996-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-David Steele
2/12/1995-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Garry Lee Maier
2/13/1996-St. Augustine Speedway (St. Augustine, FL)-Andy Hillenburg
2/14/1996-St. Augustine Speedway (St. Augustine, FL)-Andy Hillenburg

5/10/1996-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Garry Lee Maier
5/11/1996-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Garry Lee Maier
5/1/1996-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Mike Ward
5/18/1996-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/26/1996-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Tommie Estes, Jr.

6/1/1996-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Terry Gray
6/7/1996-Rt. 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Terry Gray
6/9/1996-WaKeeney Speedway (WaKeeney, KS)-Garry Lee Maier
6/15/1996-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
6/16/1996-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
6/18/1996-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Wayne Johnson
6/20/1996-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Danny Wood
6/21/1996-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Terry Gray
6/22/1996-Stateline Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
6/23/1996-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Danny Wood

7/4/1996-Missouri International Speedway (Benton, MO)-Jerrod Hull
7/6/1996-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Terry Gray
7/13/1996-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Mike Ward
7/13/1996-Tri-State Raceway (Pocola, OK)-Shelly Ward
7/20/1996-Riverside International Speedway (W. Memphis, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
7/23/1996-Jacksonville Speedway (Jacksonville, IL)-Garry Lee Maier
7/24/1996-Peoria Speedway (Peoria, IL)-Terry Gray
7/26/1996-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Doug Wolfgang
7/27/1996-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Terry McCarl
7/28/1996-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Gary Wright

8/3/1996-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Garry Lee Maier
8/11/1996-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
9/14/1996-Riverside International Speedway (W. Memphis, AR)-Pete Braswell

10/12/1996-Dixie Speedway (Woodstock, GA)-Eddie Gallagher
11/15/1996-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Terry Gray
11/16/1996-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Johnny Herrera


1/31/1997-Jax Motor Speedway (Jacksonville, FL)-Lee Scrape

2/1/1997-Jax Motor Speedway (Jacksonville, FL)-Lee Scrape
2/7/1997-Thunderbowl Speedway (Valdosta, GA)-Garry Lee Maier
2/8/1997-Thunderbowl Speedway (Valdosta, GA)-Garry Lee Maier
2/9/1997-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Larry Pnegar
2/10/1997-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Gary Wright
2/23/1997-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Chris Ikard
2/24/1997-Sertoma Speedway (Tularosa, NM)-Rickey Hood

4/5/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Shane Carson
4/19/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Bob Ewell
4/19/1997-Jackson Motor Speedway (Jackson, MS)-Garry Lee Maier
4/26/1997-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Bobby Seals
4/26/1997-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Ted Lee

5/3/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Bob Ewell
5/8/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Bruce Divis
5/10/1997-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Scott Box
5/10/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Travis Rilat
5/11/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Franklin, PA)-Bobby Clark
5/16/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Jeff Lowery
5/16/1997-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Terry Gray
5/17/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Bob Ewell
5/17/1997-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Mike Ward
5/17/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Glen Passmore
5/17/1997-Oak Shade Speedway (Wauseon, OH)-Kyle Sauder
5/23/1997-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Bobby Clark
5/24/1997-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Rick Ziehl
5/24/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Alan Payne
5/31/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Bobby Hawks

6/1/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Franklin, PA)-Bobby Clark
6/4/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Bruce Divis
6/5/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Mike Chadd
6/6/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Doug Wolfgang
6/6/1997-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Ricky Logan
6/7/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Greg Young
6/7/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Tommy Scott
6/7/1997-Oak Shade Speedway (Wauseon, OH)-Phil Gressman
6/8/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Franklin, PA)-Phil Gressman
6/13/1997-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tim Crawley
6/14/1997-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
6/15/1997-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Gary Wright
6/18/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Wayne Johnson
6/20/1997-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Mike Ward
6/20/1997-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
6/20/1997-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Phil Gressman
6/21/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Steve McMackin
6/21/1997-Riverside International Speedway (W. Memphis, AR)-Gary Wright
6/27/1997-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Phil Gressman
6/28/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Bob Ewell
6/28/1997-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-David Hesmer
6/28/1997-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Steve Brazeale

7/5/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Ricky Logan
7/5/1997-Oak Shade Speedway (Wauseon, OH)-Phil Gressman
7/6/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Larry Pinegar
7/12/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
7/12/1997-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-David Hesmer
7/12/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Bobby Hawks
7/13/1997-Tri-State Raceway (Franklin, PA)-James Wray
7/18/1997-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Gary Wright
7/19/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/19/1997-Boot Hill Speedway (Shreveport, LA)-Tim Crawley
7/19/1997-Thunder Ridge (Prestonsburg, KY)-Phil Gressman
7/9/1997-Thunder Ridge (Prestonsburg, KY)-Bobby Clark
7/25/1997-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Danny Jennings
7/26/1997-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Doug Wolfgang
7/26/1997-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Garry Lee Maier
7/26/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Ronald Laney
7/31/1997-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Gary Wright

8/1/1997-Hutchinson Raceway Park (Hutchinson, KS)-Terry Gray
8/1/1997-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
8/1/1997-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Bobby Clark
8/2/1997-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-David Hesmer
8/2/1997-Tri-City Raceway (Granite City, IL)-Ricky Logan
8/9/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Alan Payne
8/9/1997-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-David Hesmer
8/15/1997-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Glen Forbes
8/16/1997-Beebe Speedway (Beebe, AR)-Terry Gray
8/16/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Wayne Sternbergh
8/23/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Ronald Laney
8/23/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Ricky Logan
8/29/1997-Peoria Speedway (Peoria, IL)-Terry Gray
8/29/1997-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Mark Keegan
8/30/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Danny Wood
8/30/1997-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Mike Brooks
8/30/1997-Sun Coast Speedway (Gulfsport, MS)-Red Kunstbeck
8/30/1997-Attica Raceway Park (Attica, OH)-Mark Keegan
8/31/1997-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Mark Keegan
8/31/1997-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Pete Butler

9/5/1997-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
9/5/1997-Tazewell Speedway (Tazewell, TN)-Terry Gray
9/6/1997-Atomic Speedway (Kingston, TN)-Garry Lee Maier
9/12/1997-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Garry Lee Maier
9/13/1997-Auto Pista (Juarez, MEX)-Mike Archuleta
9/13/1997-Riverside International Speedway (W. Memphis, AR)-Brooke Tatnell
9/13/1997-Sun Coast Speedway (Gulfsport, MS)-Red Kunstbeck
9/14/1997-Tri-City Speedway (Franklin, PA)-Bob Felmlee
9/20/1997-Stateline Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Mike Ward
9/26/1997-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Wayne Johnson
9/27/1997-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Wayne Johnson
9/27/1997-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Bobby Davis, Jr.
9/27/1997-Sun Coast Speedway (Gulfsport, MS)-Red Kunstbeck

10/3/1997-South Texas Speedway (Corpus Christi, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
10/4/1997-South Texas Speedway (Corpus Christi, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
10/31/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Edd French
11/1/1997-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Mike Peters


3/7/1998-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Kenny Adams
3/21/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Lewis Jenkins, Jr.
3/21/1998-Southern Raceway (Milton, FL)-Terry Gray
3/28/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray

4/4/1998-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Terry Gray
4/10/1998-Sabine Raceway (Many, LA)-Glen Forbes
4/10/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Phil Gressman
4/11/1998-Battleground Speedway (Highlands, TX)-John Bankston
4/11/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
4/11/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Mark Long
4/11/1998-Atomic Speedway (Kingston, TN)-Garry Lee Maier
4/17/1998-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tim Crawley
4/18/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
4/18/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Phil Gressman
4/24/1998-Sertoma Speedway (Tularosa, NM)-Rickey Hood
4/24/1998-Humboldt Speedway (Humboldt, KS)-Jamie Passmore
4/24/1998-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tony Wilson
4/24/1998-Baton Rouge Raceway (Baton Rouge, LA)-Terry Gray
4/24/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Tim Allison
4/25/1998-South Texas Speedway (Corpus Christi, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
4/25/1998-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Gary Wright
4/26/1998-Texas Dirt Speedway (San Antonio, TX)-Gary Wright

5/1/1998-Muskogee Motor Speedway (Muskogee, OK)-Gary Wright
5/2/1998-Oklahoma Motorsports Park (Ada, OK)-Gary Wright
5/2/1998-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Scott Box
5/2/1998-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Mike Brooks
5/2/1998-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Gene Lasker
5/9/1998-Salina Highbanks (Salina, OK)-Paul White
5/9/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Phil Gressman
5/15/1998-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Pete Butler
5/15/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Aaron Call
5/16/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
5/22/1998-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Martin
5/23/1998-Riverside International Speedway (W. Memphis, AR)-Tony Wilson
5/24/1998-Nodak Speedway (Minot, ND)-Loren Langerud
5/24/1998-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Billy Vielhauer
5/25/1998-Willison Basin Speedway (Williston, ND)-Jim Starr
5/29/1998-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Martin
5/29/1998-Thunder Ridge Speedway (Prestonsburg, KY)-Daryn Pittman
5/30/1998-Thunder Ridge Speedway (Prestonsburg, KY)-Garry Lee Maier
5/30/1998-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-Joe McCarthy
5/30/1998-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Paul White
5/30/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Phil Gressman

6/5/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Mark Long
6/6/1998-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Terry Gray
6/12/1998-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Steve Gennetten
6/12/1998-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eric Sandage
6/13/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Terry Gray
6/14/1998-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Gary Wright
6/16/1998-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Phil Gressman
6/17/1998-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/19/1998-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
6/19/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Mark Long
6/20/1998-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Mike Ward
6/26/1998-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Randy Martin
6/27/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Phil Gressman
6/27/1998-Southern Raceway (Milton, FL)-Lance Hester

7/3/1998-Crossville Speedway (Crossville, TN)-Tony Wilson
7/4/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Eric Sandage
7/4/1998-Atomic Speedway (Kingston, TN)-Phil Gressman
7/10/1998-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tony Wilson
7/10/1998-Attica Raceway Park (Attica, OH)-Phil Gressman
7/18/1998-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Rusk , TX)-Jason Johnson
7/24/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Kyle Sauder
7/30/1998-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 1 (Knoxville, IA)-David Hesmer
7/31/1998-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 2 (Knoxville, IA)-Gary Wright

8/1/1998-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Gary Wright
8/7/1998-Pawnee Speedway (North Platte, NE)-Terry Gray
8/8/1998-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Daryn Pittman
8/14/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Tim Allison
8/16/1998-Flag City Raceway (Findlay, OH)-Greg Wilson
8/19/1998-Evans Kokomo Speedway (Kokomo, IN)-Daryn Pittman
8/21/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Tim Allison
8/22/1998-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Phil Gressman
8/23/1998-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Danny Jennings
8/28/1998-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
8/29/1998-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-Daryn Pittman
8/30/1998-WaKeeney Speedway (WaKeeney, KS)-Garry Lee Maier

