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ASCS numbers going into the final swing



ASCS numbers going into the final swing

Bryan Hulbert - TULSA, Okla. (October 31, 2013) With the 2013 season on the verge of becoming a memory, the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by MAVTV American Real venture into their final four nights starting on November 1 at the El Paso Speedway Park.

While the numbers posted by drivers throughout the season tell the story of a driver’s performance, most would argue the number that counts the most is points earned.

Looking to wrap up his fourth Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV American Real National Title, current point’s leader Jason Johnson is far from easy breathing. Despite an advantage of 66 markers over Johnny Herrera, the final four nights of competition are, for the most part, in Herrera’s back yard.

Even with that in mind, Johnson has performed masterfully in the southwest already in 2013, sweeping the first two rounds of the Cocopah Cup Challenge at Yuma’s Cocopah Speedway on March, the same facility that will host the 2013 season ending weekend on Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9 with a first night $3,000, and final night $20,000 to win A-Feature that is already rumored to be attracting names from nearly every ASCS Region. Jason Johnson’s sweep at the start of the season puts him in line for a possible $5,000 bonus should he repeat his success at the Season Finale.

Jeff Swindell’s hold on third has come under fire in the season’s final events as Brad Loyet has closed to 23 points behind the Tennessee veteran. Conceivably though, Tony Bruce, Jr. could very well over take the pair, sitting only 67 back from taking the final podium step at this season’s awards ceremony on Sunday, November 10 at the Cocopah Resort and Casino.

The remainder of the top ten sits fairly solid. Logan Forler is on tap to record his best point’s season against the National Tour in sixth. Seth Bergman holds seventh with Dustin Morgan eighth. Cole Wood has already put a nice ribbon around the 2013 Brodix Rookie of the Year award over Brandon Hahn who will end the season tenth.

A look at the numbers driver have posted so far is as follows…

Lucas Oil ASCS presented by MAVTV American Real National Tour - As of October 27, 2013

Events Scheduled: 51
Point Leader(s): 3
Feature Winners: 19
Events Contested: 44
Point Lead Change(s): 6
Point Leader(s): Jason Johnson, Johnny Herrera, and Brian Brown
First time National Tour winners: 3
Average Car Count per Event: 39.733
Drivers Competing in at Least One Event: 383
Drivers with at Least One “A” Main Feature Start: 236
Drivers Making First Career Lucas Oil ASCS “A” Main Start: 47

Countries Represented: 3 (United States, Canada, and Australia)

States Represented (Drivers): 29 (Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington)

Heat Race Wins (83 winners in 195 Heat Races): Jeff Swindell 14, Jason Johnson 13, Dustin Morgan 12, Seth Bergman 11, Tony Bruce, Jr. 9, Brad Loyet 6, Brian Brown 6, Cole Wood 6, Roger Crockett 5, Logan Forler 5, Christopher Bell 4, Johnny Herrera 4, Henry VanDam 4, Travis Rilat 4, Randy Martin 3, Patrick Stasa 3, Joe Wood, Jr. 3, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 3, Kyle Bellm 3, Sean McClelland 3, Derek Hagar 3, Whit Gastineau 2, Matt Covington 2, Zach Pringle 2, Tasker Phillips 2, Aaron Retuzel 2, Jay Russell 2, Ray Allen Kulhanek 2, Jack Dover 2, Channin Tankersley 2, Justin Cox, Lucas Wolfe, Josh Baughman, Danny Wood, Mitch Olson, Tony Stewart, Lance Norick, John Carney II, A.G. Rains, Jordon Mallett, Miranda Arnold, Danny Lasoski, Wyatt Burks, Ray Seemann, John James, Ryan Hall, Larry Howery, Kyle Sager, Jake Martens, Micah Schliemann, Randy Hibbs, Billy Alley, Trevor Kirkland, Randy Peirce, Trey Starks, Reece Goetz, Jake Waddell, Shane Golobic, Jon Agan, Kyle Larson, Danny Holtgraver, Don Droud, Jr., Russ Hall, Tony Shilling, Josh Higday, Tim Crawley, Blake Hahn, Tyler Drueke, Brooke Tatnell, Gregg Bakker, Dustin Zomer, Bill Boles, Brady Bacon, Wayne Johnson, Jerod Roller, Kevin Swindell, Greg Wilson, Terry McCarl, Parker Price-Miller, Anthony Nicholson, Claud Estes, Chad Kemenah

