Matt Covington Dominates 36th annual Jackson Nationals
MacEachern bags first ASCS Frontier checkers at Electric City
Rick Ziehl Races to ASCS Southwest Victory at Tucson
Danny Lasoski on top with ASCS Warriors at RCR
Lineups / Results - Jackson Speedway
Matt Covington Dominates 36th annual Jackson Nationals

Matt Covington Dominates 36th annual...

8/31/2014 -
(Photo Credit: Rob Kocak) JACKSON, Minn. (August 30, 2014) - The Jackson Sprint Car Nationals added a new champion to its list of historic drivers
MacEachern bags first ASCS Frontier checkers at Electric City

MacEachern bags first ASCS Frontier...

8/31/2014 -
Andrew Kunas / Bryan Hulbert - GREAT FALLS, Mont. (August 30, 2014) - Dennis MacEachern finally hit pay-dirt Saturday in night two of the Montana
Rick Ziehl Races to ASCS Southwest Victory at Tucson

Rick Ziehl Races to ASCS Southwest...

8/31/2014 -
(Photo Credit: George Levy) TUCSON, Ariz. (August 30, 2014) - For the second time in 2014, Rick Ziehl parked the Lucas Oil No. 20z in Victory Lane
Danny Lasoski on top with ASCS Warriors at RCR

Danny Lasoski on top with ASCS Warriors...

8/31/2014 -
(Photo Credit: Jerry Jenkins) MOBERLY, Mo. (August 30, 2014) - Danny Lasoski put the Mark and Parker Burch Motorsports No. 1m in Victory Lane on
Lineups / Results - Jackson Speedway

Lineups / Results - Jackson Speedway

8/29/2014 -
Greetings from the Jackson Speedway and Night 1 of the 36th Jackson Sprint Car Nationals. We will be doing our best to keep you updated on lineups and
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Davis takes Round One at CSP!!

Davis takes Round One at CSP!!

Cody Morris, PEORIA, ARIZONA (3-24-2012) - Delayed a week due to inclement weather, the 2012 ASCS Canyon Region campaign fired into action Saturday night at Peoria, Arizona’s Canyon Speedway Park for round 1 of 24 scheduled events, with approximately half of those held at CSP confines.

Two-time ASCS Canyon Region champion (2009,2010) Charles Davis Jr. led all 30 laps in the main event to take an early edge in the seemingly perennially battle with reigning three-time Canyon Region Champion (2007,2008,2011) Jeremy Sherman.

While Davis wired the field, the final lap proved the toughest, as a slight bobble would bring Phoenix native RJ Johnson alongside for a photo finish, but Johnson would fall about 3 feet short and settle for runner up honors with Sherman advancing from his outside 3rd row starting spot to nab the show position.

Peoria’s hometown favorite Josh Pelkey crossed the finish line with Hard Charger honors, improving 7 spots from his 11th place starting spot, with Phoenix native Bruce St. James rounding out the top 5 running order.

RJ Johnson, Dalten Gabbard, and Jeremy Sherman took heat race victories over the 24 car field, with Thomas Ogle taking a winner’s transfer in the 12 lap B Feature.

The ASCS Canyon Region continues the 2012 campaign on Saturday, April 24th at Apache Junction’s Arizona Speedway-ET Motopark.

ASCS Canyon Region Race 1 of 24

3/24/2012 at Canyon Speedway Park

A Feature (30 Laps): 1. 50-Charles Davis Jr[2]; 2. 51-R.J. Johnson[5]; 3. 21-Jeremy Sherman[6]; 4. 44-Josh Pelkey[11]; 5. 7k-Bruce St. James[3]; 6. 77-Dalten Gabbard[7]; 7. 16-Mike Martin[10]; 8. 19-Andy Reinbold[12]; 9. XXX-Zach Sawyers[4]; 10. 27N-Nick Aiuto[14]; 11. 48-Thomas Ogle[15]; 12. 9-Ryan Linder[8]; 13. 97-Chris Bonneau[13]; 14. 32B-Brian Hosford[17]; 15. 99-James Aragon[20]; 16. 5x-Jody Wirth[9]; 17. X-Mike Bonneau[18]; 18. 6JT-Michael Curtis[16]; 19. 53-Tom Lee[19]; 20. 17-Mike Colegrove[1]
Lap Leaders: Charles Davis Jr. 1-30

B Feature (12 Laps): 1. 48-Thomas Ogle[1]; 2. X-Mike Bonneau[3]; 3. 32B-Brian Hosford[2]; 4. 99-James Aragon[5]; 5. 22-Mike Rux Jr[4]; 6. 93-Justin Quinn[6]; 7. 16A-Mike Visser[7]; DNS 9az-Matt Lundy

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 51-R.J. Johnson; 2. 50-Charles Davis Jr; 3. 16-Mike Martin; 4. 19-Andy Reinbold; 5. 6JT-Michael Curtis; 6. 97-Chris Bonneau; 7. 16A-Mike Visser; 8. 93-Justin Quinn

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 77-Dalten Gabbard; 2. 9-Ryan Linder; 3. XXX-Zach Sawyers; 4. 27N-Nick Aiuto; 5. 44-Josh Pelkey; 6. 48-Thomas Ogle; 7. 22-Mike Rux Jr; 8. 99-James Aragon

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 21-Jeremy Sherman; 2. 7k-Bruce St. James; 3. 17-Mike Colegrove; 4. 5x-Jody Wirth; 5. 53-Tom Lee; 6. 32B-Brian Hosford; 7. X-Mike Bonneau; DNS 9az-Matt Lundy

3/24/2012 at Canyon Speedway Park - Peoria, AZ

ASCS Non-Wing Sprints: ASCS Canyon Regional
ASCS Sprints

ASCS Non-Wing Sprints

ASCS Canyon Regional

A Feature

30 laps
12Charles Davis JrBuckeye, AZ50
25R.J. JohnsonPhoenix, AZ51
36Jeremy ShermanSurprise, AZ21
411Josh PelkeyPeoria, AZ44
53Bruce St. JamesPhoenix, AZ7K
67Dalten GabbardPeoria, AZ77
710Mike MartinYuma, AZ16
812Andrew ReinboldChandler, AZ19
94Zach SawyersMesa, AZXXX
1014Nick AiutoCamp Verde, AZ27N
Lap Leaders: Charles Davis Jr. 1-30


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