9/4/1998-State Line Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Danny Wood
9/5/1998-State Line Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Wright
9/6/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Phil Gressman
9/11/1998-Muskogee Motor Speedway (Muskogee, OK)-Gary Wright
9/11/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Phil Gressman
9/12/1998-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Daryn Pittman
9/12/1998-Oak Shade Speedway (Wauseon, OH)-Phil Gressman
9/18/1998-Lima Land Speedway (Lima, OH)-Kyle Sauder
9/19/1998-Friendship Speedway (Elkin, NC)-Mike Hudson
9/19/1998-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Terry Gray
9/25/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
9/26/1998-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
9/26/1998-Atomic Speedway (Kingston, TN)-Mike Hudson

10/3/1998-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/4/1998-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
10/10/1998-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Gary Wright
10/10/1998-Carolina Speedway (Gastonia, NC)-Mike Hudson


1/28/1999-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Kenny Jacobs
1/29/1999-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Terry McCarl
1/30/1999-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Gary Wright

4/9/1999-Thunder Valley (Lawndale, NC)-Jim Dayton
4/10/1999-North Georgia Speedway (Chatsworth, GA)-Terry Gray
4/16/1999-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Danny Wood
4/17/1999-State Line Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Wright
4/23/1999-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Terry Gray
4/24/1999-Jackson Motorplex (Jackson, MN)-Brian Schnee
4/30/1999-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Tim Crawley

5/1/1999-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
5/1/1999-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Danny Wood
5/7/1999-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Gary Wright
5/8/1999-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Jan Howard
5/14/1999-Muskogee Motor Speedway (Muskogee, OK)-Gary Wright
5/15/1999-Salina Highbanks (Salina, OK)-Tim Crawley
5/15/1999-Dacotah Speedway (Mandan, ND)-Randi Miller
5/15/1999- (Fayetteville, NC)-Johnny Bridges
5/16/1999-Nodak Speedway (Minot, ND)-Randi Miller
5/21/1999-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Steve Gennetten
5/22/1999-Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill, LA)-Jan Howard
5/23/1999-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
5/28/1999-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Jake Peters
5/28/1999-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Ricky Logan
5/29/1999-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
5/29/1999-East Lincoln Speedway (Stanley, NC)-Billy Wilburn
5/30/1999-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tim Crawley

6/5/1999-Saguaro Int. Speedway (Tucson, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
6/5/1999-Red River Valley (Fargo, ND)-Brad Pake
6/12/1999-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Dennis Moore, Jr.
6/18/1999-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
6/18/1999-Thunder Valley Speedway (Lawndale, NC)-Billy Wilburn
6/19/1999-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-Patrick Bourke
6/19/1999-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Chad Jones
6/25/1999-Willison Basin Speedway (Williston, ND)-Ned Powers
6/26/1999-Dacotah Speedway (Mandan, ND)-Matt Folstad
6/27/1999-Nodak Speedway (Minot, ND)-Randi Miller

7/2/1999-I-81 Speedway (Greenville, TN)-Scott Young
7/3/1999-Magic City Speedway (Billings, MT)-Bill Boyce
7/3/1999-Atomic Speedway (Kingston, TN)-Terry Gray
7/4/1999-Magic City Speedway (Billings, MT)-Shane Liebig
7/8/1999-Red River Valley (Fargo, ND)-Brian Schnee
7/9/1999-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/9/1999-Red River Valley (Fargo, ND)-Don Droud, Jr,
7/10/1999-Red River Valley (Fargo, ND)-Randi Miller
7/10/1999-Bayou Speedway (Minden, LA)-Tim Crawley
7/16/1999-Carolina Speedway (Gastonia, NC)-Billy Wilburn
7/17/1999-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Chad Jones
7/17/1999-County Line Speedway (Rocky Mount, NC)-Mike Hudson
7/23/1999-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Randi Miller
7/23/1999-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Gary Wright
7/24/1999-Bridge County Raceway (Lethbridge, CAN)-Randi Miller
7/24/1999-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Pete Butler
7/25/1999-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tim Crawley
7/27/1999-Salina Highbanks (Salina, OK)-Gary Wright
7/29/1999-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Gary Wright
7/30/1999-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
7/30/1999-Soutwest Speedway (Dickinson, ND)-Greg Nikitenko
7/30/1999-Thunder Valley Speedway (Lawndale, NC)-Mike Hudson
7/31/1999-State Line Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Travis Rilat
7/31/1999-Friendship Speedway (Elkin, NC)-Billy Wilburn
7/31/1999-Dacotah Speedway (Mandan, ND)-Randi Miller

8/1/1999-Dacotah Speedway (Mandan, ND)-Randi Miller
8/6/1999-Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Greg Nikitenko
8/7/1999-Butte County Speedway (Belle Fourche, SD)-Randi Miller
8/20/1999-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-John Gerloff
8/21/1999-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-John Gerloff
8/22/1999-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Ricky Logan
8/27/1999-Casper Speedway (Casper, WY)-Randi Miller
8/27/1999-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Ronald Laney
8/28/1999-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Danny Wood

9/4/1999-Nodak Speedway (Minot, ND)-Randi Miller
9/5/1999-Nodak Speedway (Minot, ND)-Loren Langerud
9/6/1999-Nodak Speedway (Minot, ND)-Randi Miller
9/10/1999-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
9/11/1999-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Paul White
9/11/1999-Atomic Speedway (Oak Ridge, TN)-Scott Young
9/17/1999-Thunder Valley (Lawndale, NC)-Mike Hudson
9/18/1999-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Terry Gray
9/18/1999-Friendship Speedway (Elkin, NC)-Billy Wilburn
9/25/1999-Faeyetteville Motor Speedway (Fayetteville, NC)-Mike Hudson

10/1/1999-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/2/1999-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/9/1999-Carolina Speedway (Gastonia, NC)-Mike Hudson
10/23/1999-Phillips County Raceway (Holyoke, CO)-Randi Miller


4/14/2000-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Gary Wright
4/15/2000-Crowley's Ridge Raceway (Paragould, AR)-Wayne Johnson
4/21/2000-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Terry Gray
4/22/2000-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Larry Neighbors

5/6/2000-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Gary Wright
5/19/2000-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Gary Wright
5/20/2000-Thunder Valley Speedway (Fayetteville, AR)-Tim Crawley
5/27/2000-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Wayne Johnson
5/28/2000-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Jason Johnson

6/2/2000-Houston Raceway Park (Houston, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/2/2000-Lancaster Motor Speedway (Lancaster, SC)-Billy Wilburn
6/3/2000-Houston Raceway Park (Houston, TX)-Dale Howard
6/9/2000-Muskogee Motor Speedway (Muskogee, OK)-Wayne Johnson
6/10/2000-I-20 Speedway (Batesburg, SC)-Scott Young
6/15/2000-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 1 (Knoxville, IA)-Roger Rager
6/16/2000-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 2 (Knoxville, IA)-Matt Moro
6/17/2000-Knoxville 360 Nationals (Knoxville, IA)-Wayne Johnson
6/23/2000-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tim Crawley
6/24/2000-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Kenny Coke

7/1/2000-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Larry Neighbors
7/2/2000-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Larry Neighbors
7/7/2000-Smoky Mountain Speedway (Marysville, TN)-Terry Gray
7/8/2000-Atomic Speedway (Kingston, TN)-Wayne Johnson
7/14/2000-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Billy Wilburn
7/15/2000-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Travis Rilat
7/16/2000-Monett Speedway (Monett, MO)-Tim Crawley
7/18/2000-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Tim Crawley
7/19/2000-Salina Highbanks (Salina, OK)-Gary Wright
7/20/2000-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Michael Dupuy
7/21/2000-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/22/2000-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Wright
7/29/2000-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Wayne Johnson

8/4/2000-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Wayne Johnson
8/5/2000-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Gary Wright
8/11/2000-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Joe Ramaker
8/18/2000-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Eric Miller

9/2/2000-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Gary Wright
9/3/2000-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Larry Neighbors
9/8/2000-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Pete Butler
9/9/2000-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Michael Dupuy
9/15/2000-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tim Crawley
9/16/2000-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Gary Wright
9/29/2000-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Travis Rilat
9/30/2000-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Tim Crawley

10/6/2000-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/13/2000-Terre Haute Action Track (Terre Haute, IN)-Wayne Johnson
10/14/2000-Terre Haute Action Track (Terre Haute, IN)-Jason Johnson


4/14/2001-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Wayne Johnson
4/20/2001-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Larry Neighbors
4/21/2001-Southwest Arkansas Speedway (Murfreesboro, AR)-Gary Wright
4/27/2001-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
4/28/2001-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher

5/5/2001-Salina Highbanks (Salina, OK)-Wayne Johnson
5/18/2001-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Jeff Day
5/19/2001-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Wright
5/25/2001-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Tim Crawley
5/26/2001-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Wayne Johnson
5/26/2001-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Danny Williams

6/1/2001-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Rickey Hood
6/1/2001-New Leesville 171 Speedway (Leesville, LA)-Gary Wright
6/2/2001-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Lonnie Cox
6/2/2001-Boothill Speedway (Shreveport, LA)-Gary Wright
6/8/2001-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
6/8/2001-Gallatin Speedway (Belgrade, MT)-Joe Ramaker
6/9/2001-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
6/9/2001-Billings Motorsports Park (Billings, MT)-Joe Ramaker
6/10/2001-North Alabama Speedway (Tuscumbia, AL)-Terry Gray
6/14/2001-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 1 (Knoxville, IA)-John Kearney
6/15/2001-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 2 (Knoxville, IA)-Wayne Johnson
6/16/2001-Knoxville 360 Nationals (Knoxville, IA)-Terry McCarl
6/23/2001-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-J.P. Bailey
6/29/2001-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/30/2001-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Randi Miller
6/30/2001-Tri-State Speedway (Pocola, OK)-Kevin Ramey

7/7/2001-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Robert Sellers
7/7/2001-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
7/13/2001-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Larry Neighbors
7/14/2001-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-A.G. Rains
7/16/2001-81 Speedway (Wichita, KS)-Kevin Ramey
7/17/2001-Salina Highbanks (Salina, OK)-Wayne Johnson
7/19/2001-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Mike Ward
7/20/2001-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/21/2001-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Zach Chappell
7/28/2001-Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Ned Powers

8/3/2001-McCook Speedway (McCook, NE)-Randi Miller
8/4/2001-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-Nick Haygood
8/4/2001-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Danny Jennings
8/11/2001-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Nick Smith
8/18/2001-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Randi Miller
8/24/2001-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Terry Gray
8/25/2001-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Eric Sandage
8/24/2001-Oklahoma Motorsports Park (Ada, OK)-Nick Smith

9/14/2001-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tim Crawley
9/15/2001-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Tim Crawley
9/22/2001-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Larry Neighbors
9/28/2001-New Leesville 171 Speedway (Leesville, LA)-Tim Crawley
9/29/2001-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Jason Johnson

10/6/2001-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright


3/16/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jamie Passmore
6/23/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Zach Chappell
3/30/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jamie Passmore

4/5/2002-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Speedway 90) (Beaumont, TX)-Zach Chappell
4/12/2002-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Wright
4/13/2002-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Michael Dupuy
4/19/2002-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Travis Rilat
4/20/2002-Southwest Arkansas Speedway (Murfreesboro, AR)-Zach Chappell
4/26/2002-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Eddie Gallagher
4/27/2/002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jamie Passmore
4/27/2002-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Jan Howard