“B” Main Wins (45 winners in 62 “B” Mains): Brad Loyet 4, Tony Bruce, Jr. 4, Logan Forler 3, Seth Bergman 3, Travis Rilat 2, Johnny Herrera 2, Jonathan Cornell 2, Scott Winters 2, Danny Lasoski 2, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 2, Derek Hagar 2, Terry McCarl 2, Aaron Reutzel, Joshua Hodges, Cole Wood, Brady Bacon, Brian Brown, John James, Dustin Morgan, Marshall Skinner, Ryan Roberts, Brandon Hahn, Jaime Passmore, Dylan Peterson, Philip Dietz, Jeff Swindell, Henry VanDam, Dustin Selvage, , Justyn Cox, A.G. Rains, Anthony Nicholson, Jack Dover, Blake Hahn, Jason Johnson, Christopher Bell, C.J. Johnson, Wayne Johnson, Sammy Swindell, Mike Goodman, Jason Sides, Gary Taylor, Chad Kemenah, Shane Stewart

“A” Main Starts (Top 40): Johnny Herrera 41, Jason Johnson 40, Tony Bruce, Jr. 40, Brad Loyet 39, Seth Bergman 39, Jeff Swindell 37, Dustin Morgan 36, Logan Forler 35, Cole Wood 34, Brandon Hahn 24, Brian Brown 18, Roger Crockett 14, Danny Lasoski 14, Tim Crawley 11, Wayne Johnson 11, Matt Covington 10, Justyn Cox 10, Jack Dover 9, Travis Rilat 9, Zach Pringle 9, Christopher Bell 9, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 8, Channin Tankersley 8, Lucas Wolfe 8, Derek Hagar 8, Henry VanDam 8, Reece Goetz 8, Shawn Petersen 7, Blake Hahn 7, Sean McClelland 7, Brandon Hanks 7, Randy Hibbs 7, Ray Allen Kulhanek 7, Justin Henderson 6, Kolt Walker 6, Jonathan Cornell 6, Terry McCarl 6, Kevin Swindell 6, Kyle Bellm 6

”A” Main Wins: Jason Johnson-8, Jeff Swindell-5, Johnny Herrera-4, Roger Crockett-3, Brian Brown-4, Danny Lasoski-3, Logan Forler-2, Brad Loyet-2, Tony Bruce, Jr.-2, Sammy Swindell-2, Kyle Bellm, Jack Dover, Seth Bergman, Jonathan Cornell, Travis Rilat, Justin Henderson, Shane Stewart, Tim Crawley, Anthony Nicholson

”A” Main Top-Five (All Races): Jason Johnson 24, Johnny Herrera 23, Jeff Swindell 17, Tony Bruce, Jr. 16, Brad Loyet 16, Brian Brown 13, Logan Forler 10, Seth Bergman 8, Dustin Morgan 7, Roger Crockett 7, Kevin Swindell 5, Christopher Bell 4, Shane Stewart 4, Cole Wood 3, Tim Crawley 3, Lucas Wolfe 3, Ray Allen Kulhanek 3, Kyle Larson 2, Wayne Johnson 2, Matt Covington 2, Jack Dover 2, Travis Rilat 2, Derek Hagar 2, Aaron Retuzel 2, Tony Stewart 2, Anthony Nicholson 2, Sammy Swindell 2, Brad Sweet 2, Justyn Cox, Zach Pringle, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Channin Tankersley, Shawn Petersen, Sean McClelland, Justin Henderson, Jonathan Cornell, Kyle Bellm, Brady Bacon, Randy Hannagan, Joe Wood, Jr., Cody Gardner, Trey Starks, Miranda Arnold, Gregg Bakker, Lee Grosz, Billy Alley, Mitch Olson, Tyler Thomas, Chad Kemenah, Brandon Wimmer, Joe Ramaker, Clint Garner