5/3/2002-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Rickey Hood
5/3/2002-New Leesville 171 Speedway (Leesville, LA)-Michael Dupuy
5/4/2002-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Rickey Hood
5/4/2002-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Travis Rilat
5/4/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Jennings
5/11/2002-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Garry Lee Maier
5/17/2002-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Wayne Pennington
5/18/2002-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Garry Lee Maier
5/24/2002-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Speedway 90) (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson
5/25/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Darren Stewart
5/25/2002-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Zach Chappell
5/25/2002-Forest Hill Speedway (Alexandria, LA)-Jason Johnson
5/26/2002-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Tim Crawley
5/31/2002-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Terry Gray
5/31/2002-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Rickey Hood

6/1/2002-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
6/1/2002-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Nick Haygood
6/2/2002-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Jan Howard
6/5/2002-Tri-State Speedway (Pocola, OK)-Gary Wright
6/6/2002-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/7/2002-Casper Speedway (Casper, WY)-Randi Miller
6/8/2002-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Mike Dreiling
6/7/2002-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/8/2002-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Gary Wright
6/13/2002-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 1 (Knoxville, IA)-Jake Peters
6/14/2002-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 2 (Knoxville, IA)-Wayne Johnson
6/15/2002-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Jeff Swindell
6/21/2002-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/22/2002-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Pete Butler
6/22/2002-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Randi Miller
6/22/2002-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Pete Butler
6/28/2002-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
6/28/2002-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Kevin Ramey
6/29/2002-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Gary Wright
6/29/2002-Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Nick Haygood
6/29/2002-Boothill Speedway (Shreveport, LA)-Kelly Angelette
6/30/2002-Sheridan Speedway (Sheridan, WY)-Mike Dreiling
6/30/2002-I-27 Speedway (Lubbock, TX)-Travis Rilat

7/3/2002-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Rickey Hood
7/4/2002- (Corpus Christi, TX)-Kelly Angelette
7/5/2002-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Michael Dupuy
7/5/2002-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Speedway 90) (Beaumont, TX)-Buddy Bodden
7/6/2002-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Garry Lee Maier
7/6/2002-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Foster Landon
7/13/2002-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
7/19/2002-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Randi Miller
7/20/2002-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Randi Miller
7/20/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jason Martin
7/26/2002-New Leesville 171 Speedway (Leesville, LA)-Kelly Angelette
7/26/2002-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Michael Dupuy
7/27/2002-Rocky Mountain Speedway (Denver, CO)-Mike Dreiling
7/27/2002-Sabine Raceway (Many, LA)-Chris Sweeney
7/27/2002-West Plains Motor Speedway (West Plains, MO)-Tim Crawley

8/3/2002-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Zach Chappell
8/4/2002-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Josh Higday
8/16/2002-Casper Speedway (Casper, WY)-Randi Miller
8/17/2002-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Jason Martin
8/17/2002-Boothill Speedway (Shreveport, LA)-Kevin Ramey
8/23/2002-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
8/24/2002-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Gary Wright
8/30/2002-New Leesville 171 Speedway (Leesville, LA)-Michael Dupuy
8/31/2002-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Tim Crawley
8/31/2002-Oklahoma Motorsports Park (Ada, OK)-Danny Jennings
8/31/2002-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Randi Miller

9/1/2002-Thomas County Speedway (Colby, KS)-C.J. Johnson
9/1/2002-Fast Trax Motorplex (Chatham, LA)-Kevin Ramey
9/6/2002-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Rickey Hood
9/7/2002-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Randi Miller
9/13/2002-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Darren Stewart
9/14/2002-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
9/21/2002-Sabine Raceway (Many , LA)-Buddy Bodden
9/21/2002-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
9/27/2002-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Speedway 90) (Beaumont, TX)-Tim Crawley
9/28/2002-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Speedway 90) (Beaumont, TX)-Michael Dupuy
9/28/2002-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Danny Jennings

10/4/2002-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Wayne Johnson
10/5/2002-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/12/2002-Thunder Valley Speedway (Glenmora, LA)-Gary Wright


3/22/2003-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Kevin Ramey

4/5/2003-Fast Track Motorplex (Chatham, LA)-Gary Wright
4/12/2003-Southwest Arkansas Super Speedway (Murfreesboro, AR)-Zach Chappell
4/12/2003-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Kelly Angelette
4/18/2003-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
4/26/2003-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Travis Rilat
4/26/2003-Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada, OK)-Larry Neighbors

5/2/2003-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Shane Stewart
5/3/2003-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Travis Rilat
5/3/2003-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Kevin Ramey
5/9/2003-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Travis Rilat
5/9/2003-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
5/10/2003-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Travis Rilat
5/16/2003-Tech Motor Speedway (Lubbock, TX)-Gary Wright
5/17/2003-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Darren Stewart
5/17/2003-Sherman County Speedway (Goodland, KS)-Randi Miller
5/23/2003-Bolivar Speedway (Bolivar, MO)-Shane Stewart
5/24/2003-Lebanon I-44 Speedway (Lebanon, MO)-Gary Wright
5/25/2003-Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill, LA)-Terry Gray
5/30/2003-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Gary Wright
5/31/2003-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
5/31/2003-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Randi Miller

6/1/2003-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Shane Stewart
6/3/2003-Outlaw Motor Speedway (Wainwright, OK)-Shane Stewart
6/4/2003-Tri-State Speedway (Pocola, OK)-Darren Stewart
6/6/2003-Aztez Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Jason Martin
6/7/2003-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Gary Wright
6/7/2003-Aztez Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Randi Miller
6/13/2003-Knoxville 360 Nationals (Odd Program) (Knoxville, IA)-Josh Higday
6/14/2003-Knoxville 360 Nationals (Knoxville, IA)-Dennis Moore, Jr.
6/20/2003-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Zach Chappell
6/20/2003-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Corey Brink
6/21/2003-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
6/21/2003-Gillette Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Mike Dreiling
6/22/2003-Sheridan Speedway (Sheridan, WY)-Randi Miller
6/27/2003-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
6/27/2003-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Eric Miller
6/28/2003-Route 66 Motor Speedway (Amarillo, TX)-Gary Wright
6/28/2003-Rocky Mountain National Speedway (Denver, CO)-Mike Dreiling

7/3/2003-Aztez Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Darren Stewart
7/5/2003-Duke City Raceway (Albuquerque, NM)-Gary Wright
7/5/2003-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Nick Smith
7/12/2003-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
7/12/2003-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
7/18/2003-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Gary Wright
7/18/2003-Leesville 171 Speedway (Leesville, LA)-Kelly Angelette
7/18/2003-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Mike Dreiling
7/19/2003-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Gary Wright
7/19/2003-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Patrick Bourke
7/19/2003-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Kevin Ramey
7/25/2003-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Travis Rilat
7/25/2003-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Randi Miller
7/26/2003-West Plains Motor Speedway (West Plains, MO)-Tim Crawley
7/26/2003-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Randi Miller

8/1/2003-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
8/1/2003-Thomas County Speedway (Colby, KS)-Randi Miller
8/2/2003-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Travis Rilat
8/2/2003-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Randi Miller
8/2/2003-Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill, LA)-Kelly Angelette
8/9/2003-Night Before TOC (Knoxville, IA)-Jerrod Hull
8/10/2003-Tournament of Champions (Knoxville, IA)-Terry McCarl
8/22/2003-Casper Speedway (Casper, WY)-Randi Miller
8/23/2003-Southwest Arkansas Super Speedway (Murfreesboro, AR)-Gary Wright
8/23/2003-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Randi Miller
8/30/2003-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Gary Wright
8/31/2003-Fast Track Motorplex (Chatham, LA)-Gary Wright
8/31/2003-Thomas County Speedway (Colby, KS)-C.J. Johnson
8/31/2003-412 Speedway (West Siloam Springs, OK)-Derek Drown

9/5/2003-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Shane Stewart
9/6/2003-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Shane Stewart
9/12/2003-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Mike Ward
9/12/2003-Billings Motorsports Park (Billings, MT)-Joe Ramaker
9/13/2003-Billings Motorsports Park (Billings, MT)-Joe Ramaker
9/20/2003-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
9/20/2003-Thunder Valley Speedway (1st Feature) (Union Hill, LA)-Gary Wright
9/20/2003-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Kevin Ramey
9/25/2003-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Shane Stewart
9/27/2003-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Jesse Hockett
9/27/2003-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Billy Alley

10/4/2003-Delta Bowl Speedway (Tunica, MS)-Shane Stewart
10/4/2003-Many Motor Speedway (Many, LA)-Greg Rilat
10/17/2003-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Tim Crawley
10/18/2003-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright


3/13/2004-Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill, LA)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
3/27/2004-Delta Bowl Speedway (Tunica, MS)-Gary Wright

4/3/2004-Caney Speedway (Caney, KS)-Wayne Johnson
4/17/2004-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Zach Chappell
4/17/2004-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Travis Rilat
4/30/2004-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Travis Rilat

5/1/2004-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Travis Rilat
5/8/2004-Enid Speedway (Enid, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
5/9/2004-81 Speedway (Wichita, KS)-Andy Shouse
5/14/2004-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
5/21/2004-Tech Motor Speedway (Lubbock, TX)-Travis Rilat
5/22/2004-Tech Motor Speedway (Lubbock, TX)-Travis Rilat
5/29/2004-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Kevin Ramey
5/29/2004-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Randi Miller
5/30/2004-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Randi Miller

6/4/2004-North Central Arkansas Speedway (Yellville, AR)-Gary Wright
6/4/2004-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Jason Martin
6/5/2004-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
6/5/2004-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Jason Martin
6/10/2004-Nebraska Raceway Park (Greenwood, NE)-Zach Chappell
6/11/2004-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 1 (Knoxville, IA)-Jason Johnson
6/12/2004-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim 2 (Knoxville, IA)-Billy Alley
6/12/2004-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Greg Rilat
6/18/2004-Delta Bowl Speedway (Tunica, MS)-Travis Rilat
6/18/2004-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Claud Estes
6/19/2004-Delta Bowl Speedway (Tunica, MS)-Travis Rilat
6/25/2004-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Danny Wood
6/26/2004-Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada, OK)-Danny Wood

7/1/2004-Tech Motor Speedway (Lubbock, TX)-Gary Wright
7/2/2004-Hollywood Hills Speedway (Albuquerque, NM)-Darren Stewart
7/3/2004-Hollywood Hills Speedway (Albuquerque, NM)-Darren Stewart
7/3/2004-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Danny Wood
7/4/2004-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Eric Payne
7/9/2004-Batesville Speedway (Batesville, AR)-Tim Crawley
7/9/2004-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Stephen Chevallier
7/9/2004-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Keith Rauch
7/10/2004-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Travis Rilat
7/10/2004-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Kevin Ramey
7/10/2004-Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Randi Miller
7/11/2004-Sheridan Speedway (Sheridan, WY)-Ned Powers
7/12/2004-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Tim Montgomery
7/13/2004-Tri-State Speedway (Pocola, OK)-Darren Stewart
7/15/2004-Delta Bowl Speedway (Tunica, MS)-Tim Crawley
7/16/2004-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Tim Crawley
7/17/2004-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.
7/25/2004-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Garry Lee Maier
7/30/2004-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
7/31/2004-Joplin 66 Speedway (Joplin, MO)-Shane Stewart

8/6/2004-Knoxville 360 Nationals (Knoxville, IA)-Billy Alley
8/6/2004-Thomas County Speedway (Colby, KS)-Gary Taylor
8/7/2004-Night Before TOC (Knoxville, IA)-David Hesmer
8/8/2004-Tournament of Champions (Knoxville, IA)-Loren Langerud
8/21/2004-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Nick Haygood
8/27/2004-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Gary Wright
8/28/2004-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
8/28/2004-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Garry Lee Maier

9/3/2004-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Kevin Ramey
9/4/2004-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Steven King
9/4/2004-Lake Ozark Speedway (Lake Ozark, MO)-Shane Stewart
9/4/2004-Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada, OK)-Danny Jennings
9/4/2004-Ark-La-Tex Speedway (Vivian, LA)-Charlie Brown
9/4/2004-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Randi Miller
9/5/2004-Lake Ozark Speedway (Lake Ozark, MO)-Shane Stewart
9/5/2004-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Kelly Angelette
9/5/2004-Thomas County Speedway (Colby, KS)-Randi Miller
9/10/2004-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Gary Wright
9/11/2004-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Eddie Gallagher
9/11/2004-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Danny Wood
9/11/2004-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Eric Miller
9/17/2004-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Kevin Ramey
9/17/2004-Billings Motorsports Park (Billings, MT)-Randi Miller
9/18/2004-West Plains Motor Speedway (West Plains, MO)-Tim Montgomery
9/18/2004-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Kelly Angelette
9/18/2004-Billings Motorsports Park (Billings, MT)-Randi Miller
9/24/2004-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Gary Wright
9/25/2004-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Jason Johnson
9/25/2004-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Andy Shouse

10/15/2004-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Kevin Ramey
10/16/2004-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
10/23/2004-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Shane Stewart


3/12/2005-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
3/18/2005-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Danny Jennings
3/19/2005-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Danny Jennings

4/2/2005-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Sean McClelland
4/9/2005-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Sean McClelland
4/15/2005-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Travis Rilat
4/15/2005-Nebraska Raceway Park (Greenwood, NE)-Terry McCarl
4/16/2005-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Scottie McDonald
4/22/2005-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Darren Stewart
4/23/2005-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Gary Wright
4/23/2005-Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada, OK)-Danny Jennings
4/23/2005-Laurens County Speedway (Laurens, SC)-Mike Brecht
4/29/2005-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Danny Wood
4/29/2005-Thunder Valley Speedway (Lawndale, NC)-Danny Martin, Jr.
4/30/2005-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Sean McClelland

5/6/2005-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Gary Wright
5/7/2005-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Gary Wright
5/14/2005-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Patrick Bourke
5/20/2005-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Kevin Ramey
5/20/2005-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Jake Pierson
5/27/2005-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Jason Danley
5/28/2005-Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill, LA)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
5/28/2005-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Randi Miller
5/29/2005-Ark-La-Tex Speedway (Vivian, LA)-Kevin Ramey
5/29/2005-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Patrick Bourke

6/3/2005-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Gary Wright
6/3/2005-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Jason Martin
6/4/2005-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Darren Stewart
6/4/2005-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
6/6/2005-Tri-State Speedway (Pocola, OK)-Roger Crockett
6/7/2005-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Jason Johnson
6/9/2005-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Danny Jennings
6/10/2005-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/11/2005-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/11/2005-New 311 Speedway (Madison, NC)-Steven Graham
6/17/2005-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
6/17/2005-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Gary Wright
6/18/2005-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
6/18/2005-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Danny Jennings
6/24/2005-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Darren Stewart
6/25/2005-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Jason Martin

7/2/2005-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Sean McClelland
7/3/2005-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
7/4/2005-Park Jefferson Speedway (Jefferson, SD)-Brian Brown
7/8/2005-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Gary Wright
7/8/2005-Nebraska Raceway Park (Greenwood, NE)-Brian Brown
7/8/2005-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
7/9/2005-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
7/9/2005-Gillette Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Randi Miller
7/9/2005-Thunder Valley Speedway (Fayetteville, AR)-Zach Chappell
7/10/2005-Sheridan Speedway (Sheridan, WY)-Randi Miller
7/16/2005-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
7/22/2005-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Gary Wright
7/23/2005-Rocky Mtn National Speedway (Commerce City, CO)-Eric Miller
7/29/2005-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
7/30/2005-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Gary Wright
7/30/2005-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
7/30/2005-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Patrick Bourke
7/30/2005-Wythe Raceway (Wytheville, VA)-Scott Young

8/3/2005-Nebraska Raceway Park (Greenwood, NE)-Brian Brown
8/4/2005-Knoxville 360 Nationals Prelim (Knoxville, IA)-Dusty Zomer
8/5/2005-Knoxville 360 Nationals (Knoxville, IA)-Billy Alley
8/5/2005-Thomas County Speedway (no points) (Colby, KS)-Gary Taylor
8/6/2005-Brodix Tournament of Champions (Knoxville, IA)-Randy Martin
8/7/2005-Brodix Tournament of Champions (Knoxville, IA)-Garry Lee Maier
8/19/2005-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
8/20/2005-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Lane Whittington
8/20/2005-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Eric Miller
8/26/2005-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Dusty Zomer
8/27/2005-Tulsa Speedway (Tulsa, OK)-Nick Smith

9/3/2005-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Jesse Hockett
9/3/2005-Oklahoma Sports Park (Ada, OK)-Sean McClelland
9/3/2005-Thunder Valley Speedway (Union Hill, LA)-Travis Rilat
9/3/2005-Oberlin Speedway (Oberlin, KS)-Jason Martin
9/4/2005-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Jesse Hockett
9/4/2005-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Travis Rilat
9/4/2005-Thomas County Speedway (Colby, KS)-Dennis Park
9/9/2005-Memphis Motorsports Park (Memphis, TN)-Gary Wright
9/9/2005-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Johnny Anderson
9/10/2005-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-A.G. Rains
9/16/2005-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Gary Taylor
9/17/2005-West Plains Motor Speedway (West Plains, MO)-Gary Wright
9/17/2005-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Kevin Ramey
9/17/2005-Gillette Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Gary Taylor
9/24/2005-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Travis Rilat
9/24/2005-New 311 Speedway (Madison, NC)-Brooke Bowman

10/1/2005-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Travis Rilat
10/8/2005-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Travis Rilat
10/15/2005-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Marshall Skinner
10/15/2005-Mid-America Motor Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Travis Rilat
10/21/2005-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/22/2005-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/29/2005-Lowe's Motor Speedway (Charlotte, NC)-Brian Smith


1/26/2006-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Travis Rilat
1/27/2006-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Terry McCarl
1/28/2006-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Terry McCarl

3/10/2006-Baton Rouge Raceway (Baton Rouge , LA)-Jesse Hockett
3/11/2006-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Sean McClelland
3/24/2006-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jason Johnson
3/25/2006-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jason Johnson

4/8/2006-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Travis Rilat
4/8/2006-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Brian Brown
4/8/2006-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
4/14/2006-Swinging Bridge Raceway (Jackson, MS)-Gary Wright
4/15/2006-Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, MS)-Dale Howard
4/21/2006-Baton Rouge Raceway (Baton Rouge , LA)-Jason Johnson
4/21/2006-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Sean McClelland
4/21/2006-Carolina Motor Speedway (Gastonia, NC)-Scott McClaren
4/22/2006-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Jason Johnson
4/22/2006-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Sean McClelland
4/28/2006-Poplar Bluff Speedway (Poplar Bluff, MO)-Nick Smith
4/30/2006-Utica-Rome Speedway (Vernon, NY)-Chuck Hebing

5/6/2006-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Mike Brecht
5/12/2006-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Jason Johnson
5/12/2006-Mileback Speedway (Gray Court, SC)-Johnny Bridges
5/13/2006-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Travis Rilat
5/13/2006-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Garry Lee Maier
5/13/2006-Mid-America Motor Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
5/13/2006-311 Speedway (Madison, NC)-Brian Smith
5/14/2006-Wakeeney Speedway (Wakeeney, KS)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
5/20/2006-Canandaigua Speedway (Canandaigua, NY)-Chuck Hebing
5/20/2006-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Sean McClelland
5/20/2006-Fremont Speedway (Fremont, OH)-Bryan Sebetto
5/26/2006-Wytheville Raceway (Wythe, VA)-Dave Ely
5/26/2006-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Jake Peters
5/27/2006-Virginia Motor Speedway (Saluda, VA)-Nick Smith
5/27/2006-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Chris Sweeney
5/27/2006-Stateline Speedway (Busti, NY)-Rich Swarthout
5/27/2006-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Nick Haygood
5/27/2006-South Buxton International Speedway (Merlin, ONT)-Gregg Dalman
5/28/2006-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Keith Rauch
5/30/2006-Rolling Wheels Raceway (Elbridge, NY)-Chuck Hebing

6/2/2006-Jackson Speedway (Jackson, MN)-Chuck Swenson
6/2/2006-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
6/2/2006-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Ken Mackey
6/3/2006-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
6/3/2006-Jackson Speedway (Jackson, MN)-Bryan Dobesh
6/3/2006-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
6/3/2006-Laurens County Speedway (Laurens, SC)-Johnny Bridges
6/9/2006-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/9/2006-Winston Motor Speedway (Rothbury, MI)-Dain Naida
6/10/2006-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
6/10/2006-Lancaster Motor Speedway (Lancaster, SC)-Jimmy Burns
6/11/2006-The Hill Raceway (Bradford, PA)-Chuck Hebing
6/13/2006-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Jason Johnson
6/15/2006-Park Jefferson Speedway (Jefferson, SD)-Jason Johnson
6/16/2006-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Brian Brown
6/16/2006-Gillette Thunder Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Randi Miller
6/17/2006-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Lane Whittington
6/17/2006-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Danny Horner
6/17/2006-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Dustin Daggett
6/21/2006-Steele County Speedway (Owatonna, MN)-Curt Lund
6/23/2006-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
6/23/2006-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Gary Watson
6/23/2006-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Toby Chapman
6/23/2006-Freedom Raceway (Delevan, NY)-Chris Muhleisen
6/23/2006-Butler Motor Speedway (Quincy, MI)-Ken Mackey
6/24/2006-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
6/24/2006-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kevin Ramey
6/24/2006-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
6/24/2006-Merrittville Speedway (Thorold, ONT)-Bryan Howland
6/24/2006-Lavonia Speedway (Lavonia, GA)-Coby Adams
6/24/2006-Thunderbird Speedway (Muskegon, MI)-Steve Irwin
6/30/2006-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Brian Brown
6/30/2006-Superior Speedway (Superior, WI)-Chuck Swenson
6/30/2006-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Ken Mackey