”A” Main Top-Ten (All Races): Jason Johnson 34, Johnny Herrera 32, Brad Loyet 30, Tony Bruce, Jr. 28, Jeff Swindell 25, Logan Forler 24, Seth Bergman 23, Dustin Morgan 22, Brian Brown 17, Danny Lasoski 11, Roger Crockett 10, Cole Wood 8, Lucas Wolfe 7, Wane Johnson 7, Derek Hagar 7, Tim Crawley 6, Travis Rilat 6, Kevin Swindell 5, Christopher Bell 5, Ray Allen Kulhanek 5, Henry Van Dam 4, Shane Stewart 4, Matt Covington 4, Jack Dover 4, Sam Hafertepe, Jr. 4 Channin Tankersley 4, Blake Hahn 4, Kyle Larson 3, Sammy Swindell 3, Jonathan Cornell 3, Mike Goodman 3, Shane Golobic 3, Aaron Retuzel 2, Tony Stewart 2, Anthony Nicholson 2, Brad Sweet 2, Zach Pringle 2, Brady Bacon 2, Randy Hannagan 2, Joe Wood, Jr. 2, Trey Starks 2, Chad Kemenah 2, Joe Ramaker 2, Brandon Hanks 2, Chadd Noland 2, Scott Winters 2, Tyler Drueke 2, Jon Agan 2, Justyn Cox, Shawn Petersen, Sean McClelland, Justin Henderson, Kyle Bellm, Cody Gardner, Miranda Arnold, Gregg Bakker, Lee Grosz, Billy Alley, Mitch Olson, Tyler Thomas, Brandon Wimmer, Clint Garner, Reece Goetz, Kolt Walker, Terry McCarl, Jay Russell, Randy Martin, Robby Wolfgang, Kevin Ramey, Kyle Sager, Brock Lemley, A.G. Rains, Evan Martin, Brooke Tatnell, David Gravel, Josh Higday, Derrik Lusk, Cody Baker, Dustin Ballenger, Don Droud, Jr., Kraig Kinser, Greg Wilson, Davey Heskin, David Hoiness, Mason Moore, Dain Naida, Steven Tiner, Tyson Hall, Jason Sides, Jonathan Beason, Morgan Turpen, Colin Baker, Willie Croft, Kelly Miller, Dylan Peterson, Justin Webb, Micah Schliemann, Raymond Seemann

”A” Main Laps Led (Total Laps: 1,245): Jason Johnson 207 (16.627%), Johnny Herrera 162 (13.012%), Jeff Swindell 92 (7.390%), Brian Brown 92 (7.390%), Brad Loyet 91 (7.309%), Tony Bruce, Jr. 67 (5.382%), Danny Lasoski 65 (5.221%), Sammy Swindell 64 (5.141%), Logan Forler 50 (4.016%), Roger Crockett 50 (4.016%), Travis Rilat 45 (3.614%), Seth Bergman 34 (2.731%), Tim Crawley 30 (2.410%), Shane Stewart (2.008%), 25, Anthony Nicholson 24 (1.928%), Miranda Arnold 23 (1.847%), Justin Henderson 20 (1.606%), Tasker Phillips 20 (1.606%), Christopher Bell 19 (1.526%), Dustin Morgan 16 (1.285%), Jack Dover 13 (1.044%), Zach Pringle 10 (0.803%), Kyle Bellm 8 (0.803%), Jonathan Cornell 7 (0.562%), Tony Stewart 4 (0.321%), Cole Wood 2 (0.161%), Cody Gardner 2 (0.161%), Wayne Johnson 2 (0.161%), Tyler Thomas 1 (0.080%)