7/1/2006-Tri-State Speedway (Pocola, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/1/2006-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Kevin Ramey
7/1/2006-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Chuck Swenson
7/3/2006-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Brian Brown
7/3/2006-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Jake Peters
7/7/2006-Bolivar Speedway (Bolivar, MO)-Jason Johnson
7/7/2006-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Randi Miller
7/7/2006-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Features Potponed to August 18 by Power Outage
7/8/2006-Mid-America Motor Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/8/2006-McKean County Raceway (Smethport, PA)-Chris Shuttleworth
7/8/2006-Owendale Speedway (Owendale, MI)-Steve Irwin
7/9/2006-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/9/2006-Steele County Speedway (Owatonna, MN)-Scott Winters
7/13/2006-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/14/2006-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/14/2006-Jackson Speedway (Jackson, MN)-Dusty Zomer
7/14/2006-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Bryan Howland
7/15/2006-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Kevin Ramey
7/15/2006-Brockville Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Rick Wilson
7/15/2006-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Steve Irwin
7/18/2006-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Chuck Swenson
7/21/2006-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Jason Johnson
7/21/2006-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Wade Nygaard
7/21/2006-Penn-Can Speedway (Susquehanna, PA)-Chuck Hebing
7/21/2006-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Kevin Atkins
7/22/2006-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Larry Neighbors
7/22/2006-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Wade Nygaard
7/22/2006-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Garry Lee Maier
7/22/2006-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Ryan Grubaugh
7/23/2006-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
7/27/2006-Belleville High Banks (Belleville, KS)-J.D. Johnson
7/28/2006-Butler County Motorplex (Rising City, NE)-Garry Lee Maier
7/28/2006-Ransomville Speedway (Ransomville, NY)-Rick Wilson
7/28/2006-Butler Motor Speedway (Quincy, MI)-Ben Rutan
7/29/2006-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Jason Johnson
7/29/2006-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Keith Rauch

8/3/2006-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Johnny Anderson
8/4/2006-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Billy Alley
8/5/2006-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Jesse Giannetto
8/10/2006-Shiawassee County Fairgrounds (Corunna, MI)-Ken Mackey
8/12/2006-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Chuck Hebing
8/12/2006-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Ryan Grubaugh
8/15/2006-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Billy Alley
8/15/2006-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Bryan Dobesh
8/18/2006-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Tim Norman
8/18/2006-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson
8/18/2006-Hayden Speedway (Hayden, CO)-Gary Taylor
8/18/2006-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Nick Smith
8/18/2006-Oak Level Speedway (Martinsville, VA)-Brian Smith
8/19/2006-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Brad Best
8/19/2006-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Keith Rauch
8/19/2006-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Kevin Ramey
8/25/2006-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Dustin Daggett

9/1/2006-Winston Motor Speedway (Rothbury, MI)-Gary Fast
9/2/2006-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Curt Lund
9/2/2006-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Paxton Lambrecht
9/2/2006-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/3/2006-Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, MS)-Darren Stewart
9/3/2006-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Dustin Lindquist
9/3/2006-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Joe

2007 (Jan-June)

1/31/2006-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Brady Short
1/25/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Gary Wright
1/26/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Terry McCarl
1/27/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Gary Wright
1/29/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Jesse Hockett

2/2/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Levi Jones
2/10/2007-Deep South Speedway (Loxley, AL)-Marshall Skinner

3/10/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
3/16/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Wayne Johnson
3/17/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jake Peters
3/23/2007-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
3/24/2007-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Wayne Johnson
3/24/2007-South Mississippi Speedway (Long Beach, MS)-Michael Dupuy
3/31/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
3/31/2007-Green Valley Speedway (Glencoe, AL)-Wade Oliver

4/6/2007-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson
4/14/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
4/14/2007-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Kevin Ramey
4/14/2007-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Brian Brown
4/15/2007-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Chuck Swenson
4/18/2007-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
4/20/2007-Southern Speedway (Hattiesburg, MS)-Jason Johnson
4/21/2007-Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, MS)-Gary Wright
4/21/2007-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Garry Lee Maier
4/22/2007-Susquehanna Speedway Park (Newberrytown, PA)-Pat Cannon
4/27/2007-67 Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Jason Johnson
4/28/2007-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Jason Johnson
4/28/2007-Virginia Motor Speedway (Saluda, VA)-Kenny Adams
4/29/2007-Susquehanna Speedway Park (Newberrytown, PA)-Lucas Wolfe

5/5/2007-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
5/5/2007-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Travis Rilat
5/5/2007-Fulton Speedway (Fulton, NY)-Chuck Hebing
5/5/2007-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
5/6/2007-Rolling Wheels Raceway Park (Elbridge, NY)-Chuck Hebing
5/6/2007-Susquehanna Speedway Park (Newberrytown, PA)-Lucas Wolfe
5/11/2007-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
5/11/2007-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Dustin Daggett
5/12/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
5/12/2007-Central Arizona Raceway (Casa Grande, AZ)-Chad Boat
5/12/2007-Southern Raceway (Milton, FL)-Michael Dupuy
5/12/2007-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Don Droud, Jr.
5/12/2007-Thunderbird Race Park (Muskegon, MI)-Mike Brecht
5/18/2007-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Chuck Hebing
5/18/2007-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Brandon Berryman
5/19/2007-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Travis Rilat
5/19/2007-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Johnny Miller
5/19/2007-Laurens County Speedway (Laurens, SC)-Johnny Bridges
5/20/2007-Susquehanna Speedway Park (Newberrytown, PA)-Wayne Johnson
5/24/2007-Susquehanna Speedway Park (Newberrytown, PA)-Jason Johnson
5/25/2007-Virginia Motor Speedway (Saluda, VA)-Travis Rilat
5/25/2007-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Garry Lee Maier
5/26/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
5/26/2007-Lincoln County Raceway (North Platte, NE)-Garry Lee Maier
5/27/2007-Wakeeney Speedway (Wakeeney, KS)-Garry Lee Maier

6/1/2007-Caprara's Thunder Alley Speedpark (Evans Mills, NY)-Chuck Hebing
6/1/2007-Ace Speedway (Altamahaw, NC)-Bryn Gohn
6/1/2007-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Tim Norman
6/2/2007-South Mississippi Speedway (Long Beach, MS)-Michael Dupuy
6/2/2007-Brockville Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Jessica Zemken
6/8/2007-Penn Can Speedway (Feature on 8/17) (Susquehanna, PA)-Justin Barger
6/8/2007-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Dustin Daggett
6/9/2007-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
6/9/2007-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-C.J. Johnson
6/9/2007-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Kevin Ramey
6/9/2007-Dillon Motor Speedway (Dillon, SC)-Kenny Adams
6/9/2007-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Dustin Daggett
6/15/2007-Butler County Motorplex (Rising City, NE)-Mike Boston
6/16/2007-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Jason Johnson
6/16/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
6/16/2007-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Chuck Hebing
6/16/2007-Colorado National Speedway (Erie, CO)-Nick Haygood
6/17/2007-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-Jared Zimbardi
6/19/2007-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Jason Johnson
6/20/2007-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Wayne Johnson
6/22/2007-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Michael Dupuy
6/22/2007-Oglethorpe Speedway Park (Savannah, GA)-Matt Tiffany
6/23/2007-Dakota State Fair Speedway (Huron, SD)-Jason Johnson
6/23/2007-Central Arizona Raceway (Casa Grande, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
6/23/2007-Swainsboro Raceway (Swainsboro, GA)-Kenny Adams
6/29/2007-Ransomville Speedway (Ransomville, NY)-Jared Zimbardi
6/29/2007-Sugar Creek Raceway (Blue Ridge, GA)-Kenny Adams
6/29/2007-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Dustin Daggett
6/29/2007-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Brian Brown
6/30/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
6/30/2007-Deep South Speedway (Loxley, AL)-Lane Whittington
6/30/2007-Canandaigua Speedway (Canandaigua, NY)-Jason Barney
6/30/2007-River Valley Speedway (Arkadelphia, AL)-Lee Sowell

2007 (July - Nov.)

7/3/2007-Missouri State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Gary Wright
7/3/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
7/3/2007-Rolling Wheels Raceway Park (Elbridge, NY)-Chuck Hebing
7/4/2007-Double X Speedway (California, MO)-Jason Johnson
7/6/2007-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Bobby Breen
7/7/2007-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Gary Wright
7/7/2007-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Billy Balog
7/7/2007-I-76 Speedway (Fort Morgan, CO)-Keith Rauch
7/7/2007-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Brian McClelland
7/13/2007-Mileback Speedway (Gray Court, SC)-Johnny Bridges
7/13/2007-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Gary Fast
7/14/2007-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
7/14/2007-Fayetteville Motor Speedway (Fayetteville, NC)-Brian Smith
7/14/2007-Cedar Lake Speedway (New Richmond, WI)-Chuck Swenson
7/16/2007-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Darren Stewart
7/19/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/20/2007-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Wright
7/20/2007-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Brian Brown
7/20/2007-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Dustin Daggett
7/21/2007-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Gary Wright
7/21/2007-Southern Raceway (Milton, FL)-Shane Morgan
7/21/2007-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Bud Kaeding
7/21/2007-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
7/21/2007-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Mike Boston
7/22/2007-Dodge City Raceway Park (Dodge City, KS)-Bud Kaeding
7/27/2007-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Darrell Brink
7/27/2007-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Brett Mann
7/27/2007-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Chuck Swenson
7/28/2007-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Scottie McDonald
7/28/2007-Gillette Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Corey Brink
7/28/2007-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Steve Irwin
7/28/2007-Murray County Speedway (Slayton, MN)-Jody Rosenboom
7/29/2007-Cayuga County Speedway (Weedsport, NY)-Jeff Van Dusen

8/2/2007-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Kaley Gharst
8/3/2007-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Shane Stewart
8/3/2007-Ransomville Speedway (Ransomville, NY)-George Suprick
8/4/2007-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Shane Stewart
8/11/2007-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Jared Zimbardi
8/11/2007-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Steve Irwin
8/14/2007-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Dave Darland
8/14/2007-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Jack Dover
8/15/2007-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Chris Windom
8/15/2007-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Shane Stewart
8/16/2007-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Robert Ballou
8/17/2007-Penn Can Speedway (Susquehanna, PA)-Chuck Hebing
8/17/2007-Jackson Speedway (Jackson, MN)-Gregg Bakker
8/17/2007-Hayden Speedway (Hayden, CO)-C.J. Johnson
8/17/2007-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Danny Jennings
8/17/2007-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Robert Ballou
8/18/2007-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Travis Rilat
8/18/2007-Canandaigua Speedway (Canandaigua, NY)-Chuck Hebing
8/18/2007-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Keith Rauch
8/18/2007-Owendale Speedway (Owendale, MI)-Ryan Grubaugh
8/18/2007-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Robert Ballou
8/24/2007-Simpson County Motorsports Park (Mendenhall, MS)-Derek Hagar
8/24/2007-Lincoln County Raceway (North Platte, NE)-Mike Peters
8/25/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
8/25/2007-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Jason Johnson
8/25/2007-Genessee Speedway (Batavia, NY)-Chuck Hebing
8/26/2007-Humberstone Speedway (Port Colborne, ONT)-Chuck Hebing
8/31/2007-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Brandon Berryman
8/31/2007-Winston Motor Speedway (Rothbury, MI)-Ben Rutan