”A” Main-Cars Passed (Top 40): Logan Forler 188, Johnny Herrera 187, Tony Bruce, Jr. 163, Brad Loyet 123, Jason Johnson 117, Seth Bergman 112, Jeff Swindell 96, Brian Brown 84, Cole Wood 75, Danny Lasoski 73, Dustin Morgan 64, Matt Covington 39, Wayne Johnson 36, Tim Crawley 34, Lucas Wolfe 30, Brandon Hahn 30, Derek Hagar 30, Joe Ramaker 28, Kevin Swindell 28, Christopher Bell 28, Jack Dover 27 Blake Hahn 25, Travis Rilat 24, Jonathan Cornell 21, Kyle Larson 21, Brandon Hanks 19, Kolt Walker 18, Henry Van Dam 17, Cody Baker 16 Dustin Ballenger 16, Randy Hannagan 16, Jon Agan 15, Brooke Tatnell 15, Jay Russell 15, Chadd Noland 14, Russ Hall 14, Joshua Hodges 13, Tyler Blank 13, Steven Tiner 13, Roger Crockett 13 Hard Charger: Logan Forler 5, Johnny Herrera 4, Brad Loyet 4, Tony Bruce, Jr. 3, Tim Crawley 3, Joe Ramaker 2, Jason Johnson 2, Jeff Swindell, Seth Bergman, Matt Covington, Lucas Wolfe, Danny Lasoski, Cole Wood, Morgan Montgomery, Dustin Morgan, Jonathan Cornell, Dylan Peterson, Steven Tiner, Chadd Noland, Henry Van Dam, Russ Hall, Brian Brown, Sammy Swindell, Jason Sides, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., A.G. Rains

FSR High Point Driver of the Night: Logan Forler 6, Brad Loyet 5, Tony Bruce, Jr. 5, Jeff Swindell 3, Seth Bergman 2, Jason Johnson 2, Dustin Morgan 2, Johnny Herrera 2, Roger Crockett 2, Christopher Bell 2, Zach Pringle, Brian Brown, Ray Seemann, Jack Dover, Mike Goodman, Mason Moore, Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Channin Tankersley, Anthony Nicholson

Provisional Breakdown (dates used):

Jason Johnson 2/22
Johnny Herrera 3/1, 8/30*
Brad Loyet 3/1, 3/2
Dustin Morgan 2/23, 3/2, 6/14
Jeff Swindell 3/22
Logan Forler 3/22, 6/20*, 8/30*
Bacon / Petersen 2/22, 3/1, 3/2
Cole Wood 4/5, 6/19*, 9/21*
Shawn Petersen 4/6
Brandon Hahn 4/6, 9/29*, 10/18*
Seth Bergman 5/23
Tony Bruce, Jr. 6/14, 6/15

*indicates use of a Bonus Provisional

Provisional Remaining:

Jason Johnson (2 partial points / 2 full point bonuses)
Jeff Swindell (2 partial points / 2 full point bonuses)
Seth Bergman (2 partial points / 2 full point bonuses)
Johnny Herrera (2 partial point / 1 full point bonus)
Brad Loyet (1 partial point / 2 full point bonus)
Tony Bruce, Jr. (1 partial point / 2 full point bonus)
Dustin Morgan (2 full point bonus)
Logan Forler (2 partial point)
Brandon Hahn (2 partial point)
Cole Wood (2 partial point)