9/1/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/1/2007-Green Valley Speedway (Glencoe, AL)-Brad Bowden
9/1/2007-RPM Speedway (Hays, KS)-C.J. Johnson
9/1/2007-Tri-County Race Track (Brasstown, NC)-Kenny Adams
9/1/2007-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/1/2007-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Jerry Richert, Jr.
9/1/2007-Woodhull Raceway (Woodhull, NY)-Chuck Hebing
9/2/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
9/2/2007-Magnolia Motor Speedway (Columbus, MS)-Michael Dupuy
9/2/2007-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/2/2007-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Lee Grosz
9/2/2007-Colorado National Speedway (Erie, CO)-Nick Haygood
9/7/2007-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Jesse Hockett
9/8/2007-Deep South Speedway (Loxley, AL)-Jason Johnson
9/8/2007-Fulton Speedway (Fulton, NY)-Justin Barger
9/8/2007-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Kevin Ramey
9/8/2007-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/14/2007-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
9/14/2007-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Kevin Ramey
9/15/2007-Central Arizona Raceway (Casa Grande, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
9/15/2007-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Jason Johnson
9/15/2007-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
9/15/2007-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Nick Smith
9/22/2007-South Texas Speedway (Corpus Christi, TX)-Brandon Berryman
9/22/2007-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Brian McClelland
9/22/2007-Dillon Motor Speedway (Dillon, SC)-Kenny Adams
9/28/2007-Motorama Speedway (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/29/2007-West Plains Motor Speedway (West Plains, MO)-Gary Wright
9/29/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
9/29/2007-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Brandon Berryman
9/29/2007-Screven Motor Speedway (Sylvania, GA)-Terry Gray

10/5/2007-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Brian McClelland
10/6/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
10/6/2007-Pike County Speedway (Magnolia, MS)-Michael Dupuy
10/6/2007-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Brian Brown
10/12/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
10/12/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
10/13/2007-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
10/13/2007-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Cory Kruseman
10/20/2007-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
10/25/2007-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Shane Stewart
10/26/2007-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Shaffer
10/27/2007-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Jason Meyers
10/27/2007-Central Arizona Raceway (Casa Grande, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.

11/9/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Kenny Adams
11/10/2007-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Kenny Adams

2008 (Jan. - June)

1/31/2008-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Kenny Adams

2/1/2008-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Terry McCarl
2/2/2008-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Jason Johnson
2/9/2008-Deep South Speedway (Loxley, AL)-Kenny Adams
2/29/2008-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson

3/1/2008-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Jack Dover
3/8/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
3/14/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
3/15/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
3/21/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Danny Lasoski
3/22/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jason Johnson
3/22/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Casey Shuman
3/22/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Don Grable
3/29/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
3/29/2008-Champion Park Speedway (Haughton, LA)-Jason Johnson

4/5/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
4/5/2008-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Jason Johnson
4/5/2008-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Travis Rilat
4/11/2008-Ocala Speedway (Ocala, FL)-Bryn Gohn
4/11/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Nick Smith
4/12/2008-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Danny Martin, Jr.
4/12/2008-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Gary Taylor
4/19/2008-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)-Jason Johnson
4/19/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
4/19/2008-Fast Trax Speedway (Chatham, LA)-Channin Tankersley
4/25/2008-Paris Motor Speedway (Paris, TX)-Skip Wilson
4/26/2008-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Nick Smith
4/26/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-R.J. Johnson

5/3/2008-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Aaron Berryhill
5/3/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
5/3/2008-Fulton Speedway (Fulton, NY)-Feature ppd by rain
5/3/2008-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Gary Taylor
5/3/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Ben Gregg
5/9/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jack Dover
5/9/2008-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Channin Tankersley
5/10/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
5/10/2008-Central Arizona Raceway (Casa Grande, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
5/10/2008-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Brandon Berryman
5/10/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Ben Gregg
5/10/2008-Thunderbird Race Park (Muskegon, MI)-Ben Rutan
5/16/2008-Boyd Raceway (Boyd, TX)-Brian McClelland
5/17/2008-Jackson Motor Speedway (Jackson, MS)-Brad Bowden
5/17/2008-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Gary Taylor
5/17/2008-South Buxton Raceway (South Buxton, ONT)-Rain after heat races
5/24/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Casey Shuman
5/24/2008-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Chris Sweeney
5/24/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Jayme Barnes
5/24/2008-Woodhull Raceway (Woodhull, NY)-Chuck Hebing
5/24/2008-Green Valley Speedway (Glencoe, AL)-Michael Miller
5/24/2008-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Bob Schaeffer
5/24/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Ben Gregg
5/25/2008-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Ryan Hall
5/25/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Seth Bergman
5/25/2008-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-John Schuyler
5/25/2008-Thunder Mountain Speedway (Olathe, CO)-Keith Rauch
5/25/2008-Thunder Raceway (Show Low, AZ)-Ben Gregg
5/30/2008-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
5/31/2008-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
5/31/2008-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Brian McClelland
5/31/2008-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Tim Norman

6/6/2008-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Gregg Dalman
6/7/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
6/7/2008-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Brandon Berryman
6/7/2008-Canandaigua Speedway (Canandaigua, NY)-Jason Barney
6/7/2008-Fayetteville Motor Speedway (Fayetteville, NC)-Kenny Adams
6/7/2008-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Sean McClelland
6/7/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Shawn Sander
6/7/2008-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Rain after heat races
6/13/2008-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Derrik Ortega
6/13/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Sean McClelland
6/14/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Andrew Reinbold
6/14/2008-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Patrick Bourke
6/14/2008-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Joe Wood, Jr.
6/14/2008-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Darren Long
6/17/2008-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Donny Schatz
6/19/2008-Red River Valley Speedway (Fargo, ND)-Wade Nygaard
6/20/2008-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Jason Johnson
6/20/2008-Oglethorpe Speedway Park (Savannah, GA)-Kenny Adams
6/21/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
6/21/2008-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Michael Dupuy
6/21/2008-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Bryan Howland
6/21/2008-Swainsboro Raceway (Swainsboro, GA)-Matt Tiffany
6/21/2008-Butler Motor Speedway (Quincy, MI)-Darren Long
6/22/2008-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-Chuck Hebing
6/24/2008-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
6/27/2008-North Florida Speedway (Baker, FL)-Don Young
6/27/2008-Ransomville Speedway (Ransomville, NY)-Chuck Hebing
6/27/2008-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Johnny Herrera
6/27/2008-Kennedale Speedway Park (Kennedale, TX)-Joe Wood, Jr.
6/27/2008-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Brian Brown
6/28/2008-Dakota State Fair Speedway (Huron, SD)-Jason Johnson
6/28/2008-Southern Raceway (Milton, FL)-Kenny Adams
6/28/2008-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Johnny Herrera
6/28/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Ben Gregg
6/28/2008-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Dustin Daggett

2008 (July - Nov.)

7/4/2008-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Wayne Johnson
7/4/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
7/4/2008-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Dustin Daggett
7/5/2008-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Jason Johnson
7/5/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
7/5/2008-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Bryn Gohn
7/5/2008-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Lee Grosz
7/5/2008-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Bryan Howland
7/11/2008-67 Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Taylor
7/11/2008-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Jack Dover
7/11/2008-Brewerton Speedway (Brewerton, NY)-Bryan Howland
7/12/2008-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
7/12/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
7/12/2008-Dixie Speedway (Woodstock, GA)-Matt Linder
7/12/2008-Lincoln County Raceway (North Platte, NE)-Derrik Ortega
7/12/2008-Owendale Speedway (Owendale, MI)-Brett Mann
7/14/2008-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/14/2008-Southern Oregon Speedway (Medford, OR)-Jonathan Allard
7/15/2008-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Roger Crockett
7/16/2008-Willamette Speedway (Lebanon, OR)-Roger Crockett
7/17/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
7/17/2008-Sunset Speedway (Banks, OR)-Roger Crockett
7/18/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Gary Taylor
7/18/2008-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Gary Watson
7/18/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Danny Lasoski
7/18/2008-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Jack Dover
7/18/2008-Ionia Fair Speedway (Ionia, MI)-Ryan Grubaugh
7/19/2008-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/19/2008-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Tommy Bryant
7/19/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Roger Crockett
7/19/2008-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Jack Dover
7/19/2008-Cochran Speedway (Cochran, GA)-Danny Martin, Jr.
7/19/2008-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
7/25/2008-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Jake Peters
7/25/2008-Kennedale Speedway Park (Kennedale, TX)-Joe Wood, Jr.
7/25/2008-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Ben Rutan
7/26/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
7/26/2008-Genessee Speedway (Batavia, NY)-Gordy Button
7/26/2008-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Brad Welborn
7/26/2008-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Dustin Daggett
7/27/2008-Cayuga County Fair Speedway (Weedsport, NY)-George Suprick
7/31/2008-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Jason Johnson

8/1/2008-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Wayne Johnson
8/2/2008-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Wayne Johnson
8/8/2008-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Justin Barger
8/9/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
8/9/2008-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Dustin Daggett
8/13/2008-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Jack Dover
8/15/2008-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Channin Tankersley
8/15/2008-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Johnny Herrera
8/15/2008-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Nick Smith
8/16/2008-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Robert Sellers
8/16/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Ben Gregg
8/16/2008-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Dustin Daggett
8/22/2008-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Greg Rilat
8/22/2008-Casper Speedway (Casper, WY)-Joe Ramaker
8/23/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
8/23/2008-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Kolt Walker
8/23/2008-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Blake Breen
8/23/2008-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Derrik Ortega
8/29/2008-South Texas Speedway (Corpus Christi, TX)-Jason Johnson
8/29/2008-Northwest Florida Speedway (Baker, FL)-Tyler Godwin
8/29/2008-Winstson Motor Speedway (Rothbury, MI)-Brett Mann
8/30/2008-Texana Raceway Park (Edna, TX)-Jason Johnson
8/30/2008-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Joseph Kouba
8/30/2008-Deep South Speedway (Loxley, AL)-Kenny Adams
8/30/2008-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
8/31/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Roger Crockett
8/31/2008-North Central Speedway (Brainerd, MN)-Eric Lutz

9/5/2008-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Brett Mann
9/6/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
9/6/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Rick Ziehl
9/6/2008-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/7/2008-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Jack Dover
9/13/2008-Black Hills Speedway (Rapid City, SD)-Jack Dover
9/19/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Shane Stewart
9/19/2008-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
9/20/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
9/20/2008-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Shane Stewart
9/20/2008-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Bobby Breen
9/20/2008-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Johnny Herrera
9/20/2008-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Gary Taylor
9/21/2008-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Trevor Lewis
9/26/2008-Yakima Dirt Track (Yakima, WA)-Jason Solwold
9/26/2008-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Daggett/Barney
9/27/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Bob Ream, Jr.
9/27/2008-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/27/2008-Yakima Dirt Track (Yakima, WA)-Brock Lemley
9/27/2008-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Wayne Johnson
9/27/2008-Screven Motor Speedway (Sylvania, GA)-Matt Tiffany
9/27/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Justin Spoerl
9/27/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Ben Gregg

10/3/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Johnny Herrera
10/4/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Johnny Herrera
10/10/2008-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Gavin Puch
10/10/2008-Cayuga County Fair Speedway (Weedsport, NY)-Gordy Button
10/11/2008-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Brian Brown
10/11/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
10/17/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
10/18/2008-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Gary Wright
10/18/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
10/18/2008-USA Race Park (Tucson, AZ)-Ben Gregg
10/23/2008-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Gary Wright
10/24/2008-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
10/25/2008-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
10/25/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman

11/6/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jesse Hockett
11/7/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jesse Hockett
11/8/2008-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Jesse Hockett
11/14/2008-Ocala Speedway (Ocala, FL)-Kenny Adams
11/15/2008-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Sport Allen

2009 (Feb. - July)

2/1/2009-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Tim Shaffer
2/2/2009-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Tim Shaffer

3/6/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Wayne Johnson
3/7/2009-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Gary Wright
3/7/2009-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Brian Brown
3/14/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Dave Darland
3/20/2009-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Sammy Swindell
3/21/2009-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Rick Ziehl
3/21/2009-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
3/28/2009-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Jason Johnson

4/3/2009-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Johnny Herrera
4/4/2009-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Matt Covington
4/4/2009-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Zach Chappell
4/10/2009-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Wayne Johnson
4/11/2009-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Dustin Morgan
4/12/2009-Manzanita Speedway (Phoenix, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
4/24/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Jack Dover
4/25/2009-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jason Johnson

5/2/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Joe Wood, Jr.
5/2/2009-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-John Gaston
5/8/2009-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Chuck Hebing
5/8/2009-Albany-Saratoga Speedway (Malta, NY)-Robert Ballou
5/8/2009-Southern Oregon Speedway (Medford, OR)-Dustin Daggett
5/9/2009-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Travis Rilat
5/9/2009-Southern Oregon Speedway (Medford, OR)-Jason Johnson
5/9/2009-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Tim Crawley
5/15/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Nick Smith
5/15/2009-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Brandon Berryman
5/16/2009-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Charles Davis, Jr.
5/16/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Steve Poirier
5/21/2009-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Gary Wright
5/22/2009-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Mike Martin
5/22/2009-Limaland Motorsports Park (Lima, OH)-Chuck Hebing
5/23/2009-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Johnny Herrera
5/23/2009-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Shane Stewart
5/23/2009-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Chris Morgan
5/23/2009-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Ryan Roberts
5/23/2009-Waynesfield Motorsports Park (Waynesfield, OH)-Luke Hall
5/24/2009-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Brady Bacon
5/24/2009-Hollywood Hills Speedway (San Felipe Pueblo, NM)-Kent Lewis, Jr.
5/24/2009-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Jason Solwold
5/24/2009-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Bryan Howland
5/24/2009-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-J.R. Stewart
5/24/2009-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Brady Bacon
5/30/2009-Abilene Speedway (Abilene, TX)-Tommy Bryant
5/30/2009-Woodhull Speedway (Woodhull, NY)-Bubba Broderick
5/30/2009-Lavonia Speedway (Lavonia, GA)-Randy Hannagan
5/30/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Rick Ziehl

6/5/2009-67 Texarkana Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Brady Bacon
6/5/2009-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Robert Sellers
6/6/2009-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Joshua Hodges
6/6/2009-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Danny Wood
6/6/2009-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Eric Baldaccini
6/9/2009-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Dustin Daggett
6/12/2009-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jason Johnson
6/12/2009-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-R.J. Johnson
6/12/2009-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Brian McClelland
6/13/2009-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Roger Crockett
6/13/2009-Canandaigua Speedway (Canandaigua, NY)-Jared Zimbardi
6/13/2009-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Jared Horstman
6/13/2009-South Buxton Raceway (Merlin, ONT)-Gary Taylor
6/19/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Robert Ballou
6/19/2009-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Tommy Bryant
6/20/2009-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/20/2009-Springfield Raceway (Springfield, MO)-Jack Dover
6/26/2009-Boyd Raceway (Boyd, TX)-Stewart Friesen
6/26/2009-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Darren Long
6/26/2009-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Robert Ballou
6/26/2009-Mount Pleasant Speedway (Mount Pleasant, MI)-Jason Johnson
6/27/2009-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Kenneth Walker
6/27/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Bubba Broderick
6/27/2009-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Dustin Hall
6/27/2009-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Darren Long
6/27/2009-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Eric Lutz
6/27/2009-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Zach Chappell

7/2/2009-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Charles Davis, Jr.
7/3/2009-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Chad Humston
7/3/2009-Texana Raceway Park (Edna, TX)-Charles Davis, Jr.
7/3/2009-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Brian Brown
7/4/2009-Riverside Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Dustin Daggett
7/4/2009-Texana Raceway Park (Edna, TX)-R.J. Johnson
7/4/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Roger Crockett
7/10/2009-RPM Speedway (Crandall, TX)-Bryan Howland
7/10/2009-Brewerton Speedway (Brewerton, NY)-Dustin Daggett
7/10/2009-Oglethorpe Speedway Park (Savannah, GA)-Roger Crockett
7/10/2009-Atomic Motor Raceway (Blackfoot, ID)-Shane Stewart
7/11/2009-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Sean McClelland
7/11/2009-Kennedale Speedway Park (Kennedale, TX)-Dain Naida
7/11/2009-Dixie Speedway (Woodstock, GA)-Brian Brown
7/11/2009-Atomic Motor Raceway (Blackfoot, ID)-Travis Rilat
7/11/2009-Owendale Speedway (Owendale, MI)-Roger Crockett
7/12/2009-Cayuga County Fair Speedway (Weedsport, NY)-Kyle Hirst
7/13/2009-Southern Oregon Speedway (Medford, OR)-Jason Johnson
7/14/2009-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Gary Wright
7/15/2009-Willamette Speedway (Lebanon, OR)-Justin Melton
7/17/2009-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Bronson Maeschen
7/17/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Dain Naida
7/17/2009-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Jason Johnson
7/17/2009-Ionia Fairgrounds Speedway (Ionia, MI)-Jeremy Sherman
7/18/2009-Grays Harbor Raceway Park (Elma, WA)-Claud Estes
7/18/2009-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Shane Ely
7/18/2009-Brockville Ontario Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Joshua Williams
7/18/2009-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Dustin Daggett
7/18/2009-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Steve Poirier
7/19/2009-Cornwall Motor Speedway (Cornwall, ONT)-Brian Brown
7/24/2009-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Jason Johnson
7/24/2009-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
7/24/2009-Arcade International Speedway (Delevan, NY)-Jake Peters
7/25/2009-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Dustin Daggett
7/25/2009-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Brady Bacon
7/31/2009-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Kolt Walker
7/31/2009-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Shane Stewart
7/31/2009-Northwest Florida Speedway (Baker, FL)-Alan Cole

2009 (Aug. - Nov.)

8/1/2009-Merrittville Speedway (Thorold, ONT)-Dan Shetler
8/6/2009-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Dustin Barks
8/7/2009-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Brian Brown
8/7/2009-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Shane Stewart
8/8/2009-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Bryan Howland
8/8/2009-Fulton Speedway (Fulton, NY)-Dustin Daggett
8/14/2009-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Shane Stewart
8/14/2009-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Dustin Daggett
8/15/2009-Coos Bay Speedway (Coos Bay, OR)-Dustin Daggett
8/15/2009-Merritt Speedway (Merritt, MI)-Ryan Grubaugh
8/17/2009-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Daron Clayton
8/19/2009-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Casey Shuman
8/21/2009-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Robert Ballou
8/21/2009-Casper Speedway (Casper, WY)-Jason Johnson
8/21/2009-State Fair Speedway (Oklahoma City, OK)-Roger Crockett
8/22/2009-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Dustin Daggett
8/22/2009-Brockville Ontario Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Dave Darland
8/22/2009-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Jason Johnson
8/22/2009-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Henry Van Dam
8/23/2009-Sedalia State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Dalten Gabbard
8/28/2009-Kennedale Speedway Park (Kennedale, TX)-Jerrod Hull
8/29/2009-105 Speedway (Cleveland, TX)-Tim Crawley
8/29/2009-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Bryan Howland
8/29/2009-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Gregg Dalman
8/29/2009-Gillette Speedway (Gillette, WY)-Jason Johnson
8/30/2009-Humberstone Speedway (Port Colborne, ONT)-Brian Brown

9/4/2009-RPM Speedway (Crandall, TX)-R.J. Johnson
9/4/2009-Winston Speedway (Rothbury, MI)-Jason Johnson
9/5/2009-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Bubba Broderick
9/5/2009-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Dustin Daggett
9/5/2009-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Jeremy Sherman
9/5/2009-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Andy Shouse
9/6/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Jayme Barnes
9/6/2009-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-Tim Kelly
9/6/2009-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Brian Brown
9/11/2009-Hartford Speedway Park (Hartford, MI)-Bobby Breen (Feature 1)
9/12/2009-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Alain Bergeron (Feature 2)
9/13/2009-Butler County Motorplex (Rising City, NE)-Dustin Daggett
9/18/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Kolt Walker
9/18/2009-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Jason Johnson
9/19/2009-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Justin Barger
9/19/2009-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Sean McClelland
9/19/2009-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Jason Johnson
9/19/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Jason Johnson
9/19/2009-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Rick Ziehl
9/25/2009-Yakima Dirt Track (Yakima, WA)-Shane Stewart
9/26/2009-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)-Billy Alley
9/26/2009-Yakima Dirt Track (Yakima, WA)-Jason Solwold

10/2/2009-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Tim Crawley
10/10/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
10/10/2009-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Roger Crockett
10/17/2009-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Dustin Daggett
10/17/2009-Brockville Ontario Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Johnny Herrera
10/18/2009-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
10/24/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Tim Crawley

11/5/2009-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Andy Shouse
11/6/2009-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Johnny Herrera
11/7/2009-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-R.J. Johnson
11/14/2009-East Bay Raceway Park (Tampa, FL)-Jason Johnson
11/19/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Jack Dover
11/19/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Jared Zimbardi
11/20/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Derrik Ortega
11/20/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-R.J. Johnson
11/21/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
11/21/2009-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Brad Sweet

2010 (Feb. - July)

2/25/2010-East Bay Raceway (Tampa, FL)-Tim Shaffer
2/26/2010-East Bay Raceway (Tampa, FL)-Tim Shaffer
2/27/2010-East Bay Raceway (Tampa, FL)-Wayne Johnson

3/5/2010-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Gary Wright
3/6/2010-Battleground Speedway (Highlands, TX)-Brian Brown
3/13/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Dave Darland
3/19/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Sammy Swindell
3/20/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Rick Ziehl
3/27/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.