Breakdown - Date / Track / #of Drivers / Winner
22-Feb --Tucson Int. Raceway --36-- Brian Brown
23-Feb --Tucson Int. Raceway --35-- Roger Crockett
1-Mar-- Cocopah Speedway --31-- Jason Johnson
2-Mar --Cocopah Speedway --31-- Jason Johnson
22-Mar --Devil's Bowl Speedway --47-- Kyle Bellm
23-Mar --Devils Bowl Speedway --- Rain - NMU
5-Apr --Golden Triangle Raceway --37-- Brad Loyet
6-Apr --I-30 Speedway --39-- Jason Johnson
27-Apr --Riverside Int. Speedway --- Rain - MU 5/4
4-May --Riverside Int. Speedway --- Rain - NMU
17-May --U.S. 36 Raceway --31-- Johnny Herrera
22-May --Valley Speedway --33-- Johnny Herrera
23-May --I-80 Speedway --35-- Danny Lasoski
25-May --Great American Dirt Track --19-- Jack Dover
31-May --Salina Speedway --22-- Seth Bergman
1-Jun --Eagle Raceway --- Rain - NMU
14-Jun --Kennedale Speedway Park --42-- Jason Johnson
15-Jun --Devil's Bowl Speedway --37-- Johnny Herrera
16-Jun --Ark-La-Tex Speedway --22-- Logan Forler
19-Jun --Lawton Speedway --46-- Jeff Swindell
20-Jun --Creek County Speedway --40-- Jeff Swindell
22-Jun --Lucas Oil Speedway --37-- Jonathan Cornell
6-Jul --I-90 Speedway --35-- Logan Forler
8-Jul --Billings Motorsports Park --- Rain - MU 7/9
9-Jul --Billings Motorsports Park --29-- Jason Johnson
10-Jul --Electric City Speedway --30-- Tony Bruce, Jr.
12-Jul --Grays Harbor Raceway --27-- Travis Rilat
13-Jul --Grays Harbor Raceway --27-- Jason Johnson
19-Jul --Cottage Grove Speedway --29-- Roger Crockett
20-Jul --Cottage Grove Speedway --30-- Roger Crockett
26-Jul --Willamette Speedway --22-- Jeff Swindell
27-Jul --Willamette Speedway --22-- Brad Loyet
1-Aug --Knoxville Raceway --48-- Danny Lasoski
2-Aug --Knoxville Raceway --55-- Justin Henderson
3-Aug --Knoxville Raceway --82-- Shane Stewart
5-Aug --Southern Iowa Speedway --51-- Brian Brown
17-Aug --Salina Highbanks --30-- Jeff Swindell
22-Aug --I-30 Speedway --36-- Tim Crawley
24-Aug --Lexington 104 Speedway --18-- Jason Johnson
30-Aug --Jackson Speedway --39-- Jeff Swindell
31-Aug --Jackson Speedway --38-- Brian Brown
21-Sep --Texas Motor Speedway --46-- Jason Johnson
27-Sep --Lucas Oil Speedway --52-- Tony Bruce, Jr.
28-Sep --Lucas Oil Speedway --- Rain - MU 7/29
29-Sep --Lucas Oil Speedway --48-- Johnny Herrera
18-Oct --Devil’s Bowl Speedway --- Rain - NMU
19-Oct --Devil’s Bowl Speedway --50-- Brian Brown
23-Oct --I-30 Speedway --95-- Danny Lasoski
24-Oct --I-30 Speedway --47-- Sammy Swindell
25-Oct --I-30 Speedway --57-- Anthony Nicholson
26-Oct --I-30 Speedway --72-- Sammy Swindell
1-Nov --EP Speedway Park
2-Nov --SNM Speedway
8-Nov --Cocopah Speedway
9-Nov --Cocopah Speedway

Driver Standings (Top 20 as of August 31, 2013)

  1. Jason Johnson-4828
  2. Johnny Herrera-4762
  3. Jeff Swindell-4585
  4. Brad Loyet-4562
  5. Tony Bruce Jr-4518
  6. Logan Forler-4381
  7. Seth Bergman-4264
  8. Dustin Morgan-4053
  9. Cole Wood-3818
  10. Brandon Hahn-3145
  11. Brian Brown-2083
  12. Roger Crockett-1697
  13. Shawn Petersen-1316
  14. Danny Lasoski-1287
  15. Blake Hahn-1281
  16. Tim Crawley-1142
  17. Jack Dover-1110
  18. Matt Covington-1085
  19. Wayne Johnson-1030
  20. Justyn Cox-951

Photo Credit: Mike Spivey

Submitted By: Bryan Hulbert

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