4/3/2010-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Jason Johnson
4/3/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Johnny Herrera
4/9/2010-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Matt Covington
4/10/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Zach Chappell
4/16/2010-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Wayne Johnson
4/16/2010-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Dustin Morgan
4/17/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
4/17/2010-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Jack Dover
4/24/2010-Speedarama Raceway (Lufkin, TX)-Jason Johnson
4/24/2010-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Joe Wood, Jr.
4/24/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-John Gaston
4/30/2010-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Chuck Hebing

5/1/2010-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Robert Ballou
5/1/2010-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
5/7/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Travis Rilat
5/7/2010-Outlaw Motor Speedway (Wainwright, OK)-Jason Johnson
5/8/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
5/8/2010-Springfield Raceway (Springfield, MO)-Nick Smith
5/14/2010-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Brandon Berryman
5/15/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
5/15/2010-Canandaigua Speedway (Canandaigua, NY)-Steve Poirier
5/21/2010-Texarkana 67 Speedway (Texarkana, AR)-Gary Wright
5/22/2010-Perris Auto Speedway (Perris, CA)-Mike Martin
5/22/2010-Woodhull Raceway (Feature on July 31) (Woodhull, NY)-Chuck Hebing
5/22/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-Johnny Herrera
5/27/2010-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Shane Stewart
5/28/2010-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Chris Morgan
5/28/2010-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Ryan Roberts
5/28/2010-Limaland Motorsports Park (Lima, OH)-Luke Hall
5/29/2010-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Brady Bacon
5/29/2010-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Kent Lewis, Jr.
5/29/2010-Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma, WA)-Jason Solwold
5/29/2010-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Bryan Howland
5/29/2010-Waynesfield Motorsports Park (Waynesfield, OH)-J.R. Stewart
5/30/2010-Jetmore Motorplex (Jetmore, KS)-Brady Bacon
5/30/2010-Speedarama Raceway (Lufkin, TX)-Tommy Bryant
5/30/2010-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-Bubba Broderick
5/30/2010-Eldora Speedway (Rossburg, OH)-Randy Hannagan

6/4/2010-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Rick Ziehl
6/5/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Brady Bacon
6/5/2010-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Robert Sellers
6/5/2010-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Joshua Hodges
6/11/2010-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Danny Wood
6/11/2010-Boyd Raceway (Boyd, TX)-Eric Baldaccini
6/11/2010-Hartford Motor Speedway (Hartford, MI)-Dustin Daggett
6/12/2010-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Jason Johnson
6/12/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-R.J. Johnson
6/12/2010-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Brian McClelland
6/12/2010-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Roger Crockett
6/12/2010-Brockville Ontario Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Jared Zimbardi
6/12/2010-Butler Motor Speedway (Quincy, MI)-Jared Horstman
6/13/2010-Electric City Speedway (Great Falls, MT)-Gary Taylor
6/18/2010-Creek County Speedway (Sapulpa, OK)-Robert Ballou
6/18/2010-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Tommy Bryant
6/18/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/18/2010-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Jack Dover
6/18/2010-Ransomville Speedway (Ransomville, NY)-Stewart Friesen
6/18/2010-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Darren Long
6/19/2010-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)-Robert Ballou
6/19/2010-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Jason Johnson
6/19/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kenneth Walker
6/19/2010-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Bubba Broderick
6/19/2010-Sweetwater Speedway (Rock Springs, WY)-Dustin Hall
6/19/2010-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Darren Long
6/25/2010-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Eric Lutz
6/26/2010-Lake Ozark Speedway (Eldon, MO)-Zach Chappell
6/26/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.

7/1/2010-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Chad Humston
7/2/2010-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-Charles Davis, Jr.
7/2/2010-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Brian Brown
7/2/2010-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Dustin Daggett
7/3/2010-Aztec Speedway (Aztec, NM)-R.J. Johnson
7/3/2010-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Roger Crockett
7/3/2010-Little Valley Speedway (Little Valley, NY)-Bryan Howland
7/3/2010-South Buxton International Speedway (Merlin, ONT)-Dustin Daggett
7/4/2010-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Roger Crockett
7/10/2010-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Shane Stewart
7/10/2010-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Sean McClelland
7/10/2010-Owendale Speedway (Owendale, MI)-Dain Naida
7/11/2010-Boone County Raceway (Albion, NE)-Brian Brown
7/12/2010-Southern Oregon Speedway (Medford, OR)-Travis Rilat
7/13/2010-Willamette Speedway (Lebanon, OR)-Roger Crockett
7/14/2010-Sunset Speedway (Banks, OR)-Kyle Hirst
7/16/2010-Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma, WA)-Jason Johnson
7/16/2010-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Gary Wright
7/16/2010-RPM Speedway (Crandall, TX)-Justin Melton
7/16/2010-U.S. 36 Raceway (Cameron, MO)-Bronson Maeschen
7/16/2010-Winston Motor Speedway (Rothbury, MI)-Dain Naida
7/17/2010-Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma, WA)-Jason Johnson
7/17/2010-Perris Auto Speedway (Perris, CA)-Jeremy Sherman
7/17/2010-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Claud Estes
7/17/2010-Brockville Ontario Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Shane Ely
7/17/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Joshua Williams
7/17/2010-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
7/18/2010-Cornwall Motor Speedway (Cornwall, ONT)-Steve Poirier
7/21/2010-Crawford County Speedway (Denison, IA)-Brian Brown
7/23/2010-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Jason Johnson
7/23/2010-Heart O' Texas Speedway (Waco, TX)-Ray Allen Kulhanek
7/23/2010-I-90 Speedway (Hartford, SD)-Jake Peters
7/23/2010-Ionia Fair Speedway (Ionia, MI)-Dustin Daggett
7/24/2010-Cottage Grove Speedway (Cottage Grove, OR)-Brady Bacon
7/24/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Kolt Walker
7/30/2010-LA Raceway (LaMonte, MO)-Shane Stewart
7/30/2010-Clinton County Raceway (Lock Haven, PA)-Alan Cole
7/31/2010-Woodhull Raceway (Woodhull, NY)-Dan Shetler
7/31/2010-Springfield Raceway (Springfield, MO)-Dustin Barks

2010 (Aug. - Nov.)

8/5/2010-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Brian Brown
8/6/2010-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Shane Stewart
8/6/2010-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Bryan Howland
8/6/2010-Cherry Speedway (Fife Lake, MI)-Dustin Daggett
8/7/2010-Knoxville Raceway (Knoxville, IA)-Shane Stewart
8/7/2010-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Dustin Daggett
8/8/2010-Kokomo Speedway (Kokomo, IN)-Dustin Daggett
8/14/2010-Butler Motor Speedway (Quincy, MI)-Ryan Grubaugh
8/15/2010-Rapid Speedway (Rock Rapids, IA)-Daron Clayton
8/16/2010-I-80 Speedway (Feature on 8/19) (Greenwood, NE)-Casey Shuman
8/17/2010-Sedalia's State Fair Speedway (Sedalia, MO)-Robert Ballou
8/20/2010-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson
8/20/2010-Sunset Speedway (Banks, OR)-Roger Crockett
8/20/2010-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Dustin Daggett
8/21/2010-Lakeside Speedway (Kansas City, KS)-Dave Darland
8/21/2010-Battleground Speedway (Highlands, TX)-Jason Johnson
8/21/2010-Coos Bay Speedway (Coos Bay, OR)-Henry Van Dam
8/21/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Dalten Gabbard
8/27/2010-Tri-City Speedway (Granite City, IL)-Jerrod Hull
8/28/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Tim Crawley
8/28/2010-Stateline Speedway (Jamestown, NY)-Bryan Howland
8/28/2010-Owendale Speedway (Owendale, MI)-Gregg Dalman

9/3/2010-Golden Triangle Raceway Park (Beaumont, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/3/2010-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Brian Brown
9/4/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-R.J. Johnson
9/4/2010-Gator Motorplex (Willis, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/4/2010-Sharon Speedway (Hartford, OH)-Bubba Broderick
9/4/2010-Crystal Motor Speedway (Crystal, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/5/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Jeremy Sherman
9/5/2010-Speedarama Raceway (Lufkin, TX)-Andy Shouse
9/5/2010-Grays Harbor Raceway (Elma, WA)-Jayme Barnes
9/5/2010-Eriez Speedway (Erie, PA)-Tim Kelly
9/10/2010-Central Missouri Speedway (Warrensburg, MO)-Brian Brown
9/10/2010-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Bobby Breen (Feature 1)
9/10/2010-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Alain Bergeron (Feature 2)
9/10/2010-Hartford Motor Speedway (Hartford, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/11/2010-Lone Star Speedway (Kilgore, TX)-Kolt Walker
9/11/2010-Junction Motor Speedway (McCool Junction, NE)-Jason Johnson
9/11/2010-Black Rock Speedway (Dundee, NY)-Justin Barger
9/11/2010-Mid-America Speedway (South Coffeyville, OK)-Sean McClelland
9/12/2010-Eagle Raceway (Eagle, NE)-Jason Johnson
9/18/2010-Houston Raceway Park (Baytown, TX)-Jason Johnson
9/18/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Rick Ziehl
9/18/2010-Ohsweken Speedway (Ohsweken, ONT)-Shane Stewart
9/24/2010-I-80 Speedway (Greenwood, NE)-Billy Alley
9/24/2010-Yakima Dirt Track (Yakima, WA)-Jason Solwold
9/25/2010-Lucas Oil Speedway (Wheatland, MO)-Tim Crawley
9/25/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-Charles Davis, Jr.
9/25/2010-Yakima Dirt Track (Yakima, WA)-Roger Crockett
9/25/2010-I-96 Speedway (Lake Odessa, MI)-Dustin Daggett
9/25/2010-Thunder Raceway (Show Low, AZ)-Johnny Herrera

10/1/2010-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Tony Bruce, Jr.
10/2/2010-Riverside International Speedway (West Memphis, AR)-Tim Crawley
10/2/2010-Lawton Speedway (Lawton, OK)-Andy Shouse
10/2/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Johnny Herrera
10/9/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-R.J. Johnson
10/15/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jason Johnson
10/16/2010-Devil's Bowl Speedway (Mesquite, TX)-Jack Dover
10/16/2010-Brockville Ontario Speedway (Brockville, ONT)-Jared Zimbardi
10/22/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-Derrik Ortega
10/23/2010-Canyon Speedway Park (Peoria, AZ)-R.J. Johnson
10/28/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Sam Hafertepe, Jr.
10/29/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Brad Sweet
10/30/2010-I-30 Speedway (Little Rock, AR)-Brad Sweet

11/6/2010-Thunderbird Speedway (Muskogee, OK)-Sean McClelland
11/12/2010-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Jack Dover
11/12/2010-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Gary Taylor
11/13/2010-Southern New Mexico Speedway (Las Cruces, NM)-Steve Kinser
11/13/2010-Cowtown Speedway (Kennedale, TX)-Tommy Bryant
11/18/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Donny Schatz
11/18/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-R.J. Johnson
11/19/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Johnny Herrera
11/19/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Robert Ballou
11/20/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Donny Schatz
11/20/2010-USA Raceway (Tucson, AZ)-Brady Bacon
11/26/2010-Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV)-Tony Stewart
11/27/2010-Las Vegas Motor Speedway (Las Vegas, NV)-Joey Saldana

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